Based on my collection, what next?


I’m looking for another yoyo, and thought I would ask for advice. To give you some background, I only started yoyoing this year. I haven’t be exposed to many different yoyos, so I need some advice on my next. I listed what I have, and what I like/dislike about them. Hopefully you can suggest a yoyo based off of the information given. Please suggest something by One Drop… I will be visiting them soon, and I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve ordered from them.

Benchmark V: my absolute favorite yoyo so far. It seems like I can do more tricks with this yoyo consistently. I pick this one up most often.

Benchmark H: I like this one almost as much as my V. I like how this spins for days, and does not want to tilt. Not as comfortable as the V - it hits your hand hard, but is still comfortable to play for long periods of time.

Benchmark O: my least favorite of the Benchmarks. This one is the most comfortable in my hand, but has a tendency to tilt of axis the easiest. I’m sure my skills, or lack of, is a big factor in this. I pull this one out to practice tricks I know well and want to be more consistent with.

Shutter: I love the feel of this in my hand. It fits like a glove. Certain things are easier with this yoyo, and I think its because of weight. It’s a couple grams heavier and seems to play slower. I also have an easier time feeling the yoyo for the timing of certain tricks like Eli Hops. It still doesn’t compare to my H or V Benchmark, I prefer them and can consistently land more variety of tricks with them. I can see myself trading the one and keeping an eye out for yoyos of this weight and/or trying heavy side effects.

Rally: I like the feel of the Rally. It doesn’t feel like plastic… more like ceramic. The diameter is bigger than I prefer, but not uncomfortable. This yoyo has a lot of character as is the one I carry with me. It also has a unique sound that I like. I love my Rally!

Yoyos I’m considering are:
T1: not my favorite looking yoyo, but what does that matter? The editor of High Speed Yoyo sings high praise of this one which says a lot… Especially when it’s compared to the Cascade. I’m intrigued by the merging of the O and H designs.

Gradient: I’ve heard some great information about this in relation to the Valor that makes me very excited about it. Still waiting on specs.

Valor: Drool. I’d like to know how this compares to my V, but price will likely keep me from this yoyo for some time.

Chik: curious how this compares to my H.

Bonus question: I’m looking for some brass UL side effects to get the weight of my Benchmark close to the Shutter. I’ve been wondering how it will feel in comparison. Will having more weight in the SE change the stability of the yoyo because of the weight being more in the center vs the rim? Will it make my Bechmark V more likely to tilt during play?

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!


Code 2? I really like mine. Plays solid and stable, but not too heavy. It can go pretty fast as well.


The Valor is the best OD hands down


I didn’t realize it weighed that much. How does it compare to the benchmarks? Look like a good BST purchase.


So I’ve heard. A little out of my price range, and they don’t seem to show up on BST. Hopefully by Xmas.


They pop up on the BST a good deal, I see them a lot,75907.0.html


Well, you stole my thunder but here is my opinion anyways…

One Drop x Toxic T1 followed by the Valor. Two absolutely amazing yoyos.

-The owner of HSYY :slight_smile:


Would you prefer I edit my post? :smiley:

Thanks for the input, both yoyos are on my radar!


Of course you should edit it, we trolls need to keep our egos large and in charge. ;D

While the T1 does not have the looks for everyone I find it visually stunning. The play though, for me anyways, is darn near perfect. It is floaty and chill and for me that is perfect. I picked up this hobby as something to relax with, so my style of play leans more towards the flowy and relaxing. If you are a tech or high speed/high octane player then you and the T1 may not get along.


Hahahahaha… If you only saw me with the yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note I’m intrigued by your description of the T1. I play to relax, and to spend time with my kids. I haven’t tried a yoyo like you described yet. Sounds fun!