Fav yoyo and why

So we all know what your favorite yoyo is (profile), but WHY is it your fav?

My favorite I’d have to say is my Yeti. Floaty yet solid at the same time.

It’s vibey and I love it :smiley:

My favorite yoyos are the Yeti and Octave. Yeti because it’s the perfect shape, so much fun and can handle anything I throw at it. Octave because it is probably the best yoyo I have ever used. It’s spin times are phenomenal, its agility is off the charts. And it’s great for horizontal. Outplays almost every yoyo I have ever played.

Unfortunately I got got hit with a really good offer so both are being traded for a FG Peak. But I’m ordering 1 hopefully 2 Octaves tomorrow to use for competition and will pick up 2 Yetis when they drop later next month.

YYF Primo its smooth and shiny
CLYW Summit smooth good for grinds and string rejections

Code 2 because of the shape pretty much, it has great spins and handles horizontal pretty well… I have 3 of them :slight_smile:

Onedrop chik! Smooth fast or slow, grinds amazingly, and does anything you want it too. #winning

Puffin2! Me and Chris worked on this thing together and changed the original puffin design to suit my current style better and I couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out!
I also play Yeti’s a lot and they are just soooo good to carry around and I get a lot of enjoyment from playing with them.

Werrd Hour, it is fast and wicked stable and it stays true even when i’m trying to slop my way through combos

OOOO how does it play? Floaty I"m guessing?

General Yo Prestige.

I’ve never used a yoyo that I’ve liked better. It has what Ernie calls a “sweet spot.” It is the perfect balance between solid stability and floatiness.

I go back and forth between yoyos. New stuff is not always the “newest favorite”, although I gotta admit that the Werrd Eighty-Six 400 is being well enjoyed right now.

In general, the Anglam. Feels good in the hand, stable, smooth, forgiving(to en extent), looks amazing. Grinds aren’t great, but they are OK at best. Way too much awesome for a crappy player such as myself. No, this yoyo is NOT over-priced. I do feel it should be selling for less though, but even so, I have no regrets about the price and purchase.

Then there is the Phenom, the first metal I paid for NEW, and paid over $100 for, back in November of 2011. I used a gift certificate to help purchase this item. Sad story behind that purchase, which was just a matter of bad coincidence, but I already bought the yoyo before the bad news was delivered to me. Anyhow, this was my favorite and is still in the top 3. This is the nickel with gold ring version.

Right now, the one I’m playing most is an OG Octave. I just got a second one. I just got a second “@” too. I already have 2 sine//saws and 2 Silly Goose yoyos. While more organic in shape, it’s got a fantastic feel to it due to the surface texturing. I really enjoy how grinds go on this. It seems to float or hang in mid-air, but if you want to speed it up, it takes it and wants all you can push it and more if you can. While I prefer solids, colorways are the trend, and I like the RecRev ano jobs a lot. RecRev consistently amazes me with price to performance. I even prefer my Freq.Wav over the Chief.

YYF Equilateral is hands down the best YYF yoyo for me. So far 2 of my other “favorites” have been Mickey signatures, and so it’s no surprise this model makes my list. The red is simple, clean and just absolutely wonderful. Even though it’s over $100, ain’t gonna break the bank. It’s too bad this doesn’t seem to be in regular production because it’s really that good. There are unfortunately many YYF’s I don’t care for, as well as many I have not played yet. I’ve been fortunate with my purchases to get the items I do like, and have been able to play many others that were on my wants list that I found to be not to my liking. I’ve been on a good roll with YYF lately, with the Proton, Equilateral, MVP(not 2), Shutter, 2013 Superstar and even the Roll Model being good fits for me. This goes along with a list of other YYF’s I already have.

But, narrowing it down to 1, it’s no doubt the Anglam.

I still have yet to get a production one, although I love my light proto! Really love the production as well though ;D

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Few favorites, in no particular order

Majesty. It’s pretty much my favorite shape, feels great in hand and on the string.
Freehand Zero. Yolotwerkswag420. Need I say more?
Competizione Super Evo III. Perfect size, weight, great silky texture, appealing engravings. Love me some organic shapes. Super smooth and just great all around.

And quickly coming up on my favorites list is The Raider/Fireball. Classic, Beautiful, lots of special editions and colorways for me to collect. Love it.

Because it plays well.

At the present moment, it is the Summit. Ask me again in June, it will probably be different. Since the summit, there are so many yoyos I haven’t been able to try yet. Once I try them at a comp, who knows. I might get a new favorite! But anyway, I don’t know if that’s possible. The summit fits me like a glove. It handles my style and anything I can throw like a beast.

Probably still the Arctic Circle. Everything about it just feels so right.


Because it actually dazzles its user.

Nough said lol

I would have to say…

The Puffin, LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH handles ma style perfectly (don’t have 1 tho I just used my very good friends at yoyo club :P) thnx palli and chris for an absolutely amazing yoyo :smiley: :smiley:

I’m thinking about getting one… or a puffin 2, but I’m not sure they’ll be out in time for xmas

you should absolutely get one, they are amazing! :smiley:

I’m looking for floaty, fun, flowy, and chill. So far this has seemed a pretty good choice. :slight_smile:

Is this what it’s like ^?