Hi. Please help me with this.

Hello to everyone. Im from Romania and im 17 yrs old. I have a question for you guys, about buying an yoyo.

When I was like 13 I had an responsive yoyo and I had learnd about 3-4 tricks, but Ive lost it, so now I am excited again about yoyoing and I want to buy another yoyo. But I dont have enough money to buy yoyos for begginers, intermediates and pros so I want an yoyo that is good enough to play with for a long time. Ive read different kind of topics and I realised that the Shutter from Yoyofactory is a great yoyo, or even dv888. I want to play 1a style and I am not sure which yoyo should I choose. I also want a metal yoyo cause I think its 8)

Its not a problem for me if its unresponsive because I learn pretty fast. Is the shutter a good option for longterm, or should I choose a different one? Please answer me, I really want somebody that`s into yoyoing for a long to give me advice. Thanks a lot and sorry for my english.

Shutter is a great YoYo. If you want plastic, the YoYo jam classic is always a great starter option.

Good luck, and more importantly have fun!

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Personally, I think that durability is really important. Maybe the DV888, I’ve heard great things about toohot, too. My first unresponsive was a shinwoo Zen 2.

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The Shutter is a great yoyo. It will do everything you need it to do, at any level of play.

Same thing for the TooHOT. I played a TooHOT in the autumn but didn’t buy it… but out of all the yoyos I tried that day (including some high-end Japanese), it’s the one that stuck in my head. A few months later and I couldn’t resist any more. My TooHOT showed up yesterday in the mail and it’s everything I remembered. Great blast, amazing stability, long spins… in short, it rivals every high-performance yoyo on the market today. And isn’t expensive!

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The yoyoofficier orbis and c3yoyodesign accelerator are better than the shutter in my opinion

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Thank you all. In my country I have only a few yoyo shops and the yoyos are more expensive than their real price. But even if I order from other countries, where the yoyos are cheaper, it will be the same price because of delivery taxes. So I have limited options,and these are the best I can afford now:
Yoyofactory Shutter,Yoyofactory Severe,Yoyofactory Protostar,Yoyofactory DV888,Duncan Metal Drifter,Yoyofactory speed dial.

PS: I can also buy cheaper yoyos like yyf velocity, but like I said, I want one for a longterm.

So… Protostar and severe are from plastic, so theyre not as durable as a metal one. metal drifter and speed dial are not as good as shutter and dv888. So I think Ill go for Shutter. (I also found this: Spin Time- Shutter: several minutes DV888: 2-3 minutes

Stability- Shutter: 5 star DV888: 4 star

Grinds- Shutter: 5 star (blasted) DV888: 3 star

Horizontal- Shutter: 4 star DV888: 2 star)

If you want a YoYo for long term, buy a Side Effect YoYo, such as the One Drop Benchmarks. You won’t ever need to worry about stripping the threads, and side effect throws are super tough, you can beat it to death and it’ll still play like its new.

I can`t buy it from my country so what should I choose between those Yoyofactory Shutter,Yoyofactory Severe,Yoyofactory Protostar,Yoyofactory DV888,Duncan Metal Drifter,Yoyofactory speed dial

Hmm, between those, I would have to go with the DV888 for long term abuse. The Shutter is a great yoyo, but the threads would strip sooner than the DV888 when in constant use, and especially for a beginner, you’ll be needing to unscrew the throw a lot. Do you have a paypal? If so, I can show you where to get some great throws for very cheap, and also, you may be able to get a side effect yoyo on the cheap from another forum member.

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I do not have PayPal, but anyway threads are not a problem. Ill buy some extra just to be sure. Ok now I think ill just go random between the 2 of them. I really like the shutter but also the dv888 seems to be good. Like I just said, I can learn really quick the tricks so I just want to make a good choice. At performance, I saw that Shutter is being used by a lot of people and I saw reviews which said that before Shutter the dv888 was the bestseller, but now Shutter is the most common.

Threads aren’t something you can buy. The yoyo itself is threaded for the axle. If the threads in the yoyo give out, then the yoyo won’t be able to screw together, even with a new axle. The Shutter has a fairly short axle, so it is more prone to stripping than the DV888. I guess if that’s something you’re not too worried about, the the Shutter is easily a better option.

Out of your options, I recommend the Shutter for it’s performance. Even if you had other options, I would still recommend the Shutter. It feels great and offers top end performance at a great price. Although I like the DV888, it feels less refined than the Shutter.

The DV888 won’t offer as much stability as other throws, even around that price, it I guess it depends on what school of thought you follow. Do you want something that will offer big stability, spin time, and forgiveness when learning, or do you want something that will make you be more precise with your movements? And the remark about the Protostar not being durable isn’t accurate. I’m not sure what you’re meaning by “durability” but the Protostar shouldn’t be discounted because it isn’t metal.

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Out of those, Shutter. (surprise that store doesn’t also have TooHOT, though!)

Don’t worry about the threads… just be careful when screwing/unscrewing. When you do it properly, threads shouldn’t ever be an issue.

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I want an yoyo that is durable(i mean i dont want broken threads or sth like somebody said earlier) I mean… is shutter known for its thread problems or something? It’s dv888 a safer option? I would also like my new yoyo to spin for a long time and to be adaptable for any tricks.

The only thing that would stop me from buying shutter is the fact that yoyospirit said about it’s problem with threads

Just FYI the Protostar doesn’t have plastic threads, if that’s what you’re thinking.

The benchmark series is going to be a better option since you can just replace the hubs if it ever gets stripped

the shutter is just as durable as the dv888 though.

That said I wish you had made this post 2 weeks ago. I was just in Bucharest and would have brought something.

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that sir is the best comment. I was scared about shutter not being as durable as dv888. Thanks a lot for your answer. I will be carefull with the threads so i don’t think it will be a big problem. Anyway, other opinions?

I think the Benchmark 2014 series would be a good option. OD is very high quality in general, uses the side effect system and theyre a very good yoyo to use from binding to competition worthy tricks

I wouldn’t say as durable… The walls on the Shutter are a bit thinner than the DV888, which is thicker all around. Anyway, I should have said this first, but if you want a very durable throw, the DV888 is a great option. But the Shutter, if you want great performance, the Shutter is undoubtedly a better yoyo. The Shutter should be durable enough that’ll last you a while, as long as you don’t over tighten it or unscrew it every 5 minutes. You’ll probably get more out of the Shutter. I’m a bit worried the threading might give out on ya, but I also forget it’ll be quite a while until it does from normal use.