Ashamed Of My Shutter Love?

Hey guys! I am ashamed of my love for the Shutter, and so I REALLY want to get a new Yoyo because of this. So really, I want a yoyo around 40-70, but there are a few choices. Fortunately though, I have narrowed it down to these

CZM8, Musket, Any of the Benchmarks, or the Whimsy Roar.

Some of my preferences include heavier yoyo’s, preferably a V-shape, but if a yoyo has a different shape that is not s V-shape, I will still go for it. My style tends to be very technical, and at like a speed a little bit faster than “normal” speed, and I don’t care about color ways, as long as the yoyo performs the best. Thanks guys!!

Get a Benchmark, although there’s a lot of good yoyo’s you can get for that price. You should narrow it down to a few companies.


I know that Benchmarks all have the same specs and stuff, but is there a benchmark that is more suited for my style? Also, do they actually feel somewhat unique, or just “average, nothing special”? Obviously I don’t think that they are meant to feel special or anything, but is it just a bland, boring feel though? And are there any reasons why I should choose the roar, or just because?

All OneDrop yoyos have very unique characters. Same with the benchmarks. For tech I would get the w or the h.
For speed probably the v. And for the most fun and flow, the o. And I haven’t tried the roar, so I couldn’t say either way.

actually the Benchmarks are very good and smooth for their prices. so you cant got wrong there either. The whimsy roar is good as well it can play fast, when you want it too and play slow, when you want it to due to its shape. The whimsy Roar is gives the feel of a laid back competition yoyo.


Ok thanks everybody! I think I might go withe the Benchmark H, and will get a few of these other budget throws later.

EDIT: Sorry, when you said roar, I didn’t think you were referring to the yoyo :smiley:

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orbis is also good haha, but it is not in your choice

Oh my golly, another yoyo now I added to the list. Now I don’t know between Benchmark H, and the Orbis, which is also an H shape. ???

wait for the made in china barracuda

CZM8 is light not heavy

I wouldn’t be ashamed. XD shutter is a nice throw. It jut gets too much hype. Um, for 70 I’d say get the equilateral. Great throw. It was at 110 and I think on sale for 60 or 80. Honestly, Inspire is one of my favorit throws ever. Super fast, super great performance and it just plays so damn well

A pulsefire is one of my favs: made of 7075 aluminum, light weight, but stable and speedy.

I have to echo the comment on the Equilateral. I got one in last years (2013) Mystery Box and it become has one of my favorite throws.

Equilateral…. shudders

Cmon… Its really not that bad :slight_smile:

any of the benchmarks 100%

best bang for the buck period.

Oh greatttt lol more throws to consider. Dang its so difficult to choose a yoyo because you can’t try them first or anything, on top of having to wait a few days for shipping. I’ll consider it, thanks guys!

EDIT:Based on the pictures on YYE, that Equilateral looks HUGGEEE! How big is it really? Does it actually do well with tech tricks trying to get it through holes and stuff? Also, that pulse fires’ gap looks a little phat also…

Nothing wrong with loving a specific yoyo. Stickman (a user on here) owns 42 Chiefs, and nobody judges him for it… au contrair, I think we’re all rather envious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I would avoid the Equilateral. It seems to be a rather polarising yoyo because of it’s size and design, with some people loving it and some people hating it, so it’s a bit of a riskier move than going with a yoyo that most people praise… such as one of the Benchmarks.

The CZM8 is a great performing yoyo in terms of spin and stability, but it’s not overly fast and lacks any sort of personality. So the performance is great, but you might not find it fast enough for your tastes and again, it has had mixed reviews from different people.

I think your safest bet is the Benchmark. The advantage of having side effects is if you feel you want it a bit lighter and faster then you can simply swap out side effects to match your needs. You also have a choice of an extreme V or a more stepped-V in the 2014 range, so you can really pick out something to match your specifics. :slight_smile:

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mmmm both r good but heard some rumours that benchmark bad at horizontal play. Orbis’s power is at fingerspin and horizontal and spintime, while benchmark’s power is agility and sping time also. choose what you think is the best

my opinion, wait for the magicyoyo prophet to release :slight_smile: