Shutter bearing seat?

Hey Shutter owners! Has anyone noticed the Shutter bearing seat isn’t tight? I hope this is YoYoFactory’s new regular bearing seat, it’s perfectly loose.

PS: new phone background:

That rock is where I like to take all my yoyo photos now.

How’d you get a Shutter ?

I have my sources :wink:

I was really tempted to name this thread “Has anyone noticed…” to piss everyone off, but I’m too nice for that.

I got my Shutter earlier today at my local brick and mortar store. I’m getting set right now to take photos. Of course, nothing stylish, just the sterility of my light box.

Wow can u make a review?

No time. I’m preparing for a 3 day anime event.

Also, I stopped doing reviews. I don’t have the time to really spend the proper quality time with a yoyo, and lack the skill to really fully play a yoyo and evaluate it. I don’t see my reviews as being helpful

Pictures will be as good as it gets. Sorry.

Interesting but good.

I have only photographed the yoyo. I took it apart to take internal shots. The bearing only required a bit of effort using a bearing puller. This is completely acceptable.

It also uses a YYF SPEC bearing.

Huh, mine came with some kind of CT. Mine was not new though, maybe the first owner put it in. I easily slid the bearing out with my fingers. My new Supernova (which came with a regular SPEC) , however, still has the tight seat.


Edit: I can post like my first thoughts on it or something, but it’s new so a full review would be very biased.

tyler gave got it for you right?

I’m merely going to talk initial impressions, not a full-blown review. As I said before, I don’t bother with writing reviews anymore.

So, I guess I should go pop a string on that new Shutter and see how it performs. I’m most likely going to end up putting a Buddha Dimple bearing in it but I want to try it out completely stock first, except it will have a Type X string on it. All I care about is that I like how it plays. I’m anticipating a yes.

It was one of the first things I noticed, I got a gold ct in mine ;D

This is definitely the best yoyo for $50, I would have payed $100

Played this for a bit. Feels nice, definitely a yoyo I like. I don’t like the G-Funk and Super-G, the shape just isn’t me. My son has and likes his G-Funk.

I’m not sure about the price. The SuperStar 2013 really screwed that up for me. That sells for what, $79.99 and just plays awesome. YYF really stepped the prices back. Yes, the 2013 SuperStar plays at above it’s retail. The Shudder easily does as well, but I can’t figure out where to price place it for comparables on a YYF scale. $90? $110? Something like that.

I don’t think I’d pay $100. I think it should sell like for a RecRec price range of around $60-70, but then still retail that “performance is so high compared to it’s price” that RecRev does as well.

Studio42: Without taking price in consideration, Shutter or Superstar?

I think it would come down to width and weight preferences. Both are rim heavy, but the SuperStar puts more weight on the rims. This may have the SuperStar the edge for long horizontal play, which I can’t do anyways. The Shutter feels more even with the weight distrbution, however it does have weight pushed to the edges, just not near as much. The added width of the SuperStar would also give it an edge for longer horizontal play and stability.

The wider “cup” in the rim of the SuperStar can make for finger spins to land bad, where as the deep cup of the Shutter helps focus the finger spin where you want it and need it for better control

The SuperStar is better for thumb grinds, but neither are great grinders, which has seemed to be a long standing YYF tradition as most of their models have smooth surfaces. I do have to say, YYF knows how to make colors pop!!

I could go either way. If you need something smaller, then Shutter It can move in and out of tighter formations better. If you like a slightly bigger yoyo, SupeStar. The width combined with controlled speed(keep your string segments short and tight) couples nicely and then goes into Horizontal with ease.

The Shutter I suppose is technically A V-shape but it feels and looks more H-shape. It’s got a tiny step-down so I suppose that makes it an H. The SuperStar is clearly a V

Both are simply amazing and extremely underpriced.

I can’t give a fair recommendation as they are very different. I’m leaning Shutter because it’s newer, but I think the 2013 SuperStar for now works better for me.

Hey I’m not sure if the O.P. is still watching this thread, but can anyone tell me what the finish is like on the Shutter?

I like the looks of this throw, but I am wondering how well it will perform grinds.

Oh I’m watching.

Always watching.

The finish grinds well enough for me, I don’t know anything about finishes.

I find it to be the typical YYF “very much on the smoother side of things” finish. The colors are bright and intense, but grinds are OK at best.

There are plenty of better grinding yoyos out there.

Thanks for the response on the finish!

Oh so it ISN’T blasted…