What yo yo should I get?

What yo yo is good for small performances, nice and smoothness on tricks, and easy for all lvls of players. Oh and has good durability and becomes unresponsive as I progress? But is also under 25$?
What company of yo-yos is good for small performances too?

YYJ Journey - will take you as far as you want.

Alpha crash is great

Thanks, can I have multiple suggestions so that I can narrow it down to the most said/voted yo yo?

What company is it from?

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c3 yoyo design i believe

yea I have one it so great it totally feels like a metal so you should go with that.

If you want to step up your price by $3 get the yyj trigger.

The alpha crash feels like a Hiroyuki Suzuki high end metal combined with a Free hand zero in my opinion.

C3yoyodesign , and last Grey Alpah Crash in Here !!

Ok let me write how many people say Alpha Crash and all XD

Is that good? Are you sayin I should get it? I’m tallying up all your guys’ suggestions

The yoyojam Classic is only ten dollars, but it is very, very good for it’s price. It only comes with a responsive bearing, though, so you’ll have to buy a replacement C size bearing.


Sorry for double post… But, more suggestments plz :-\

Depends what you really want and really need.

The Adegle Yoyo Asteroid in many of the colors is very eye-catching, so for performances, it’s got a lot going on. Paired with a bright string, well, bam, instant attention getter. The PSG has a nice color to white hub contrast, which again gives a lot of eye catching, but it’s a slower mover, yet more versatile yoyo, good at 1A,3A and 5A, where-as the Asteroid was meant to be a 1A beast.

The Lyn Fury stock, well, needs help. Silicone it, replace or clean the bearing and maybe shim it. Awesome! The 2 colors catch eyes too, as they can see when things flip around.

Similarly, the Classic, but in this case, it NEEDS a full width bearing. Bright colors work best. Silicone it too or use suitable replacement pads.

Other options, but I don’t recommend these as much due to the ligher weights: ONE and WHIP are far too light but still great throws. The YYF Starbright, if still available, is great but needs more weight. The YYF ONEStar(whenever they can finally release it) might be a great option, as it’s one I like.

Another one might be the YYF DieNasty, but I’m not sure the price point right now. Gives you glow in the dark fun.

If you must go full metal, the MagicYoYo T5 and N9 come to mind. I think the new N12 might be a winner there too but I can’t order one just yet, as I don’t have any money to do so, but it’s one I’m going for very, VERY soon(as in 10 days). They rarely sell anything over $25.

I’m not going to say Alpha Crash. Why? I only recommend from what I have or am going to get. I will say I’m going to get an Alpha Crash though.

Why not the Legacy II? Oops, forgot about it. Sure, great yoyo, can’t go wrong. The caps are shiny and catch light, which is a good thing. Again,you want to catch eyeballs.

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Well I’m looking for a good smooth sleeping yo yo that looks great when doing tricks. I certainly like string tricks and tricks like Stop and Go, Brain Twister, and Split the Atom. I’m looking for a yo yo that focuses on 1A, 3A, and 4A?

4A is off-string. You’ll want something else for that. The mirror caps in the Fiesta XX and Go Big are great eye catches and fantastic performers. It just depends on what you like better.

The Lyn Fury was used to win 5A one year. It’s undersized and a bit light, so not sure if it’s perfect for 3A, but 1A and 5A, yes.

The PSG is a well rounded performer, as is the Classic, ideally suited for 1A,3A and 5A play. But smooth? Well, I find the Classic to be smoother than the PSG, but the Adegle yoyos I have do have some vibe, but nothing that gets in the way of my enjoyment of these yoyos.

I think the Classic and PSG are your leading choices.

Well… I am only thinking about doing small performances on talent shows at school and all… So, I’m not going to probably get high-classed yo-yos for competition… Thus, for 1A I may just stay with my Yomega Highspeed Maverick… For 3A, yes, I’ll look at PSG and Classic. I HAVE been looking at PSG… But what do you suggest for 4A?

at your budget: shinwoo phoenix GRIFFIN. yeah i know. I’m a doofus.