YYF Shutter or OD Rally

I’m trying to decide between the two. My only other Yo-yo right now is the 1st gen Trainwreck.
Theyre both around the same price, I’m leaning towards the shutter, but i hear alot of bad things about YYF.

Oh all that yyf hate is so stupid. The shutter is awesome. It is awesome stock, but you could get a CT bearing to go with it, and it gets even better! Spins for a loooooong time, can fingerspin and thumb grind, and if you get the blasted version I hear it grinds even better. I’ve never tried the rally, but the shutter is great.

I wanted to get the blasted version, but they don’t have them in stock.
I haven’t yoyo’s for a while, so i don’t know much about these new yo’s.

Hmmm if I were you I’d just get an unblasted cool colorway version. But thats just me. You could wait for a blasted version or just get a rally. I’ve heard very good things about the rally.

If you’re comparing those two, then definitely go with the shutter

It would help If u posted preferences :slight_smile:
Shutter is better at grinding, and is a metal
Rally isn’t as good at grinding, but it can probably play
I also made a tough choice between the rally and shutter, but ended up getting the shutter because I love grinds

Basically, its mostly preference :confused:
Try finding reviews on them and decide which one you like

Ignore any YYF hate unless you’ve personally got reason to dislike something about YYF.

I got some YYF dislike. They have a few yoyos I don’t like. However, this does NOT alter my view of YYF. I like YYF and have many of their yoyos that I enjoy. I can’t possibly like everything they make. The items I don’t like were models I actually had a lot of interest in obtaining, but I was able to play them before buying, and was glad I made an informed decision. At the same time, I’ve played other YYF models I wasn’t expecting to like and enjoy tremendously. And of course, there are models that I was sure I would like and do like.

The Shutter. At $45 it’s amazing. With a blasted surface treatment and still $45, it’s more amazing. I also saw the Jason Lee graphics edition and it looks amazing. I own a smooth finish Shutter and a blasted Champions Edition Shutter. While performance is equal on all three, I feel the blasted version has the edge since it can grind better. It basically opens up more options for play. This is for any kind of play, be it front, side or horizontal. With the blasted surface, you get comfortable thumb, finger, arm, palm and IRG grinds, as well as horizontal finger spins made all the better by a cup just for finger spins. With weight moved to the rim for stability, it feels very well balanced, and is comfortable in the hand. The blasted version just feels better to me. However, the stock bearing, a YYF SPEC bearing, has caused me issues in every Shutter I’ve come across, requiring cleaning and/or replacement. I have CenterTracs in mine. The extra $10 is worth it and I feel it performs significantly better. The Shutter does not seem to suffer from “Bearing Seat Grip of Death” that many YYF’s have. I think YYF has made minor adjustments to address user complaints about this issue. The bearing is still tight to the seat, but it’s more along the lines of “snug”. A vast improvement.

The OD Rally. I don’t know the full story, but I know this has been in the making for a while. Think of this as One Drop taking inspiration from the Protostar and Northstar, yet doing it better in every way possible, and despite the higher price over the Protostar or Northstar, it’s well worth it. At least that’s my impression. I have three Rally’s: Red with Gold, the original Green and a clear one. All equal in all aspects. The polycarbonate body is solid plastic, which I feel gives the right amount of weight to make the yoyo feel substantial in the right way and right areas, while the weight ring puts that much needed weight out where it’s needed for powerful spins and stability. The halves are machined just to give them enough “texture” to make them grindable. The yoyo excels at arm, palm, finger and thumb grinds, as well as IRG’s with the metal weight ring. The clear version I think looks the best with the surface treatment. The yoyo is also excellent at horizonal, but not as good as the Shutter. Also, the way the yoyo is constructed, the hub assembly has a bit of a point, which makes this yoyo not as good for finger grinds. This yoyo also uses the budget OD 8-Ball bearing, which I’ve had good results with. I find the OD 10 Ball is a better fit. My suggestion is this yoyo is fine stock with the stock bearing UNLESS something is wrong with the bearing.

Which is better? Neither. Preferences. Which is more amazing? Again, preferences. Which is a better value? I think due to the Shutter being metal, the tip is to the Shutter as far as price/performance, but the Rally is no slacker in any way. The Shutter being metal will show nicks, dings and scratches, where-as the plastic of the Rally hides this stuff better. The Shutter is more V-shaped, while the Rally is more H-ish in shape. The Rally is a great casual play yoyo that can compete. The Shutter feels more competition oriented, but has no problem being a chill yoyo. Both are OK for 5A, but the Rally seems to have an edge with 3a capabilities. The Shutter can do 3A too if you want to, it just feels like the Rally is the better choice for 3A to me.

What do you prefer? Plastic or metal? Unless you don’t like the shapes, both are winners.

Thanks! I’m probable going to get the shutter, but hows the normal finish and grinding?
I would love the blasted version, but I cant seem to find it anywhere
Do you guys know if the Splash versions are blasted?

You are asking to choose between two great choices. All I can say is your Shutter choice is excellent.

The regular finish Shutter, being smoother, just won’t grind as well. The color is brighter, so there’s more “pop”. The smooth surface provides more friction so grinds will be shorter and slow down the yoyo more.

I know of two places near me that have these in stock. I have no clue how many.

Another retailer I frequent does NOT have it. Another retailer I also frequent does not carry YYF. A store in Japan does not currently have the blasted in stock. Your best bet is to wait for YYE to restock it. But if you want to check into that brick and mortar store near me, PM me regarding it.

The Shutter has been my main choice ever since I got it. It’s an amazing throw for sure!

Alright! Shutter for sure now, Photography is a hobby for me as well!
But does anyone know if the splash version is Blasted finish? It looks like in in pictures, but im not sure. (looking at the aqua black)

The rally isnt good at grinding?!?! Have you even played one?

But off to the discussion…

I haven’t played the YYF Shutter, so I cant fairly judge it, but after playing my OD Rally since July, I can definitely recommend it. It plays stable, long spin times, and feels really well made, almost like its ceramic. Its not too heavy and can be played fast or laid back, its very adaptable.

Like i said, i cant speak for the Shutter, but you cant go wrong with a Rally IMO

Oh, and I almost forgot, the grinding surface on the Rally is probably one of the best ive used – if your into grinding definitely try it

Oh if you want more info on this, i would use the search and search your question. Like 10 threads have been made with the exact same name.

I have never used the shutter, but the OD rally very good

Both are amazing, but I didn’t like the shutter too much. Felt kinda heavy