Good, cheap unresponsive yoyo?

My friend Faggot is new to yoyoing. He has a loom (luminator) but he complains that it has too short of a sleep time and he wants unresponsive. For some reason he learned the bind first, he now wants a yoyo for around 40 that can keep up with his somewhat slow play style and take him from beginner to master. Any suggestions. He’s a pickle muffin

Yyj Classic, siliconed, with a 10-ball. Done.

I recommend the YYJ Speed Bearing instead to keep costs down a bit more, and if you don’t want to silicone, you can use YYJ silicone response pads.

But yes, a properly set-up Classic is really the best bet here.

If you want pre-made, the C3 Alpha Crash, PSG Gem or Asteroid. Stepping up is the Legacy II(comes wth 2 bearings). Need to step up in price more? Protostar or Norhstar.

Still, I am recommending the “Classic with upgrades”. Not because of price, but because I feel it provides the absolute best bang for buck performance.

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I got 2 of these just for the included centertrac bearings recently and was very surprised to find that they played great.  With the thin responsive bearing and a centertrac replacement both included, I don’t see how you can go wrong.

*Centertrac bearing only in Gacek version, but all come with two bearings.

I second this. If not the Classic, I recommend a Protostar for speed, or a Northstar/ Shaqlerstar if you want it heavier. I do not, however reccomend the YYF One. Mine had enormous vibe.

No. There’s a version packed with a DVD, no wide bearing included.

Also, I would not recommend a ONE or a WHIP to a new player. The lack of weight reduces spin time, which for a new player will be extra frustration. I do like both the ONE and WHIP. I have a 2011 ONE and a 2012 ONE, a regular Whip and the blue Champions Edition Ann Connolly Whip. They are great yoyos and are very inexpensive, but also very light. The OneStar, as nice as it is, is also too light, as well as the Starbright Neons.

I’d prefer someone spend the money on setting a Classic up properly or get an Alpha Crash, or maybe tweak a Lyn Fury(clean bearing and silicone it). The PSG and Asteroid are also viable options.

The Classic is always a good choice.

I also really like the Adegle PSG. They are like $13 right? Plenty of money left over for strings and a nicer bearing.

I would totally go for the dark magic. It gets a bunch of good rep, has a nice long sleep time and can take you all the way

The original poster is going “budget oriented”.

In those regards, the Legacy II would be more ideal as it’s essentially a plastic DM2. However, seriously, not to push two models, but a properly set up Classic or the Alpha Crash just rule that category.

I second this. It’s “around $40” per the original post. Sure there are other yoyos in that range that are good, too, but if you don’t want to spend more time researching, DM2 is a no-brainer in that price range.

Am I missing something?

Are you saying you don’t know what a pickle muffin is? Come on now.

YYF Protostar is the obvious choice here.

Magicyoyo N12. $18.99 Shipped on Ebay and it’s a full metal throw that plays as well as any $100 throw.

There’s never an obvious choice here.


Upgraded Classic is awesome. People compete with those things! ;D

Undersized(28$)- c3 token
Mid size(20$-54$) c3 alpha crash,c3 Dibase or c3 Dibase 2
Full size(15$-20$)- magic n12 or upgraded classic

I am planning to get a DiBase 2 soon. Also, someone else mentioned the DM2, which is another winner in most people’s books(mine included). I just feel that the price of the DiBase(either model) due to price is outside the “cheap” range. However, they are cheap, because they perform at least TWICE their asking retail price.

DiBase was a model I’d been wanting to get, and they were selling cheap at CalStates 2012. To make matters worse, they were next to my sound zone all day long, teasing me “buy me, buy me”. Well, at $50, I plonked down my money. OMG!! Yeah, totally a $100 throw in a $55 price tag. Forget the weight rings, you ain’t gonna need them. But, I’ve been completely pleased with C3 products and have 6 different models by them until I get the DiBase 2 making it 7.

When people ask cheap, I try to stay $20 and under as much as possible, peaking at $25 max if I can.

For 4A, I’m OK raising that number to $30.

We need people posting budget constraints. It really helps to know what someone wants to spend. I’m surprised I’m paying over $100 for off-strings these days. I likes me them Jet Set yoyos a lot!! Didn’t think I’d really like them that much but oh my!! Still digging my Fiesta XX, but man, the Jet Set… wow!

I would have to say I would go with a Protostar or Trigger. Plastics are great for begginers because they are very durable. Don’t underestimate them because they are plastic. They easily compete with metals, and will take him as far as he wants to go in yoyoying.

I cant believe the onestar isn’t mentioned. The one star is a great plastic yoyo for the 15 dollar price tag. Get one you wont be disappointed.