Midpriced "must" have yo's?

One of the brethren suggested a must have is the yoyoFactory ONE. I bought one. Way cool yo. Working on my bind.

I have bought a few other cool yo’s. The YoYoFactory Whistler. The Yo Delta spin top yo. I have yet to get that one down spinning like a top or the UFO. Constant research, right?

By way of intro - I am a 59 year old Afterschool Program Teacher. Back in the day I was a Duncan ButteryFly and Imperial yoyoist. I loved watching Tommy Smothers becoming Yo Man on the Smothers Brothers show.


So what if I don’t get that good. Maybe I can get one of my kid’s interested in being a super star.
I also had a Woodie Yo Yo back when the earth was still warm. Tom Kuhn’s Roller Woody is in my future, but nobody is borrowing that ;D (I also had a girlfriend in high school I knick named Woody. I gave her a whirl too ::))

Later on,


The YYF Whip is a good choice, I own both a ONE and a Whip and both performs well! You can even get a Center Trac Bearing with the Ann Connolly version. The PSG is also a great throw if you like the shape since its a bit odd. The C3 Speedaholic has just been released as well. All of the above are good throws, but i have not tried the speedaholic yet, will write a review when i get it tomorrow. Do also note that all yoyos mentioned are unresponsive.

I would say protostar/northstar, simply amazing play for the price. I have a few high quality 100+ yoyos and my protostar contends to be my favorite throw (only slightly beaten out by my proton)

A must have is a FHZ…

Onestar is quickly making a name for itself, and im a big fan of the yomega maverick and dash (the newer size c ones).

Welcome to the forums (i know youve been here a little while but its never to late to say it :smiley: ) and I’d recommend a few that I feel are Really good I’ll list them in order of price.

1.YYJ Classic (around $10)
2.C3yoyo designs speedaholic ($15)
3.YYJ Surge ($16.20)
4.YYJ XLR8 ($32.75)

These are my top 4 right now in the around $30 and under price range.

There are other very noteworthy plastics I’m the $40-$50 price range that are great but those aren’t midpriced IMO though.

I’ll list them them though.
1.CLYW Yeti ($40 but not readily available now)
2.OneDrop rally ($45)
3.YYF Severe ($44.95)
4.there are a lot of great yoyo jams out there that are $40-$50 the newest is the hitman X and many other great yoyos.

Happy hunting and glad to hear more big kids are getting more young kids into yoyoing. :slight_smile:

A freehand Isn’t bad for beginners, even comes with a counterweight. I would get a FHz over a freehand though, much better playing. A Dragonfly isn’t bad for beginners either, it gets a long sleep time and is only around 15$. I only threw Duncan when I first started throwing, they’re cheap and good on the string. Just make sure to not lose the parts.

An awesome one that just came out is the RecRev Neaue (pronounced “new”). It’s an undersized throw (a smidge under 50mm), so it could be a decent transition from your ONE. It is only $35 and is a full metal yoyo.

2.C3yoyo designs speedaholic ($13)
Fixed :wink:

At least, thats what I bought it from (From a different yoyo store.) For sure the YoyoJam Classic, also the Freehand2-Freehand Zero. Honestly, Most $1-$15 Duncans are Most Haves.

Quick question though, are you just now getting into yo-yoing?

Hitman. A classic. You simply need one.

Rally, so good you will forget it is plastic.

Definitely would reccommend the One Drop Rally. It’s midpriced and is an amazing performer. It will take you a long way, I gurantee it…ok maybe not guranteed, but 99% sure.

I almost said it but I wasn’t sure what he considered mid priced considering the other throws named… But yeah Rally or Yeti are my top plastic recommendations.

Yomega dash/maverick for sure, for a 20 dollar metal you can’t beat it!

Cool yeah $12 - 25 is reasonable $50 max unless my ability grows or I win the lottery.

Thanks Everyone!

Or you can and it won’t make you cry like a yoyo 5 or 6 x the price :slight_smile: .

It’s pretty much the only yoyo I’ve thrown since I got it. Can’t recommend it enough.

The ONE I got comes ONLY as a “tug responsive” yoyo. Is that the same for yours? (did it come with 2 bearings? If not, it’s tug responsive!) The yoyos from your early days are also tug-responsive. Many of the yoyos recommended in this thread are unresponsive throws and a technique called binding is required to get it back to your hand.

Which category of yoyo do you need? Responsive or Unresponsive? Or like the ONE, do you want something that can be either with a bearing swap?

Teh Shutter. Simple as that.

Agreed. All my metals are getting neglected. ;D