Rally or shutter

I am looking to get either a rally or shutter. Which one is a better preforming yoyo?

They will perform equally.

I like the Rally.

Never tried the Shutter.

I never tried any of them but I’m going to get a shutter because there is a blasted version coming up! But the rally seemed cool to!

Which did you get? I liked the shutter more. The rally was good but the shutter played very godly IMO, especially for that price.
The rally a little faster though.

It you want a metal and where it’s made isn’t an issue then go with the shutter if where it’s made is an issue and you want a plastic that plays so good your forget its a plastic then go for a rally.

The rally is super amazing yoyo as is the case with the shutter just depends on what you like/want…:

Happy shopping and you won’t be disappointed with either yoyo.

Shutter isn’t made in China if that’s your main issue. Not 100% sure where its made but unless YYF has new overseas vendors it’s USA.

Can you show me some proof? The are a few YYF yoyos that are made in the USA but I don’t believe the shutter is on that list. I’ve looked for the answer high and low and everything I’ve seen points to china I will again ask on their ask.fm account but I remember asking prior and getting china as the answer. But I’ll gladly toss out my original statement if you can show me proof i was/am wrong.

All throws made in china will have the engraving that says made in china

Just about all first/early run yoyofactorys are made in america till they get it down and then it’s sent to china

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Wish could find a 2013 USA supernova I love that yoyo but USA would be so much better.

For being made in china the quality isn’t bad not your typical Chinese garbage. I just know that country if origin is a big deal for some is the only reason I mentioned it.

I have a shutter, it’s a great yoyo, you won’t be disappointed :wink:

The quality of many Chinese made yoyos is equal to or in some cases even better than most American and European manufacturers. It largely comes down to quality control, and the brands that are selling Chinese made yoyos at higher prices normally have good QC.

A bigger issue with Chinese made throws is more about supporting local industries rather than pushing manufacturing overseas. In YYFs case the ugly “MADE IN CHINA BATCH#” engraving is likely also a turn off for some, though it seems possible they’ve stopped putting it on some of their more recent runs???

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I said quality because of the major issues with many other Chinese made products that are full of lead and lead based paints as well as other toxins and you’re right it comes down to ethic practices and quality control, hence my this isn’t your “typical” Chinese made Jangy junk.

I cannot speak for every model but my proton and supernova both have made in china the batch #

The made in China and batch markings are CPSIA requirements. The lack of those on the Shutter indicates to me that it is not made in China.

I’m fairly sure that there are not made in USA, labels (or the lack thereof) on the shutter so that alone isn’t proof enough I believe these are machines in china imported then anodized, assembled, and packed here in the USA.

Rewind lists it as made in China. Maybe they got around the requirements somehow. Or the website is wrong.



No i have not got either one yet, i am leaning more towards the shutter because I prefer metals to plastics. Although i would rather have it made in the usa it really doesn’t matter where it is made to me.

You cant go wrong with either, they are both amazing and on the same tier so just take your pick.

Let me lay a challenge out there to you, you say you prefer metals to plastics, right?

Then to go ahead and pick up a Rally (I own two and am working in a 3rd) this yoyo is so good it carries and plays so much like a metal you’ll find yourself having to check it out a few times thinking to yourself in disbelief that the rally must be a metal.

For me where my yoyo is made is a big deal and also the customer service that comes with that yoyo is an even bigger deal. The guys at one drop will take good care of you should there be an issue that YYE couldn’t deal with.

Let the rally be the yoyo to change your mind about plastics! Let the rally set the bar high for all other premium top shelf plastics out there. I own 2 soon to be 3 rally’s, an xlr8, a surge, a yeti, a classic, an 2 yyf one gacek editions, and a Delrin severe so I have a little experience with most of the current plastics I know I don’t own them all but I have enough to say that the rally will change your mind abot plastics.

I triple dog date you! :stuck_out_tongue: 8) if you end up hating the rally I’ll buy it from you so you aren’t stuck with it!

Not even kidding I’m so confident you’ll enjoy it that I will make that offer and stand behind it even if you don’t!

The Rally truly is the best plastic out there. It’s set the standard for all other plastics. One Drop made itin such a way that it plays just like a metal. It does what a metal does and it can grind and fingerspin. It even beats the delrin severe, which was what I and many others considered the best plastic before the rally. Its only $45 becaus eit is made of plastic, but its play is equal twice that.