If you could only have 5 throws each costing $60 and under only

If you could have only 5 throws each costing 60 bucks and under, which would they be? :3 Really just asking this cuz’ I think having 5 throws will be my maximum and 60 each is my highest budget. Thoughts?

Well, based on my preference it would be

Onedrop benchmark H
Duncan Echo 2
Yoyojam Rextreme 2.0
Onedrop Rally

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Benchmark V, Shutter, Level 6, Addiction, Minute

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Good question. Of the things I’ve actually owned or played, I’d have to go with:

  1. Werrd Minute (seriously, I can not emphasise enough just how amazing a throw this is)
  2. YYF Delrin Severe
  3. C3 Halo
  4. YYF Protostar
  5. CLYW Fool’s Gold Avalanche


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$60 retail? Benchmarks, Yeti, Hatchet for the first 5 sure. Don’t know what the 6th would be. Rally, Protostar, Shutter, Level 6, another Yoyofficer, delrin Severe, Addiction would be top picks.

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3. Level 6
4. Benchmark O
5. YYJ classic

Benchmark V
Benchmark H
Benchmark O

With the understanding that I’ve only actually TRIED (and own) the Minute… the rest on my list are just ones that have my current attention.

  • Werrd Minute. Yuki is right, this is just an incredible throw, Period
  • Level 6
  • Benchmark O
  • Hatchet
  • CZM8
  1. CZM8
  2. Shutter
  3. Minute
  4. Antipodes
  5. Any of the Benchmark series

2 speedaholics, 2 unleashed, and a hitman would keep me satisfied :slight_smile:

1x Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1 “Clean Machine”
2x Spintastcs Technics with wood axles and bearing kits
2xYoyoJam Surge

I see that UsagiCat and I have a similar mindset about what we want/need in the yoyo’s we carry.

Oh wait! How could I forget? I will replace my benchmark O with a no jive 3 in 1… Ot TMBR.

Dark magic II
Level 6

  1. C3 Level 6
  2. Werrd Hour
  3. sOMETHING Crazy D
  4. YoYoOfficer Aura
  5. One Drop Benchmark V
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Some I already own, so here’s a list

  1. Yoyojam Matador

  2. Yoyojam Hitman,Hybrid response

  3. Shinwoo Zen

  4. Shinwoo Dolphin

  5. Team Losi Silver Cherry Bomb


Oh, you know that if you actually had the opportunity you’d get 4 more expensive throws.

DTYY is dope. I want 4 of them.

That seems worse than having to have each color of the Yeti imho.

They’re dope, but they’re not THAT dope.