The Best Three Yoyos for Everything 1A

This is my first post, so sorry for any mistakes.

As the post says, I’m looking for three yoyos. I’ve been deployed for the better part of a year and I’m looking to buy some stuff when I get back because I haven’t been able to spend money in way too long. I recently bought a yoyo while surfing around and now I’m hooked like I was when I was little and transaxles were awesome. I was able to hop on amazon one other time out here and bought a few more so this is what I’m currently working with:

Yomega Maverick - I love this yoyo. It seems like a lot of people hate Yomega for some reason but I love this yoyo. I like the undersized shape of it and the uniformity of a metal. It feels good in the hand.

Yoyojam Dark Magic 2 - I got lucky that I found this on amazon without doing much research. I love the response bearing but haven’t had much experience with the larger, unresponsive one, mainly because it’s loud and I need to spend a majority of my time indoors. I can bind, it’s just irritating to have to do it every throw because I suck at it.

I also got a YoyoFactory Grind Machine that I haven’t got a lot of time to play with but I’m not liking the plasticy feel and the vibes from the hubstacks. I probably/definitely need to feel it out some more.

In any case, I’m really preferring my Maverick right now, despite my never hearing anything good about it. In about a week or so, I’ll finally be home and I want to treat myself to three yoyos that will expose me to the whole gamut of what’s currently available.

For one, I want something undersized and quick. After a little research I was thinking about going with a Onedrop Markmont Next or Y-Factor. Are there any other companies that make beast smaller yoyos? The internet speed here in the third world is atrocious so browsing around has been slow and painful. For the other two, I’m not sure. I want two that are sufficiently different that I can decide if I like other shapes or sizes. I was thinking of a HSPIN NVx but simply because it looks cool and elitist. I want something for slacks, and suicides, and whips, but as for sizes and weights, I’m still very new to this.

Money is really not an issue but less is, of course, better than more. I’d really appreciate any suggestions and I’ll check back as often as possible for any questions. I apologize for this post being so long but my internet time is limited and I wanted to get as much info down at once as possible. Thanks.

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if you have trouble binding, why get 3 expensive new unresponsive metals?

I can bind, but it is something that I need more practice with, and something unresponsive will be more useful as I get better. As it stands, I can handle all the intermediate tricks on this site and am learning a lot of the advanced tricks. I also want to learn slacks and whips, which are next to impossible with a responsive yoyo.

I don’t necessarily want three metal or three unresponsive, I just want three examples of different styles.

I started with yomega (dash).
My next metal was the yoyofactory yuuksta, and I have yet to find a single thing wrong with it.
This yoyo made binding easier for me.

The gap is wide and unresponsive (it won’t return by accident and hit your hand)
the outer edges are angled inward (rather than curved), making it easier to land on the string
-some yoyos have an outer edge that gradually curves away from the yoyo, so the string would bounce off if it lands on the edge (like on the dash)
–If you look at the markmont, the outer edges are flat, not angled inwards, so the actual catch zone is smaller than 40.2mm
The entire yoyo is slightly wider than the dash, which is wider than the maverick, which makes landing on the string easier
it’s got plenty of rim weight
long and stable spins
no vibe, snug bearing seat, smooth surface
came with a DRY center trac bearing, which helps if your throw isn’t that good yet
undersized, nice weight, roughly the same as maverick
Very comfortable H-shape (if H-shape is your preference)
affordable at $65

Check out genesis if you want a larger yoyo

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Thanks for the suggestion. Something wider than the Maverick would be definitely better. I keep getting more precise but landing a double or nothing every time to start some harder tricks can be difficult on the Maverick. A question though:
-What is a center track bearing compared to the norm? And isn’t a dry bearing bad because it will break down faster?

In any case, it’s certainly a nice looking yoyo, but there is only 5 left. I hope they last the next week or so…

normal bearing is flat (i’d assume)
center trac has angled side edges and is flat in the middle, like this: __/
dry bearings are nice because you can put as much or as little lube as you’d like, as well as the type of lube you’d like. You can put 1/2 or 1 drop (more or less) of thin lube for unresponsive or 2-3 drops of thick lube for responsive. I don’t know if all the bearings will come dry, I just know that mine did.

