Good throw under $50

As the title says I’m looking for a good throw under 50.
I’m getting an equilateral so I’m mainly looking for a good grinder.
Current thoughts:

Also curious on how well they handle slacks and suicides :slight_smile:

Haha I made a thread just like this thinking about the Shutter or Rally.

The Werrd Minute is right at the $50 mark.

I wish I didn’t have to make this disclaimer because of how good the yoyo is, but: you might have to replace the stock response with flowable silicone. If you already own it and know how to apply it, you’re golden. Otherwise, it’s very easy to learn but will cost you another $5.

Looooooove this yoyo.

“mainly looking for a good grinder” --> even compared to a huge range of $160 yoyos I’ve tried, I have not played a better grinder than the Werrd Minute.

I would pick the Shutter over the Rally. I have played neither. But I was in this situation last week and after getting alot of player feedback. Most people suggested the Shutter

The rally is a great yoyo and is pretty good for grinds. I have never tried the shutter though.

I don’t really like the look of were minute…
Looks a little bit to small and light, plus a different bearing size :stuck_out_tongue:
Thinking of getting the blasted shutter, and wondering how good of a grinder the blasted one is

I have the regular Shutter, and I’m gonna try to get a blasted one Sunday at a local vendor, or if not, I have another yoyo hook-up via another vendor(Sorry, price wins!) I like the option to grind, should have been made this way in the first place. The original can grind but doesn’t grind well. I suspect the new one to be really good at grinding. YYF’s typical surface treatments aren’t grind friendly, so when YYF releases a good grinding surface on a yoyo, it’s well worth investigating.

Anyhow, the Rally has been discussed and is still a viable solution.

Now,I wouldn’t rule out the Werrd Minute. It is not a model I would go for due to size, but I would suggest the Hour or maybe the Eighty-Six 400(I have this one) for $65 or so, it’s really well worth it.

Under $50, you gotta accept a bit of compromise here and there. The Shutter’s probably one of the least compromising solutions with a full range of grind capabilities. The Rally isn’t quite as flexible with the finger spins.

If YYE finally drops the YoYofficer Aura, start considering that. Also, I think the over-sized God Trick’s Bounty Hunter is worth checking out too, and it’s not a bad grinder.

There’s an old Minute and a new Minute. :wink: It’s light and on the smaller side, but not the same as the original. Here’s the newest one:

Most of the reviews online are for the old one. The new one uses a C-bearing. It’s also 52.5mm in diameter, making it more of a mid-sized than an undersized. When it’s in your hand, you don’t think, “wow, this is small” or anything. :wink:

This new one got amazing reviews from everyone who tried it at… NER I think it was? when it originally dropped earlier this year.

The Shutter is pretty good, though! I only played a non-blasted one so I can’t say anything about the grinds. No IRG to speak of if you like thumb grinds.

Couple of GREAT choices that will leave you with some money leftover are the Protostar and the Magicyoyo N12, both of which I really like very much.

Can’t beat any of those for under $50.

I have both. And the rally plays more smooth

I have 2 Rallys(a third coming soon), a first run Shutter(I guess. I got it when they came out) and am going to get the blasted gold Shutter. I think the Shutter’s smoothness would be better if I swapped out the YYF SPEC bearing(done to keep costs down) for a better bearing, such as a Buddha Dimple(effectively a CenterTrac).

In my Rally, I swapped the One Drop budget bearing for a OD 10-Ball and it’s now smoother. For some reason the stock bearing went responsive and I simply haven’t taken the time to clean it. It was actually pretty smooth completely stock, so I’m positive all I have to do is clean the bearing and that bearing will be fine.

Anyone have the blasted shutter who can tell me if it grinds well?

For the most part any “metal” yoyo grinds well, better than plastic (rally,yeti)…

And for the most part any “blasted” yoyo grinds even better.

So yes, blasted/metal. It will grind to your preferances…

It also depends on your throw.

A weak throw can get a (lets say) Theory to grind for 2 seconds.

