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How many times have you had trouble choosing or finding a good yoyo in your price range? How many times have you had to help someone do the same? Well with this guide is made to make that process easier. All of these yoyo’s are, in my opinion ,the best in there price range I hope this helps.

$0 to $10
Yoyofactory One- It comes with two bearings and can be made unresponsive easily. It Plays well and can hold up to most tricks.
Duncan Proz- It can be made into a string trick yoyo and looping yoyo by just switching axles.
Yoyofactory Whip- It plays great and comes unresponsive but can be made responsive by lubing the bearing. It performs like the One but has a different shape.
YoyoJam Classic- It is a great performing yoyo that has a comfortable shape. It comes stock responsive but can be made unresponsive by cleaning the bearing or a bearing upgrade.

$10 to $20
Duncan Freehand Zero- It can be modded in many ways and made unresponsive with ease.
Yoyofactory Stackless Grind Machine- It is heavier and and has a long sleep time and comes semi responsive.Performs well but only comes with one bearing.
YoyoJam Lyn Fury- It comes responsive but can easily go into unresponsive play by cleaning the bearing.
Adegle PSG- Great player and is pretty unresponsive. Has a round shape and is very durable.
Adegle Asteroid- Is a great player. It will get you far. It has and angular shape and is pretty unresponsive.

$20 to $40
YoyoJam Chaser - It is a great yoyo that has a nice weight and sleep time.
Duncan Raptor- It is a metal that is smooth and plays well. Comes semi responsive. It has a nice comfortable shape. Great first metal.
Yoyofactory Northstar, Protostar, and Shaqler Star- They are in my opinion the best plastics on the market. They both play well and have a great sleep time. They play with the top end metals and will take whatever you throw at them. The Northstar is a little heavier so which one you get is personal preference.
YoyoJam Legacy- It come with two bearings and so it can be both responsive and unresponsive. Plays well and has a decent weight. It is also very durable.
Yoyojam Trigger- Made if Celine so it is good at grinding it is very durable and plays like it is a hundred dollar throw. It compares with the protostar with price for play

$40 to $60
C3yoyodesign Di Base- It is a smooth throw and performs with the hundred dollar throws.
Recreation Revolution Sharp- It is heavier and has a comfortable shape.
One Drop Cafe Racer- It is smooth and has a nice feel. Plays well and has a very comfortable shape.
YoyoJam Bi metals- The all play great and come with two bearings so they can be both responsive and unresponsive.
Yoyofactory Dv888- This is a very popular choice. It has a nice shape and is pretty smooth and stable.
C3yoyodesign Halo-This is a great delrin yoyo. It is great for grinds smooth and will play with any $100 throw.
$60 to $80
Duncan Mayhem- It is smooth and plays well. Has a nice shape.
3yo3 Accent and Volume- They both have a comfortable shape. They are both hand made by Landon who is awesome. The Volume is just the delrin version of the accent so the one you choose is just preference.
Crucial AYCE- Its a great yoyo at an affordable price. It has a more aggressive shape them some of the other yoyos on the list.
Werrd Hour- It has a round and slim shape. Sleeps for a very long time and is very comfortable.
Recreational Revolution Freq. Wave- It is a great yoyo with a great finish. It grinds for a very long time and is very smooth.
C3yoyodesign Capless- it is one of the best yoyos you will play with and it is only 65 dollars
Recreational Revolution TA-1/1s- This is a Smooth yoyo. It comes in 2 materials so if you want to give delrin a try you can. They have comfortable shape and perform very well.

$80 to $100
Yoyofactory Genesis- It has a shape that is crazy comfortable and will do anything you need it too.
Chico Yoyo Company Heavy Hitter- It plays amazing and is smooth. It has a comfortable shape and if really fun to play with.
One Drop Markmont Next- It will get you far. It plays right up to markmont’s standards.Which when you see him play you realize they are high.

$100 to $120
One Drop Code 2- It is a smooth great playing yoyo that almost everybody loves.
Yoyofactory 888x- It is smooth and undersized. it has a nice shape and is very popular.
Clyw Sasquatch, Avalanche, Wooly Marmot, and Gnarwhal- They all play amazing and smooth but tend
to be hard to get.
One Drop Dietz- It is very undersized and very precise. Fun to play with and is smooth.
Madhouse Epic- It plays amazing and is a great pocket throw.
YoyoFactory Mvp 2- It has a very very aggressive shape and performs amazing. It may take awhile to get used to the different shape but once you get used to it you might get hooked
One Drop Cascade- A highly sought after yoyo that performs great. It has an odd shape but you will eventually get used to it.

$120 to $140
Any Iloveyoyo- They all play great and which one you choose is personal preference.

Yoyofactory Avant Garde 2 - It is smooth and really fun to play with.

$140 to $180
This price range is controlled by the CLYW Arctic Circle, Chief, and Glacier Express and for the right reason. They are all amazing yoyos and no matter which one you get you will be happy with it.

$180 and to $200
Think of your preferences and go to Yoyorecreation and Turning point. Both are amazing companies that make high quality yoyo’s. I recommend the Positron.

$300 and up
These are your titaniums you choose your throw here they are all amazing

Remember these are all my opinion. Many of your choices should be based on preference. I hope this helps.


The Whip doesn’t come with two bearings, just a regular size C. also, i suggest capitalizing the throw names, so they stand out more to someone who doesn’t want to read the whole thing. it also makes it flow better when it’s separated. And the Asteroid and PSG are two great 16 dollar throws you forgot
but anyways, nice guide!


ok ill edit it i thanks for telling about the whip and the adegle stuff i completely forgot about those


lol, the dang is also a great throw. and the burnside. and the dv888. and the Dropbear. and the Evil-yo. and tons of C3 throws are good. like Berserker. and G2’s throws, the nessie and albatross. but it’s your personal opinion, not mine ;D


Yes they are all amazing i was just giving people a baseline of what to look at


This was a great idea! We needed this :p. Organize it by price, but with yoyo subcatagories instead of just a big paragraph that skips around. Like this :
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Lyn Fury -blahblahblahblah
Asteroid- blahblahblahblah


I might change it to that if i get the time

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Good. We needed an updated buyers guide. But I was suprised to find no Dv888 in the $40-$60 price range. That should really be there.


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That’s better. I see you organized it better that it was too which is great. One thing I would do is use your bold, italic, underlining, size and color features to make it even easier to read. But otherwise this is fantastic.


so should i just bold/color the names and price categories or other things

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Hmm… I would say bold and up the size on the price ranges. Also bold and underline the name of the yoyo, and delete the space in between the name of each yoyo, leaving the space in between price ranges. Oh and dont forget to proofread and all that good stuff.

Also, I would change the title and make a little introduction. Then I think you’ll be set.


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i lust changed the title added some stuff and changed the intro this is hopefuly the final copy i hope this is really helpful


the Whip comes completely unresponsive ;D


This is my final copy although i guarantee that someone will find an error

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Put the 2012 Supernova on the list


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