Best throw for $50


So Im looking at getting a new throw, what would you guys say is the best throw to buy in the $50 range? Currently I’m thinking I’ll get the shutter, but is there anything better or should I stick with the shutter. I’m wanting to progress into some of the longer string tricks so a good stability on the string and sleep time are essential. Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:


Shutter will do that :).


Yoyofficer Lava or Werrd 86400. Two of my most used throws.


N12. You may be able to get 2 for around USD50…


There is the YYF Shutter, C3 Level.6, Duncan Torque, and the YOYOFFICER Jaeger and Musket. There are more but these are what I think are the best. Look around, find reviews, look at the stats of each yoyo, compare, and pick from there. I f I were you I’d get a YOYOFFICER Jaeger because I like oversized and it’s a great performer with a cool characteristic according to SheepFarm’s review here on YYE.

(2Sick Joey) #6

The shutter is amazing and I definitely recommend it. If you want plastic for $35 the new diffusion is awesome. Probably the best playing full plastic I’ve ever played.


I would recommend the YYR Diffusion. It is an amazing throw! I haven’t been able to put it down! It’s only $30 and it is a gorgeous throw.


The shutter is good but I’m actually loving the YYO Musket at the moment. Also if you’d rather have plastic the OD Rally is practically perfection. If One Drop made an organic Rally, I think it would be my perfect yoyo.


One Drop Rally or Duncan Torque are the best I’ve played.


Shutter is a great yoyo for the price, but personally I prefer the Onedrop Rally. Still by far my favourite budget throw. :slight_smile:


I just got the shutter and the too hot. The shutter is super good but I think the too hot is better. So smooth. It also came with the 10 ball center trac bearing.


^ I agree. The Too Hot for an extra $2 is my first choice. The Shutter is awesome. And, I’m diggin’ the IMP too.


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the good ol classic protostar is still incredible in my eyes


Thanks for the advice, I know I want to go for a metal… So what makes the too hot better than the shutter?


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The too hot is more stable. It’s so smooth you can barely tell it’s spinning.


I think that the c3 level 6 is the best playing $50 yoyo at the moment