best throw for around $50?

My only specs that I feel are required is I want it to be able to grind well, stable, and doesn’t lose to much speed on the string. Any suggestions are appreciated

Beadblasted shutter sounds like a good option for you

Is the razor edition bead blasted?

It looks like it but I’m not sure. You can try the yoyofactory askfm or ask yoyoexpert directly

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It was indeed bead blasted and already ordered the emerald one. I’m excited to try it out

Youll love it (:

You were so right!

yeah, the shutter has amazing value at its price point. Personally I like the feel of the G-funk better, but it doesn’t grind well at all. I think most people would prefer the shutter.

I actually really considered the G-Funk. I plan to get it eventually im a big fan of undersized throws

I personally don’t own one anymore, but they’re awesome. You might also want to check out the 888x if you’re into undersized throws. It’s my favorite yyf throw to date.

yeah Ive wanted the 888x for a while now but i cant afford it yet. but soon i hope to own one haha

they’re dead smooth, and I mean really smooth. Personally I feel my 888’s are smoother than most clyw throws but thats just me. only problem is they aren’t all too stable. while definitely one of the most comfortable and fun yoyos to throw, it’s NOT a top performer, especially for the price. If you are saving up to buy a single throw for around $100, you may want to look elsewhere

The Skyline is similar and a good yoyo.

what would you recommend? because im doing exactly that and i want to make the right choice haha

If you’re planning on saving up for a top notch performer in the $60-$100 range, there are a LOT of options available to you. I won’t list all of them, but some of my personal favorites are the YYF superstar, and genesis. if you know approximately what dimensions you are looking for, me or some other people can definitely help you find what you’re looking for. by this I just mean whether you like a heavy vs light yoyo, large or small diameter or width, etc.

I’ve owned all iterations of the 888 and the 888x is by far the worst of them. The werrd minute is a better choice as an undersize throw and much cheaper. Even the recrev neaue plays better in my mind and it’s only $35 but the ones I owned came with some vibe. If you’re ok with that it’s a pretty fun little pocket throw. I know it’s not as popular these days but I still have fun with the dv888 as a pocket throw too. Also similar in specs to the dv888 is the new y factor that onedrop makes even though it’s shape is still somewhat outdated.

Also the sOMEThING Angle is by far the best undersize yoyo I’ve ever thrown. Might check out the wooly marmot 2 but I haven’t gotten a chance to try that one.

Idk I don’t want anything to oversized, or to wide, but I like them to be a bit heavier

personally I would recommend a YYF superstar, ESPECIALLY because of the current deal right now where you get a FREE protostar with the purchase of the superstar. definitely an amazing value there. The superstar is fairly average in specs and has a decent heft to it.

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I really considered the superstar actually just wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a just average throw haha

The werrd minute is pretty awesome

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