A strong throw can get it to grind 5+ seconds.

So it is about the texture, but also about your throw. As I can get a 5+ grind on a regular metal OG “Axiom,” whereas some people can only get 2 or maybe even half a second.

I mostly agree with this.

I will agree metal grinds better than plastic. The Rally, thanks to that finally machining process on the plastic, vastly improves how well it performs on grinds. Delrin seems very slick and grinds very well.

I will also agree that the surface treatment does play a big factor. Smooth = not as good for grinds. Various surface treatments help grinds not slow down as much.

You’re leaving out shape, but I feel that isn’t as big of a factor, so it’s not as critical. You can at least do finger and arm grinds with darn near any yoyo. IRGs can be done on many yoyos. Finger spins are helped by the shape of the center portion of the outer rim.

The big one is skill. I’ve been improving on my grinds, and best I can do is 3 seconds, but not often. Usually close to 2 seconds is more my average. As my skill with finger grinds improves, I know those times will increase. I’m also noticing how important surface treatment can be.

Being on the topic of grinds, it’s always a feature I look for in a yoyo. It’s not a deal maker/breaker. I like options.

Bringing this back to the topic at hand for the thread:
My one gripe about the Shutter I have is, being the first batch, the surface is the typical YYF surface, which is fairly smooth, which most of my YYF metals have. That’s not really my gripe though. My gripe is that I bought a Shutter, and now they release a blasted version, so I’m like “why you do this? Why not do this in the first place?” So, I’ll simply have to get a second. If I didn’t enjoy the Shutter not blasted, there would be no reason for me to get a blasted version. It’s well worth the money.

Grinds are often a compromise area in the “lower cost” realm because surface treatments add to the cost. I think the Shutter, now that it’s blasted, really improves the value even further of this. It can do arm grinds, finger grinds, palm grinds. finger/gyro spins and even IRG’s. It handles all the major grinds. I don’t think you can do a sort of matador-type play since it lacks spikes or nubs in the center, but you cold try due to how the center cup is designed. YYF really kicked some butt designing this yoyo and still kept the price super low. HOWEVER, at $50, I really recommend getting a CenterTrac bearing despite the fact this will make your purchase over $50. YYF saves you money by including the YYF spec bearing. I’m not pushing the CenterTrac, but this yoyo seems designed for it.

If you’re not in need of the finger spins and gyro type play, the Rally does it as good as you’ll need it or want it. Alternately, based on your preferences, a bearing upgrade might be in order. This yoyo I would recommend keeping stock for a bit though as you might determine you like it stock.

Someone mentioned the Protostar, which is a great yoyo, but being smooth, is not a good grinder. I hear YYF is coming up with a textured Protostar. That I’d look into. The downside will be if they keep the traditional Protostar cap, forget IRG’s and finger spins.

The Magic YoYo N12 was also mentioned. It’s surface is slightly textured. It’s not a great grinder, but it’s better than average. Ignoring that, it’s a fantastic yoyo that performs at least at 2.5 to 3 times it’s price.

The YoYofficer Aura has a slightly concave spot in the middle to help focus finger spins. It’s rather smooth in feeling though and grinds are OK at best.

The God Tricks Bounty Hunter is not bad at the grinds, but the wide flat center of the outer rims make it not as suitable for finger spins, but good for IRG’s. At the same time, it’s important to point out this item is over-sized.

I hear the Strix is a really good throw, but it’s $55, a little more than what you’d like to pay.

My Shutter is absolutely amazing, and I HIGHLY recommend it. I payed roughly 48 dollars to have mine shipped to me, so you’ll save a couple bucks.

Duncan s coming out with a new Echo and their metal Freehand, those will be fun.

The Raptor,Echo,Metropolis. I’ve heard really good reviews on them and have them myself. They’re usually my main throws.

Ok so would a CBC ct spec X be good for shutter? If it is I will get it :slight_smile:

it would be good but not necessary

I think the shutter performs fine without one