Need help picking a yo-yo for intermediate tricks :)


I’m getting back into yo-yoing and I would like a recommendation for a yo-yo to learn intermediate tricks on. I would prefer not to spend more than $20. I was thinking maybe the YYF ONEstar? Under some of the color options for it they have “Upgraded w/ center trac”, “stock SPEC bearing” and a few of the options have neither of those things. If I should get this yo, which option would you recommend? I’m open to any other yo-yos as well. Thanks :slight_smile:


Get the YoYoFactory Replay. Great yoyo for the basics and still really good for more advanced stuff once you upgrade.


I second what Andy said. But you could go with the YYF One starter set comes with a slim C bearing installed and the large C bearing plus axle to upgrade once you need it for unresponsive play.Tthat would keep you under $20


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I say get the OneStar with centertrac.


Replay pro would get my vote


You can’t go wrong with a Magic Yoyo Skyva. It is very versatile and this yoyo is THE yoyo to learn finger spins. The replay is a good yoyo too, but I have both and I personnaly think that the Skyva has much more to offer (completely personnal opinion).:slight_smile:

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Ho and the Skyva comes in such fun solid colors :smiley: The only hard choice you have now is wich color you’ll pick haha

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The Onestar, Replay Pro, and Skyva are all unresponsive. I have a feeling the OP is looking for a responsive yoyo to start off with.


Do you want an unresponsive yoyo, or a responsive yoyo? A good unresponsive yoyo is easy to find. Their are far fewer good responsive yoyos. I have recently tried an excellent one. Pm me for a link.


It says intermediate tricks so I assume he would want an unresponsive.


But considering he said he’s getting back into it and doesn’t really know what center trac and spec bearings are I assumed his idea of intermediate is a little different from our modern interpretation.

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I started with a Shutter when I “got back into it” 10 mins to learn the bind and it was all up from there. :slight_smile:

Remember, thick lube will make any unresponsive throw responsive for a time.


I just think it’s better to get the basics and early-intermediate level with a responsive, it smooths out your technique a little. Not to mention yoyoing expanded from exclusively responsive play so it just goes back to the roots.


I tried both skyva and replay wich are both in your price range and they are both pretty good yoyos. It’s just a matter of preference. I like the skyva better but it doesnt mean you will not like better the replay pro.


Am I able to do the intermediate tricks that are listed on this site with a responsive yo-yo? I’m at the stage where I need practice to get binding down.


Don’t worry about getting a responsive yoyo then if you need to get binding down. It shouldn’t take you too long. I would get a skyva or a replay pro. If you really need a little bit of assistance with it, just add some extra lubricant to the bearing.


Yea definitely go unresponsive then I recently bought a green Skyva and I really like it. If you like something a bit oversized the daydream would be ideal to learn on



Yes, you can learn and do the intermediate tricks on this site with a responsive yoyo. The tutorials for the intermediate tricks are actually shown and done with a responsive yoyo as well. I’m still going to stick with my recommendation of getting a YYF Replay and maybe a size C bearing along with it for when you want to upgrade


MagicYoYo skyva, MagicYoYo N12, YYF replay


Is there a particular C bearing that you all recommend? I see there are two options for this brand