Why is your favorite yoyo your favorite yoyo?

   My favorite preferences used to be undersized h shape yoyos. Now i like full sized h shapes. Undersized yoyos just seem to tilt too easily and lose spin more easily. Its not that i no longer like undersized, i still love undersized throws, but its so much easier to use full-sized "juggernaut" type yoyos

  So now my 2 favorite yoyos are the Yoyofactory Super G and the Yoyofactory MVP 2. Theyre my favorites because they sleep FOREVER and can more easily handle my now longer combos and tricks. The extreme rim weights of the yoyos mentioned make yoyoing easier and and less frustrating! Also the h shape feels comfy when you get used to it.

 So why are your favorite yoyos what they are?

Puffin, looks great! Dead smooth and fits me perfect! I love it.

My favorite is the Adjust-O-Matic. His flexibility allows me to carry only that one, and it’s easy on the hand, smooth and fast. And trying to find a discontinued yo-yo from 2009 was kind of a quest, so I like mine really much!

I love the look, feel, shape and smoothness of my Cupcake. It’s my baby…

Changes so often…

Right now, the El Ranchero. Mostly because I tend to focus on like ONE TRICK that I find nutty fun for a while, and that trick is Matador (to thumb spin) right now. Just loving practicing binding that sucker over and over. Still haven’t done it absolutely “perfectly” even once yet, so I’m motivated to keep trying.

It doesn’t hurt that it has KILLER looks in my opinion. Not fancy acid or splash, just solid colour with inspired engravings and a neat machining show-off piece (the six-shooter holes).

Oh, and it’s super smooth.

And is both a powerful spinner yet also nimble on the string.

So yeah. For those reasons, the El Ranchero. :wink:

Will always have a soft spot for the Kyo DNS, too, though. Amazing yoyo regardless of sentimentality, but was my first metal.

I’d have to say my yyj inspire. dead unresponsive out of the box, AMAZING spin time, incredible stability, fabulous thumb grinds, great grinds, and awesome overall play. with a concave bearing in it, it is a dream.

Nice! Got one too got to get a new bearing for it though it was messed up but on the bright side AJ Kirk gave it to me when I was at VA states!
But my all time favorite throw is my general yo torrent 2.

The Chief is still the best at everything it does.

obviously because its an organic shape

This is weird question because honestly i have no idea why. My top two are ten yoyo drop bear and protostar. Drop bear spins longer, can do grinds, is great for fast play, and can handle combos on top of combos. In every technical aspect it is better, yet my protostar is easily my favorite throw. I do not know why, its just the way it feels when i play it…

Right now I’m loving my Purple Mountain Majesty and my 28S Cliff

I know they are 2 completely different throws but its fun to play with my Cliff at a slower pace and then grab my Majesty and speed it up. I play my Cliff stock with my homemade string and my Majesty with a centertrac and homemade string

Currently I really like the B grade Berserker I bought at EYYC.
Mainly I like how light it feels compare to its actual weight and that it doesn’t thunk at the end of the string
I also like that its smooth, stable and long spinning

YYJ Speedmaker … but i’ve had it less than 24 hours so I am still in the honeymoon phase. Soo that’s why it’s my fav right now… it’s new to me :smiley:

I get paid on friday… so next week it will probably be something else.

A large reason the Raptor is my favorite is because it was the first yoyo I ever wanted badly, and it was my first metal. Also, it’s just so much fun to play with. I can play with my Avant Garde for two weeks and come up with one trick, and then play with the Raptor for 3 hours, and come up with four right there. Seriously. That happens all the time with me.

what is your favorite yoyo your favorite yoyo
Two favorite yoyos?

“Why?”. Not “What?”


Because it is stable and fast. feels lightweight, and floats. fits comfortably and has extreme V shape for forgiveness on throws. it takes advantage of it being a fullsize making the most use of stability + full size slowness by being machined to be fast and quick. so its balanced out quite well.

also, mines look like a fireball when its thrown. and thats pure awesomeness!

It didn’t cost much

I really like my ten yoyo wet whistle right now. It’s kind of slow and heavy on the string, but it feels so good to throw. And it’s hard to miss a string hit with how wide it is.

currently the favorite yoyo i have would have to be the nova. but ive always wanted something from clyw