Fav. Throws

whats your favorite yoyo(s) and why?

Mine is the yoyo officer orbis because its good for fingerspins has incredible stability and the play style best suiting it is a slower more relaxed style, it is also great for grinds best of all it is cheap.

I have a lot of favorite yoyos for a bunch of different reasons. I love my Bonfire, because It’s extremely chill and relaxed, and has a lot of personality when you’re using it. I love my Avalanche because It has possibly the best pure performance out of everything I’ve used. I love Skywalker because It’s so super floaty.

For me, It’s more of what my favorite is today. My favorite today happens to be the Bonfire :wink:


Shutter. Just landed a Rewind and a horizontal bind =D. It’s probably weak to most of you but it felt amazing lol.

I’ve been there dude–horizontal binds are sick, especially with the banana turnover.

I’ll always be a General-Yo fanboy, but I also love my Bonfire, Torque, and, of course, woodies. :slight_smile:

Diamondbacks are just too good. Please nerf

Tough question-I like all my throws, initially I thought Too HOT is my favorite because it is stable and wide enough for me to hit my tricks. Then I remembered I landed kwijibo last week on my Gradient, did that become a favorite? Each throw brings something different to the table.

Like a previous poster, I think it is easier to answer “what is your favorite throw today?”

Lots of favorites on my list, but really enjoying my H3X. Not too fast, not too slow. It’s comfortable to use, stable, and great for thumb grinds as the whole throw is literally covered with grooves! I wish I could accurately try arm grinds right now but California decided to be Florida for a day (We actually got rain!) and everywhere I go I feel like somebody just got out of the shower and everything’s all sticky.

What’s that sound? Sound’s like spring raaaain.


DAT green.

Not only is that there the classiest looking plastic this side of Burt Reynolds, but it just plays like a dream. Something about it that just makes it so much fun to use, you just don’t get that plastic-magic feel with metal yoyos. Never enjoy throwing more than when I’ve got headphones in me ears and a Rally in me hand. ;D

Mango ones are on the horizon as well. Get 'em whilst they’re juicy!


Amazing @Gambit

Mine is the CzechMate and CzechPoint. Both are like different siblings, and I love both to death. I never get bored or out of steam because then I just switch yoyos and it offers a whole new perspective to my combos.

Super sweeeeeeeeeeet. Just waiting for the day YYF makes a green CzechPoint so I can get another :smiley:

In close second place is ODxCLYW Summit. Really smooth, light, and what I like. Also smooth.

Dat tree is really cool!

I agree, that tree is the perfect yo-yo stand. :o

“I’m in love with the yo-yo.” :wink:





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for competition, the yyf space cowboy (with 10 ball kk and white pro pads)

for plastics, its the yyf WHiP, Regen, Replay Pro, OD Rally, CLYW Yeti (among others)

for metals, its the yyf Horizon, yyj phenom and diamondback, and CLYW chief (again, among others)

and for nostalgia, the yyf starlite, whip, aviator, and 2012 supernova

phew. :stuck_out_tongue:

what yoyo is this?
Also my favorite throw right now is my recrev. And the shutter when I got to try Gentrys. It was like magic

OneDrop Rally ^

Eye candies here.

I have quite a few more that I’ll likely never get rid of, but these 3 take the cake. Can’t help but smile every time I throw them.