Best throw if you did it all over?

Like the title says - I see people with dozens of throwers.

So much money, time, and testing done throughout everyone’s journeys.

Understanding everyone’s style is different, regardless of rarity, what is one thrower you enjoyed the most?

Smoothest spinner?


Approaching 250 throws atm and still nothing touches the CLYW Klondike for me.

Also I think you mean “throw” not “thrower” - “throw” is the yoyo and “thrower” is the one throwing the yoyo.


Appreciate that … unless you’re throwing humans I stand corrected lol


Im with spence, 250+ yoyos scooped in the past year and i play one or two of them :sweat_smile:

Enso Full metal demacus and OG Bapes for me :smile: I dont regret any of my purchases even if they dont get play much, gonna make a fun display someday :sweat_smile:


I love this yoyo so much. Have tried hundreds like the other people but no yoyo is as pleasant to throw as this one to me :slight_smile: Jugemu by Japan Tech is so great :slight_smile:


It’s always the yoyo I don’t have yet…

Joking aside i have different yo-yos that hold different meaning to me. I have many that are just sentimental and hold value because of who gave it to me or the story or experiences with it. My favorite to play with shifts weekly even daily at times but often I pickup or default to el Mijo polycarb this last year.


i’ll never pick one, you can hold a gun to my head and i’d still give you about 5 or 6. i can never stick to one yoyo, but i have a small list of my current rotation:
CLYW Wish, Klondike, Borealis 2, Akita, Boy, Dune
DD Monarch and Emotion
Mk1 Brexia and Bathysphere
C3 Hcrash
HMY Dopamine
OD Top Deck
YYFr Koi and Tachyon
and YYF Pragma :smiling_face:


Out of over 100 yoyo’s I would say my best yoyo’s are:
YoYoFriends Paragraph
Unity Affinity


Mn Autoscopy. Yyf Pragma, topyo Patronus, Gsquared arbiter


One drop Kamuraiju

Not the greatest performer but it could do anything if you put your mind to it, also ticks all my boxes.


I have multiple, hard to pick just one…
In no particular order:
AntiYo Fluchs
Difeyo GTO
YYJ Hitman
YYJ Dark Magic II
HSPIN Black Lily (G&E 4)
HSPIN Pyro Light
Duncan FH2
YYF Edgeless
And of course most any TK/BC wood imperial or butterfly


I must give that a try. I have an Adele and I love that.


i think if i could only own a single yoyo it’d be a yoyoempire thorest. it’s the right specs, steel with a thick axle so it’s as close to indestructible as you’ll get, comfy, feels good in play, and the performance is great as well.


Well, basically, people that ‘Shoot the Moon’ are technically ‘Throwing Up’.


Have owned about 40 or so throws since 2022, the two that I keep coming back to no matter what I try are the CLYW wish and Creep. If I could only choose one I think I’d choose the wish because it is more versatile for hard combos and learning, however overall I like the creep better for its look and feel. Absolute pleasure to play and use.

I know the wish is kind of niche compared to something like the klondike but idk, ive tried both as well as many other known bimetals and it feels just right to me for everyday use.


The spin dynamics alter ego is my favorite. No yoyo has been able to dethrone it since 2016 for me.

I love variety and often have about 20 yoyos in my rotation. The ones that hardly ever leave that rotation are: unprld Recognition, Ahay Tenma, c3 galaxy diver 6061, and sd Alter ego

Two of my newer throws that are unlikely to leave the rotation anytime soon are the CLYW Klondike, and the sense Next journey. The performance of the klondike is so good, and the next journey feels so nice in play.




You know…this is not what I was expecting. I was certain you liked something else. :rofl:


My collection was built trying to find what I like. There are certainly a few that I wanted for a long time but waited on, but if I had gotten them earlier would have changed my direction drastically. The Deep State I got early on and that has been my go to responsive. The one that opened my eyes on unresponsive was the Haymaker OG. It opened my eyes to a less reserved throwing style which made unresponsive more and more fun to me. After that I got the Yoshicuda X which is one I had wanted from early on but only got a month or so ago. If I had gotten that early on, it would’ve changed my journey. Between the Haymaker, the Yoshicuda, and the Top Deck I don’t feel compelled to look for anything else and that’s a good place to be. There is one other that tugs at me though. One last one as a cherry on top. The Parallel. Oh for the day that finances allow before they’re all gone. :pleading_face:


I’m still in the phase where every new throw I get is significantly better than the last. Currently on that Bathysphere level after working my way up from (bear with me here) HKSOD (not sure the model) to Crystal K2 Plus (def recommend if starting) to Loop 720 then a V10 (before getting the Bathysphere, as previously mentioned). I have a few others coming in, so I’ll update if necessary, but for all intents and purposes, consider the Bathysphere my main