NEVER put one or even half of a drop of thin lube in your yoyo if you are looking for unresponsiveness, unless you want it to be gradual without cleaning it. You only need 1 PINDROP of Thin lube and then touch ONE of the balls with it, spin it to work that minute amount of lube around. Anything more will cause it to become responsive. You don’t need to waste your thick lube either, one drop should suffice quite well.

I like well-thought-out and accurate posts like this. Thank you.

Something that plays very fast is the YYJ (YoYoJam) Speedmaker. I picked one up this weekend. That thing just flies through the air. The Werrd Pacquio plays somewhat similarly, but that’s a bit harder to find (hasn’t come out in stores yet). EDIT: I take that back. There are some left in the store here!

Something very different would be anything H-shaped. All of the yoyos made these days are great, but I would just like to suggest the ILYY Fury. It’s rather different.

As a 3rd and also different one, I would like to suggest the OneDrop Dingo. It differs greatly from the rest of those mentioned. It’s somewhat small and narrow, but it’s one heck of a throw.

Those are just my suggestions to try to get to experience much of the wide range of yoyos available now. Good luck in your final decision!

(Deployment? Which branch?)

As for the lube question: I think it would be too much work to do the whole one drop from a needle thing. Besides, you’d be using a whole drop from the bottle to put on the needle so…Just put a drop in and play with it. With thin lube, it’ll become unresponsive with a little bit of play.

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replace the dm2 bearing and use the gm2? Both are unrespsonsive, clean the maverick’s bearing and thats unrespsonsive.

I would also suggest a 1drop dingo as one of your throws. They’re unique, will improve your game, and always in your pocket. They’re a great undersize-undersize throw.

The word “undersize” is underused - most throws are undersize these days so chances are you’ll get something else in this format if you’re getting 3. The Markmont or Y-factor are both good choices. In fact I’ve never thrown a 1drop I didn’t like - and the (discontinued) flow-groove M1 is also worth looking for in BST, halfway between a dingo and y-factor in size.

If you like the maverick shape and weight, a YYF Boss may work for you. YYF does quite a few throws of a similar format, so you can pretty much pick your favorite looks and price point. The 44 may also be worth a look. The only real negative with YYF throws is there are so many, they’re less sought after in buy/sell/trade. So if you don’t like them so much they’re harder to swap out. Their “fundametals” though are well priced… not much more than a maverick.

There’s tons of great yoyos out there, so take a punt on whatever looks good to you. My advice is to get each of your yoyos as different as possible to learn more what you like. There’s plenty of underrated throws (like your maverick) that are great fun. Oh and the standard beginner line: “get a yoyofactory velocity.” ;D

On a final note, if you’re still stumbling with binding, get yourself some thin and thick yoyo lube. Learn how to clean a bearing (plenty of tutorials here.) Then you can play as responsive as you like on your unresponsive yoyos until you improve. You’ll improve and end up dialing down the response eventually. Some folk say that’s bad, but playing slightly responsive will improve your string tension during tricks.

Good luck.

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I appreciate your comments but I’m trying to buy three different yoyos from the ones I already have and you seem to be discouraging this line of thinking for some reason. I wish to purchase these for several reasons, one of which is to learn unresponsive play. But I also really think that yoyos are beautiful and want to have more for their aesthetic value as collectables. Also, there are many different shapes and sizes and I can already tell a massive difference between my Maverick and my DM2. Lastly, I simply like to buy stuff. It’s good for the economy and it makes me happy, and I haven’t been able to buy so much as a cheeseburger out here for an entire year without waiting 6 weeks for shipping.

So while I do appreciate you trying to squeeze more use out of my current throws, I’m really looking for suggestions for new ones rather than tweaks to my existing ones. But thank you for replying.

