First real yoyo


I’m trying to decide on my first “real” yoyo, always played with them as a kid and was always getting pissed that when I would try doing string tricks I could only whip the yoyo a few times before it ripped back to my hand, had no idea about unresponsive yoyo’s, I’m really excited. I dont want to get a cheapo yoyo that im going to want to replace, I rather get one really nice one that will allow me to grow with as far as I can. I hav narrowed it down between a few but am open to suggestions.

1 deady spins wrath:
this is my favorite so far, I was just about to order it just to find its long out of stock, I really like that its the company’s first release, all the extras, and not to mention the purple/blue with neon green splash is sick
2 SPYY addiction:
loving the shape of this throw, nice an smooth, not too wide, good avg size, lots of weight in the rim, plus its really clean in the solid black
3 One drop cascade:
beautiful yoyo, seems like high recommendations for the company, and the cascade is gorgeous, still not even sure what color to go with, tempted on the dragon scheme but solid black would be sexy too
4 Recrev facade:
my cheaper option, nice looking throw, not a huge fan of the stepping design but its not bad, the fact it comes with a concave bearing is nice though since im probably going to buy one if the throw i choose dosnt have it

speaking of concave bearings any suggestions? Either way those 4 in order are what im liking so far but keep in mind I am really new to professional yoyos and may be more blind than I think, Im mostly weight between the top 2 but any suggestions would be great, thank you

  1. Unless you find one on the BST, you’ll have to wait for another run of Wraths.

  2. I don’t own a SPYY, but I want to change that soon. Heard only good things.

  3. Cascade is a solid choice, but my choice from OneDrop is the Code2.

  4. If you’re looking at RecRev, who makes great, budget throws, look into the Freq.Wav. Not here on YYE, but you can find it elsewhere. :wink:

Good luck choosing. With all the quality throws available, you can’t go wrong.


If your looking for a yoyo to grow with you, I wouldn’t recommend any of these yoyos.

Think of it this way, you wouldn’t buy a Ferrari if your just learning how to drive.
However I’m not going to tell you what to do with your money.

I do have some recommendations:
The yoyojam Dark Magic II is a great yoyo to start with, it comes with 2 bearings for responsive and unresponsive play. I haven’t personally used one, but I’ve heard it’s great.

The yyf northstar and Protostar are also good too along with most of YYF’s premium collection.

By the way can you bind?

All of the yoyos that you listed would be a good choice, I just don’t think they would be good to learn on, especially if you can’t bind.

Remember, it’s the player not the equipment.


i see where youre coming from with wanting a better yoyo so you dont have to buy new ones s you get better. However i wouldn’t recommend this personally. You my buy $100 and then end up not liking yoyoing. Im not going to tell you how to spend your money… but it would be wiser to get a good cheap yoyo.

I’d suggest getting a Dark magic 2 or something else around that price range where you can learn the basics and then move on from there. The Chaser is a great yoyo and comes with both thin and thick bearings like the DM2, plus its cheaper. The Protostar and Northstar are also great, they play just as good as some of my high end metals and theyre like $30.

So go ahead and buy whatever you want. But thats my 2 cents


I agree with everyone else that it might not be the best choice to buy a expensive throw since ur a beginner. Chaser,Northstar, and Protostar are great choices and u can learn any trick with these yoyos. Sometimes i find myself playing with my northstar more than my more expensive stuff. But its your decision :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the help so far, yes I understand im leaping a bit and i wasnt planning to originally but im not too worried about learning to bind considering i have done it be accident many times not even realizing what it was and all the tricks I have been trying to do require a responseless yoyo, I was looking at the YYF speed dial but since they are impossible to get my brain said screw it il just get a good one and figure it out, I tend to have this issue in a lot of things but it gives me that extra drive to get good at it, im going to look up the recommended throws right now, still would really love to wait for the next batch of those wraths but maybe it would be smart to get a cheapy to play with for a few weeks while I wait for them to come in,


It’s not the equipment, but as a guitar player and now ramping up in yoyo, I can say this: it’s inspiring and fun to have decent gear. If you have the money, I say “why not?” You don’t have to earn the privilege to own an expensive yoyo, you just need the money. Who cares if you can’t even Rock the Cradle; a great throw will probably inspire you more to learn.

