Getting a new YoYo


Hello everyone!
Im a new user, and Ive been yoyoing for over a month now. The thing is… I’ve got a “duncan BumbleBee” which is my only yoyo… and I can’t do string tricks with it. I was thinking of buying a new yoyo that would enable me to do string tricks but… I dont know which one… Id like some advice that will help me decide which one yoyo yo buy.


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You have a couple of good choices here. The Velocity is by many claimed to be the better beginners yoyo. But you have the Kickside and the Journey as well. But still, the Velocity can take you a long way, and the newer ones are supposed to come stock with rubber shuttles. You can’t go wrong with a Journey, Kickside or Velocity.

Addment: Great to see some more Euro-power here.


Try the journey or the kick side. They are both YYJ and are great for learning tricks. also you can get something like a Duncan trow monkey but I would get something that lasts a long time. Yoyojam all the way. you can also get something that will change with you like a F.A.S.T which you can make unresponsive when you need to. a velocity works great to. here is where you can buy them.
The Velocity
The Journey
and the kick side
I believe shipping is $4 dollars in the U.S but i have no idea how much it is in Europe.

Have fun spinning, later.
Keep it spinning


Well,the velocity will be one of the best choices,the reason is the adjustable response,if you don’t know how to bind it winn be a great coice,I’m assuming you don’t.Also,as pheenix said,the jurney,or kickside will also be great choices,but be prepared to learn binds as when worn in,they will be unresponsive. :wink:


Here is something from my buying guide. This will serve you for your first purchase, but can also work for when you get better and better :wink:

Buying Guide:
First timer? Learning to throw? Can you already throw, and are just working on tricks? Are you advanced and ready for the next step? Or are you an expert, and just want to see the choices for you? Check this out!

First Thrower:
There are several good yoyos out there. First of all, you will want to learn how to get a good throw, and sleeper. This yoyo is right for you. It can give you god control of the yoyo, and will teach you how to throw:

I have a good throw - What next?
At this point, there are several good yoyos out there for you. Most people will recommend the YoYoJam Plastic yoyos, and that is a great start for you! Here they are:

The YoYoJam Kickside:

The YoYoJam Lyn Fury:

The YoYoJam Journey:

And possibly the best choice, and one of the best beginner yoyos of all time, and one heck of an advanced player as well, The YoYoFacory Velocity:

I am more advanced, and I feel I need something more:

In this case, there are several yoyos for you. If you want an upgrade, YoYoJam Bi-Metals are for you! Check out some of the great yoyos here:

First, the very popular YoYoJam Dark Magic:

Next, the YoYoJam Hitman:

Up after that, a good precedent to the Speedmaker, the YoYoJam Speeder!:

A great yoyo designed by Johnnie Delvalle, the YoYoJam X-Convict:

Like small yoyos? Try the YoYoJam Mini-Motu:

However, there is also a variety of high-quality plastic yoyos NOTE these plastic yoyos will require a bind return to get it back to your hand, as do the Bi-Metal YoYoJams after time.

The YoYoFactory Plastic Grind Machine:

The YoYoJam Legacy:

These yoyos are really all you need. You may want a metal, and that is okay, but these yoyos can preform the same tricks.

Remember, a metal yoyo won’t make you a better player. Still, if you want to buy them, look below:

Well, I want to look into buying metals. What now?

Well, there are several good all-metal YoYo Manufacturers out there. I feel it is out of my duty to pick the yoyos for you, so I will simply name some good yoyo companies that make great all-metal yoyos.

Caribou Lodge YoYoWorks (CLYW)


There are several more, but those are the main companies that spring to mind.

Strings, Lube, and Bearings

Don’t forget - You will always need string. Usually, there are many different varieties of string. You will first notice about the string is the material. In most occasions, cotton will be a horrible choice for you because it breaks easily and doesn’t last as long. We recommend you use either 100% Polyester Strings, or 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester string. They last longer, and are better for doing the new style of complex string tricks shown here at YoYoExpert. If you want to buy string, check here: Note Right now YoYoExpert doesn’t have 100 packs of string, and they only have 5 packs. Don’t worry - over time, they will have 100 packs of string.

Lube is not as needed, but is a good edition to have. If you want professional YoYo Lube, try some YoYoJam lube. If you want less response on your yoyo, use Thin Lube, however if you want more response, use Thick Lube.

Thin Lube:

Thick Lube:

Here is a video to show you how to apply luberication to your yoyo bearing:

You are all set to make your first purchase!


i know you said you were new to this but i would defo suggest the legacy. that woz my first yoyo. i only started about 3 months ago and it really helped me and grew with me. the only thing is you will need to learn how to bind, but i picked that up in a few hours, it isnt that complicated.since i got the legacy i then moved up to a X-Convict and i have just ordered a DNA. so it clearly helps and allows you to learn most intimediate and advanced tricks.

that is just my opinion though.

let us know what you decide to get


Thanks for your advice but… I still havent decided yet… although the KickSide looks like a nice yo-yo to start my string tricks with… but…
While I was looking over all the yo-yos I came across the “speedmaker” and I really liked it. Id like some criticism about it if its possible…

Thanks once again ^^

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The SpeedMaker works fine. It’s not the best yoyo to start with, but it’s guaranteed to come responsive out of the box. Once the bearing is broken in, it will be unresponsive, so you have some time to learn binding. The Lyn Fury will work the same way.

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i would defenitely go with the legacy. you need to learn how to bind but once you do you can start with more intermediet trick and eventually learn really advanced tricks. it has great sleep times and a wide gap for extra layers of string.

                     legacy all the way


I just bought my new yoyo and hopefully it will arrive this friday!!
I finally decided on getting a black “Legacy” … I know most of you have said that it’s not the best yo-yo to start with but… the shipping costs to Spain are Extreemly High and therefore I decided on getting a better yoyo from the start so I won’t have to buy another yoyo in a month or so. I also got 100 yellow polyester stings… ^^

[shadow=red,left]Thanks for all your advice[/shadow]


Cool, but the Legacy comes unresponsive out of the box, so you better be prepared to learn binds.


dont worry bout it, binds dont take long to learn. its a great yoyo and it will grow with you and allow you to leard advanced tricks!!!

great choice!!!


Its here!
Its in my hands!
Its… Great!!!

Thanks, thanks, thanks. Thanks for helping me choose the Legacy, I really like it… although I had trouble with the binding at the start… but its cool now… I can bind ^^.
Ive got a miniproblem now… How can I “untangle” the string??


If you are talking about when there is a knot around the yoyo and it shoots back up to your hand, you can either unscrew the yoyo and take it out or use a paper clip to take it out.

If you are talking about a knot in the string, I’d recommend replacing it.

If you are talking about when your string gets spaghetti-like, take it off of your finger and run your finger down the entire string.


Ist there a trick, like the UFO, for unresponsive yoyos?


Here’s a video of some string tension adjusting methods:

My favorite is the third one, and is also the method I often use.

Here’s another one just for fun:

I hope this helps! :wink:

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id get a jorney. when you get more advanced and can do unresponcive tricks, id get a legacy.


He has already gotten a Legacy.


ive been yoyo ing for about 2 weeks i can bind. i have a Duncan freehand and im looking to upgrade. i talked to my friend and he recommended the yoyo factory grind machine. since im new to yoyo ing i dont know if this would be a smart choice for me. if not please recommend a yoyo


also i want something that is completely unresponsive