Rally vs Shutter vs Token + extras

I’m planning on spending around $45 on another yoyo and yoyo supplies. I’m seriously thinking about getting the Rally (I like the look and I’ve heard a lot of good reviews), the Shutter (looks cool too and has good reviews), or I can get a Token with some Side Effects for my Summit.

What’s more worth the money?

I don’t have a shape preference. (yet)

I don’t care if it’s floaty or not.

I’d prefer it if it can grind, but it certainly doesn’t have to.

I’d settle for a different yoyo so long as it’s around the same price (I have been eyeing the Di-Base).

(I’m not basing everything on crowd judgment. I’ve really done some research, so I’m just curious about peoples opinions)


Of your options really only the Rally can grind. The Shutter is too polished and the Token too small and unstable. Side Effects are fun and do change a throw to some degree but really I don’t think Side Effects and a Token are worth the same amount of money as either a Rally or a Shutter. I have all three of those yoyos and of the three my Token sits in my case 99.9% of the time…it’s cute and a good novelty but not a true performer by any means.

I vote Rally. It outperforms the Shutter in my opinion and it is really a unique product. The Shutter is great, don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing what YYF accomplished and I don’t understand how it’s priced as low as it is, but the Rally is really exceptional.

Thanks! The Rally keeps sounding better to me.

The shutter is great, I have it and is amazing, it’s really fast stable and smooth. Put a center trac in it, it is amazing, pretty good for grinds and great for everything else. Worth 100 sells for 45. You should get it.

Well, I tried the shutter and rally yesterday. They were both really great. I liked the shutter more, it seemed to spin forever. I’d go with shutter

Depending on how you’re looking at things:

First, the Rally, Shutter and Token are all well worth the money spent on them. Tremendous value in all of them.

Not caring about shape or “floaty” I guess is a good thing. I mean, I have preferences too but I’m not afraid to venture out of those. At least this means you have your option open.

For $45, it depends on what you like. I have all three, but I know I’m not alone in that. I also have two more Rally yoyos coming in soon, but you know, that’s just because I’m getting some good deals on them.

Shutter: Not a great grinder but can grind. The Rally is a very good grinder. Keep in mind we’re talking a metal vs. what is essentially a plastic. If you want to do those finger-spin gyro tricks, the Shutter wins it, period. The Token has a center hub in the way, and the small raised portion for the axle system in the rally isn’t suitable for those kind of grinds. The Token really can’t do IRG’s, arm grinds are OK, but finger grinds aren’t so hot but can be done.

If compact is what you want, Token is great. If horizontal is what you need, the Shutter is a bit better over the Rally but not by that much as both shapes are good for that style of play. Where the weight is on the Shutter gives it an edge.

All three could benefit from a better bearing. The Shutter has a YYF Spec bearing, which I have had bad experiences with. So far so good on this one. The Rally uses the One Drop budget 8 ball bearing, which so far is giving me fine performance and I see no need to change. The Token, I’m just not liking the bearing in mine, but perhaps it’s bad or needs another cleaning. I chalk it up to that bearing, not the run.

The choice is yours. Three fine choices. However, the Rally and Shutter have better overall playability, so think more along those lines.