But, not to contradict what others have said, nothing wrong with some of the less expensive throws. I don’t want to sound like I know it all (I know very little… still a beginner!) but along with a mid-priced yoyo (Dark Magic II) and a decent metal (Kyo DNS), I also sourced and bought a small handful of cheap plastics.

Out of the Lyn Fury, Stackless PGM, New Velocity, and Chaser, I love the Lyn Fury and especially the Chaser as much as anything else in my growing collection. The Chaser had slightly unforgiving lines for the hand at first, but a few throws later and I was like, “Holy crap… this thing is great!!”

To recap: if you have the money, don’t let anyone dissuade you from buying a “higher end” throw. You don’t need to earn it, and nice gear can be inspiring to learn on. If money is an issue, or you don’t need to spend it just to say you have a “nice” yoyo, there are plenty of plastics and less expensive throws that will work just as well.

(SR) #8

You NEED to buy a One Drop Code 2. NEED.


TY again for the help, think im going to order an orange protostar tomorrow, I could afford to go with something better but not all that comfortably and i really like the shape an look of the proto, plus im a sucker for fluorescent orange, I figure I can mess with it for a few weeks and if I get really hooked I’ll nab a wrath soon as they are available again, or maybe a code 2 since so many people seem to have a love affair with it : P Jut figuring that once I get better at it, would be nice to have a spare plastic to let a friend mess with w/o the worries of having them dent my expensive metal throw. The dark magic seems great but theres just something about it thats not grabbing me, not sure, either way would you guys recommend anything along with the proto, different string or bearing? Considering I can always move it over to the next throw when I get it I dont mind getting a few extras now. thanks again for all the help!!


With my first order, I threw on the smallest available packs of strings in the widest variety that had at least some appeal to me. I’ve found it to be a worthwhile exercise in discovering what I like or don’t like in a string.


You might want to pick up some string like others suggested. I think you would be set with the stock bearing, but if you want to experiment I would suggest a one drop 10 ball bearing. A yoyofactory multi tool would also come in handy. You might want to pick up some Yoyojam thin lube or V4M Lube by one Drop for bearing maintenance.

By the way, if you do get another bearing with the protostar you would have to separate the spacer in the protostar from the bearing which could be difficult.

Most of all have fun and happy throwing!


Need/required. Interchangeable.

The Code 2 is amazing.

I’ll say it again, as I’ve said somewhere else here:
I’m not that great. I do appreciate the good stuff. A good yoyo will go a long ways towards helping you “get the job done”. If you can spend it and want to AND can afford it, then do so. I won’t lie, I really like my Anglam. At the same time, I can easily just veg out with my DM2, a Northstar, Protostar, Lyn Fury, Flipside, or even a Whip, One or Classic. Price really doesn’t matter. But, looking at my collection, you’d thing I’m some sort of amazing player. I am not. I’ve been throwing almost 18 months now, my throw has vastly improved. Even so, I find it can be a lot easier to learn using say a Code 1 or Code 2, Chief, AC, Cascade, Anglam, Equalateral or some other “expensive” yoyo.

For me, it’s about the fun and enjoyment I get from the yoyo.

Your adventures are going to cost you money. Spend it wisely. I try to help people decide yes/no on stuff by letting them go through my cases. Most kids have a hard time convincing parents why they gotta have this $100+ throw(I’m a parent on the “inside” so I get it!). Even worse, what if the kid ends up not liking it? Try before you but if you can.

So, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna debate over 2A practice or 1A, and if 1A, what am I gonna use… too many fine choices… Code 2 with disc side effects sounds very nice right about now.


Great choice, man. With the exception of grinding, there isn’t a single trick that a Protostar can’t handle. You have to remember that Worlds 2010 was won using a Northstar (which is essentially a Northstar with more junk in the trunk). If you’re having fun, there’s no need to spend much more money.

Having said that, I’m a bit like Studio42 in that my collection far exceeds my ability XD

Happy throwing!



Ordered the proto plus 4 different types of string, and the tool, didnt get lube since I have some very good lube for my skateboard bearings that im sure will work just fine for now, besides woulv really like to get that ceramic konkave bearing at one point, I’m a huge fan of them on my longboard, would love one for my throw, thank you all, cant wait to get it