Apetrunk: Thanks so much for your ideas. I’m thinking that I’m going to take your advice on the Speedmaker. It’s not very expensive and I’ve heard nothing but great things from other sites. And the Pacquio would be amazing if there are still some left when I get home in several weeks. This wait is killing me. I really wanted one of those green acid-washed Onedrop Y-factors but I sat here watching the last of the 20 in existence vanish before my eyes.

Something H-Shaped is also something I’m definitely interested in. Just not sure which yet. Like I said, I really like the look of the HSPIN NVx but its very expensive and I haven’t heard anyone comment on it. Thanks a lot for your input. I also plan on getting some thin lube and some better strings too. I only have Brainlube and Duncan cotton strings right now, which I can burn through (literally) in about an hour of constant use. The lube is nice however when the Maverick gets a little too unresponsive. Completely unresponsive and completely responsive I can deal with but when a yoyo gets to a point in between it just feels disgusting to me.

And I’m in the army.

hmm…if you really are loking to buy 3 yoyos, go for a rec rev no9, a pacquiao and silicone/remove caps/10 ball bearing a meteor. The no9 is beautiful, the pac gives a unique experience and the meteor is a blast to play. all of which under $90

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I must’ve missed the H-Shape thing. YYF has some really good and I mean REALLY good H-Shapes, a Protostar has a VERY nice Angular H-Shape, the Lunatic is an undersized metal with a nice H-Shape, they can play as fast or as slow as you want. Another option for an H-Shape is an Auldey Virus, also the Quark has a VERY unique shape.

I’m fairly certain that a onedrop of some type will comprise my second choice, along with either a Pacquio or Speedmaker. Also, what is this BST? I’m assuming it means buy/sell/trade but where can you trade or find discontinued, hard-to-find yoyos? It might be right under my nose but the internet speed here is like a 12.2 modem and leading up this forum takes minutes. Are there any places that are great to find rare yoyos?

Thanks so much for your help.

The Forum here has a Buy/Sell/Trade section. So does Trades are pretty much the only way to get your hands on rare discontinued throws.

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The Quark does look sick, I was checking it out earlier. I’ll be sure to take a look at your other suggestions as well.

For now though, I need some sleep. It’s like 4AM here. Thanks to everyone for your input, I’ll check this again in the morning. Everyone here has been incredibly kind and helpful. I really do appreciate it.

Players decide that they’re willing to part with some of their rarer, more expensive yoyos more often than you would think. The Catch22, one of the most expensive yoyos ever produced, was very wanted for a little while, but nobody wanted to part with them because of the uniqueness (spelling?), but lo and behold they began to get sold and traded on the BST (indeed, buy/sell/trade).

So yeah, if you want to get a certain yoyo, your best chance is going to be to just make a post that says you want to buy or trade for that yoyo. Heck, I made a post saying I wanted HG yoyos (heavy gravity, a denser plastic used for the rims of several YYJ yoyos a few years ago, not produced anymore due to raised prices on the HG material) and within a day I had a few messages, including one from JUMP saying that he was willing to sell his Spinfaktor HG Xtra (SFHG Xtra), a yoyo of which only 80 were made. JUMP, thank you again. Haha. I LOVE this thing.

Really, any of those yoyos you’ve been looking at would be great, whether it’s the Quark, NvX, or something else.

Oh, and thank you, Bershirker.

I would just get a Kickside. Don’t just get a really expensive metal when you can barely even bind. Or just put a good drop of Yoyojam Thin Lube into your Maverick. It will play really good and unresponsive. Your not even close to needing an expensive metal, just play with what you got, your throws can take you to any skill level there is. Just with what you got.

Please oh please don’t take this the wrong way, x52, but he did say that he just wants to try out some of the different yoyos out there. He knows he doesn’t need super expensive metals to do well.

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I would get a lyn fury, a hectic and a protostar all have rather unique shapes I would also get yyj thin lube and 100 polyester strings and a ten ball bearing for the lyn fury