Good Yo-Yo to save for?

Hello everybody, im fairly new to throwing and the site. I’m currently in between throws (my old Duncan fell apart, waiting for my new one to arrive) and I realized something. The only reason my Duncan fell apart was because of age, and was used a ton when I was younger, before I really took good care of stuff.

Now, I’m looking for a good, durable throw that I can save up for. I’m one of those people that seems to appreciate things more when I worked and saved up for it, and now I want a Throw I have that feeling for.

As for the type of Throw, I want a 1a Metal Ball bearing Throw. Green and Black coloring if possible(maybe a throw I could paint/have painted?) In the $75-$100 range, give or take some. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Tl; dr: I’m looking for a good Throw to save up for, description in last paragraph.

The Format :C by One Drop could be right up your ally. It’s brilliant throw that’s comes in either of the colorways you want. It can play great in competition and is a nice throw when you’re just chilling. IMO it kinda competes with some of the best Japanese throws. Although that is just based on your rather broad specifications.

Is there any way you could be more specific?

you have to figure out what your wants are in a yoyo, speed, weight, floatiness, stability and what not, then you find something to match your wants and get that.

The format C is $120 which is out of the OP’s price range

Any of the new one Drop benchmark throws would fit you perfectly but they’re currently out of stock
Especially since they have green with black side effects

The 1st Gen RecRev Octave is green with black and silver splash

The chico yoyocompany kestrel is also a decent black and green yoyo

now some other yoyos that offer either green or black but not a combination on another yoyo that I’d recommend are:
Superstar (black)
Chik (solid green or black so you could maybe get someone to trade halves)
Mo-vitation (my personal favorite of the choices and has a solid black)
Werrd eighty-six 400 (light green and the best deal in my mind)

Also the BST would give you a chance to get something more expensive for the same price which opens up other options. Then you can consider the green with black splash protons, C3 Glitter and yomega glide.

I would get one of the Benchmark throws. I haven’t thrown one yet but I’ve yet to throw a OD or side effect yoyo that I didn’t really enjoy.

I’m looking forward to purchasing one myself so I can even more confidently say “get a Benchmark” every time someone asks “I’m looking for a great starting yoyo”.

Sorry, guess I could have been more specific haha. Like I said, I havent thrown many of my own, but have thrown some friends different ones.

While speed is nice, the throw dosent need to be crazy fast. I have liked the yoyos that are on the heavier side, as I seem to be able to feel them better. Can you define floatiness and stability a bit better though? Im not quite sure what you mean.

And It’s also gonna be awhile before I have the money, so I will definately have time to consider all the ones you guys throw at me haha. Thanks!

Indeed it is. Thank you. At the time I wrote that I could have swore it was 100

What throws did you like of your friends and could you please explain what you liked about said yoyo.

I can’t really define floaty, since it seems that everyone’s definitions are different, but stability is in my opinion, a yoyos tendency to tilt. A stable yoyo won’t tilt as much. And to answer the original post I would say go with a benchmark and some extra side effects, that way you can get more weight preferences without spending a lot. Have fun with what you decide.

The two I can remember off the top of my head is an 888x that was slightly modified, and a Yomega Heavy Wing.

The 888x was modified to be a bit more responsive, and I liked how easy it was to get back to my hand with a slight tug.

I really liked the Heavy Wing in general, as it was heavier, which I found easier to control. Also, like the 888x, it was very responsive.

And to answer the Stability question I really like Stability, as once a yoyo starts to tilt, i usually cant get it back straight haha.

Rec rev sine//saw or one of the OD benchmarks

It won’t be long before you want to AVOID responsiveness. Bind returns aren’t hard to learn and so many of them are tricks in and of themselves. Possibly my favourite kind of trick. :wink: I would hesitate to spend that much money on a tug-responsive metal. They’re a niche market for a reason.

If ur not sure what exactly u like start with a benchmark. I’d recommend the v or h. And try different side effects with different weights.

One Drop Benchmark series. Pick the one you like at $60.

RecRev OG Octave, sine//saw, silly goose, “@”, under $70

YYF Shutter, $45.

Werrd Eighty-Six 400 is also well worth looking into. Don’t those sell for like $70?

No need to spend more than that, but if you do, that’s OK too. You have budget of up to $100.

@ is the way to go. Best colorway is rave party. Available here at yye or you can find it at other stores.

Out of the ones menchened just pick the one that jumps out at u the most.

^ As above. It’s important to find one that you like the look of and that you want.

Personally, I’d recommend the Chik. I havent tried a lot of the throws suggested here, but I can definately vouch for the Chik being a sensational throw for the price. You can’t really go wrong with any of the options mentioned though, so just pick your favourite. :slight_smile:

hey man!

I strongly recommend anything onedrop. No need to worry about it “falling apart” since most of their throws have side effects, and the models that dont have them will have a long enough axle that you shouldnt have to worry about it. If i were you i would Just find one of their yoyos that fits my preferences. Def. Check out the benchmarks/code2/chik - my preferences. The rally is only $45, but i know you wanted 75-100. best of luck


Although all the recommendations in here are good the only good durable responsive metal throw on the market I can think of would be the Walter. They’re sold out so you would need to find one used.,69281.0.html
This is currently the only used one I was able to find and it’s a little spendy considering it has damage but they were $125 new.

I would not go for a responsive throw. Just plain annoying when you’re trying to learn new combos/tricks that takes a bit of time. Binding is so easy.