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Hello guys/gals, I haven’t picked up a yoyo in probably 12years or so. My very first one with a bearing was a Team Losi Cherry bomb. Was going through some boxes in my parents garage and found some of my old yoyos. I wish I could find some of my old SpinFaktors… Only thing I found was a couple Renegades, I also have some of the proto type duncan wheels with bearings from steve before Duncan signed him as a pro with the “freehand”… I’m sure allot has changed since I been gone.

I tried to go to some of the old websites I use to visit and only one still exists… Now that I have kids of my own I would like to teach them a few string tricks. I use to waste hours everyday playing with my yoyos… I only have one string and with it being over ten years old I’m sure it’ll break at any time… I use to buy a strand of 100 strings, I think they were called “slick-6” what types of strings are being used now?

I forgot to add I looking to get me new one maybe if I order soon it’ll be here this weekend…
YoYoJAM use to be my favorite brand, SpinFaktor was my favorite yoyo, I think right when I quit playing around. SpinkFaktorII was out the also had a Super and one with a ceramic bearing wheich broke a record for sleeping 15minutes…

I use to be able to pick up a good yoyo between 20-40$ what are they up to now days?

You can still get plenty of fantastic yoyos for $20-40 but most of the metal throws you’ll see the pros throwing at comps are around the $100-$150 mark and then there are the ultra high-end titanium throws that can set you back up to $500.

But, like I said, there’s plenty of fun to be had on a budget. Off the top of my head some of the best under $20 throws are:

  1. C3 Alpha Crash
  2. Yoyojam Surge
  3. Yoyojam Classic (you’ll probably want to upgrade this to a full size bearing and silicone response pads)
  4. YYF One Star


There wasn’t allot of metal yoyos around back then… the ones that were around were known as knuckle busters

Hey welcome to the forums :slight_smile: . The most popular string used is probably Fat Kitty String. My favorite string is Slim Kitty String.

To answer the second question, you can get amazing yoyos for $15, but the more exotic throws go up to +$100. Some Throws $10-$40:

YYJ Classic
YYJ Surge
C3yoyodesign Speedaholic
C3yoyodesign Alpha Crash
Recreational Revolution Neaue
One Drop Rally
YYF Protostar
YYF Shaqlerstar

the list goes on

I think I’m going to order a cheap Surge and some strings then read reviews and try to get back into the swing of things. The YYJ Dark Magic caught my eye too but was about $50

Chavo, slightly redundant answers to your questions, but here goes anyhow:

  • You can still get slick-6, which is a cotton/poly blend. There are those who still use and love it, and you might find yourself being one of them! However, the vast majority of strings are 100% polyester, less commonly a blend of poly and nylon, and even less commonly 100% nylon. As suggested, a popular brand is Kitty, whose 100% poly strings are economical and come in 100-packs.

  • If you decide to go up to the $50 range, there are a WEALTH of amazing yoyos you can get. The Dark Magic 2 is an excellent yoyo and as you enjoyed YYJ in the past, you may find yourself loving it. That said, in the same price range you can get a full range of very good “knuckle busters”, which in my opinion is the better way to go.

Welcome back to yoyoing! Don’t let anyone swoop in and offer you next to no money on any of your classic yoyos you might find. :wink: I don’t know what the market is like for Renegades, but I know Freehand Ones are going for above original retail price.

Yeah Cherry Bomb! I wish I still had mine. Still have my Da Bomb though.

Well, since you have some past experience with yoyos, I think you should get a Yoyojam Classic to start with. When you buy the Classic, it’ll also give you a choice of buying a YYJ Classic Upgrade Kit for around $8. The Classic comes with a ‘slim’ bearing, which means the bearing is actually slimmer than average. The more you progress, the more you’ll find that you won’t be able to do as much with the slim bearing in the Classic. That’s where the Upgrade Kit comes in. There is a regular width bearing for when you learn how to bind and start to get into more advanced tricks. I really like the Classic because it’s cheap, it’s able to take a player from beginner to pro, and its very durable and survive the most harsh punishments, not to mention the tons of color combinations. Hope this will help!

NO one is going to swoop in and buy the vintage toys of my childhood… I give them to my kids to destroy before I sold them for a couple of bucks. I doubt there’s much interest in them anyhow they all have a few miles on them.
The original renegades had a problem with the hex shaped nuts stripping on. I think later one the made them star shaped to try and prevent this… I have about dozen different colored renegades from when I was trying to get a glow in the dark renegade. I don’t know why I couldn’t just order I guess for that very reason I bought 10 before I got one, they said “random” selection but after my begging and complaining I finally got one…

I also found a top without the zipper and a diablo with no sticks…

So… If you haven’t figured it out already. Non-responsive yoyo’s are what most are playing now.

That being said there are many many options for metal yoyo’s under 50.00 … Shinwoo is very reasonable as is MagicYoyo…

That being said if your after a non-responsive yoyo … YYJ Surge is IMO The best option under 20.00

thats about the third time I’ve seen surge mentioned

There’s a very good reason for this :wink: Having said that, though, I preferred my upgraded Classic to my Surge.


I agree.

Just asking, are we not recommending the shutter because it’s a metal? Or unresponsive? Or too expensive (to tell the truth I forgot the price) ???

The Shutter is only $45 if memory serves. I’ve never played one so I can’t really recommend it but if the OP is considering a budget metal, the Shutter would probably be worth considering.


^^^^It would definitely be worth considering. I lllloooovvveee my shutter. Probably my favorite throw. I have not thrown any, but those
yoyo officer throws look promising.
Oh, and welcome back!

I’m not sure if I would really be happy with a non responsive yoyo right now. I’d like to get back in the swing of things with what I know first. Although now may be a really good time to make that transition into the new age of string trick yoyos. I guess there’s no more worn star-bursts

Oh, if you want a good ol’ responsive yoyo, go for a YYJ Journey, or if you’re bent on getting a yoyo that has a starburst response, get a Duncan Butterfly XT.

well if that’s the case… go get a Spintastics Tornado or Tigershark … they are probably more along the lines of what your used too.

Happy throwing…


Welcome Chavo! I’m in a similar boat as you. I primarily threw in the late 90’s. And a month or so ago I saw some videos of Paul Dang, Hiroyuki Suzuki & Mark Montgomery, and wanted to figure out how to do those tricks they were doing. Dug out my yoyo’s and started up again. But I couldn’t figure out how they were doing all those tricks without the yoyo returning. Some surfing on the net lead me to YoYoExpert, and I found out about the unresponsive yoyo’s. I’ve bought a few the past couple weeks, and there is a learning curve, but it’s a lot of fun.