Best Beginner Yo-Yo? Help? Please?


Hello guys. I am very new to the yo-yo world, however I have learned quite a bit about the yo-yo’s themselves. Anyways, What would be the best yo-yo for a beginner? I want to do 1a style/type yo-yoing and i want a REALLY responsive one. I am hoping to not spend more than 25$ and please remember I am a beginner. Thanks alot guys, because I really want to start learning how to yo-yo well. All help is appreciated.

-Foofy =D


I started on a Duncan mosquito and then got a descent unresponsive to learn on.


I started out with the Peter Fish Luminator…I feel I’m wrong on the spelling. But you can get a starter pack for like 15 to 20 bucks. And it will last you a good while. At least till your ready to start unresponsive play lol. Good luck


Thanks for the help so far. Is the mosquito responsive enough to come back to your hand when i just give it a slight tug? And I will also give that peter fish luminator a look.


Yah. Mine was at least and I bought 2.


Awesome! I guess I will give the mosquito a shot, And I might eventually give the luminator a shot as well, it looks quite good and looks pretty dang cool. Thanks for your help everybody!


Just a heads up, I heard the Mosquito is very very light. The Flying Squirrel, also by Duncan, is essentially the heavier version of the Mosquito. Costs around 3 dollars more, but well worth it, I heard.


Don’t get this.

Or this.

Neither of these are what I would recommend. I have throw a Mosquito, and there are much better options for you. I have also thrown a modded Luminator. It just doesn’t have adequate spin times and it feels cheap.

I would suggest one of the following:

Yomega Brain (If you are an absolute beginner, as in never thrown a yoyo before. Can’t do string tricks.)
YoYoFactory FAST 201 (Probably best all around that I have played with)
YoYoFactory Velocity (If you don’t want to buy another yoyo to go unresponsive, but doesn’t play too great when the response is turned up.)
YoYoJam Classic (I have heard AMAZING things about this throw, but I don’t own it. You can mod it to play unresponsive very easily.)

Look these up on the shop here. Don’t forget to buy a 25-pack of Slick 6 strings with the yoyo. You can go through string fast, especially with the FAST 201).

Hope this helped!

Just BTW, this kind of thread goes in the “Looking for Help/Recommendation”.


Get a yomega yo mod, they come in three flavors Responsive, semi responsive, and unresponsive. Best of all every party is interchangeable so it can grow with you!


Wow ok. So a few things redneck. First sorry, I did not see that category. And second, how responsive is the fast 201? Is is good for 1a styled string play? And how different is the slick 6 strings compared to the 100% cotton strings? Are the slick 6 more responsive? And thanks for telling me that grolk, that is good to know. I will get that as a last resort.


Wow ok. So a few things redneck. First sorry, I did not see that category. And second, how responsive is the fast 201? Is is good for 1a styled string play? And how different is the slick 6 strings compared to the 100% cotton strings? Are the slick 6 more responsive? And thanks for telling me that grolk, that is good to know. And i will also look into that as well no1. I will get that as a last resort.


The Fast 201 is outdated, and isn’t a very good beginner’s throw. It sounds like a buzzsaw too. I’d get a Classic. The Classic has way more rim weight than the 201, so it sleeps longer. In addition, the Classic has a larger catch zone, making string tricks easier, and you can upgrade to unresponsive with it.

The Fast 201 isn’t really that great for 1a. It’s just a bad yoyo by today’s standards. There are MUCH better options for beginners nowadays. Just get a Classic, some thick lube, and poly string. The Classic is great, because you can learn on it, then upgrade it to unresponsive when you’re ready, allowing you to start 1a.

Just don’t get a Fast 201. Like I said, it’s outdated.

(Alex Fairhurst) #13

YYF Velocity. Hands down the best beginner yoyo of all time. Once you learn to bind it will take like two seconds to change the responsiveness on your yoyo. Don’t like it? It will take two seconds to change back. So convenient.

It’s not a bad player either. I could easily hit the master level tricks on this site with a Velocity.


The Velocity is also a great choice. It plays really well, and can advance you to the top level quite easily. You can change how responsive it is in a flash as Alex said, and it’s a good option.

You can’t do any of the above on a Fast 201. I would like an average yoyoers to perform a Ladder Escape on a Fast 201.


Ok, I’m gonna chime in again with my own recommendations. Firstly, the Velocity by yoyofactory is a great yoyo, because it has an adjustable response. That means that you can start off with the yoyo responsive, and when you are ready, gradually turn the dial until the yoyo ends up dead unresponsive. The classic is a good choice too, but then you have to purchase a separate bearing to make it unresponsive. Slick 6 string is actually less responsive than cotton - it’s a blend of cotton and polyester. You also might want to get some thick or thin Yoyojam lube. Thick makes the bearing more responsive, thin does the opposite. Really it’s up to you, but for a beginner, thick is probably the way to go. Of course, you can do what I did, and get both!

So, my recommendations are:

Cotton or Slick 6 string


I would say that the classic is better than the velocity, but it isn’t as convenient. When you want to upgrade it to unresponsive with the classic, you have to buy a few things. To make a velocity unresponsive, you just turn a dial. Do you want a quality yoyo or convenient one? It’s up to you.

(CaribouNick) #17

I think this is misleading, saying that the Velocity is not a quality yoyo, compared to the Classic.
Especially the new run Velocities, which play very well.

In terms of beginner yoyo’s, there aren’t many that can outdo the Velocity these days.


First of all, we have to remember that this person wants a yoyo that will return with the tiniest little tug, from what I could gather. So, here’s my take on some of the options given so far:

-YYF Velocity: This is definitely a great yoyo, one I would reccomend. If you want total responsiveness, this would be a pretty good option, and it can grow with you.
-YYF FAST 201: For an absolute beginner, it would be a pretty decent choice. The most responsive of the ones I’ve heard mentioned.
-YYJ Classic: Honestly, this probably isn’t the one I’d start with. While it is a great, high quality yoyo, I found that even at its most responsive it required a pretty good tug to get it back up.

I hope this helps!


I have not tried a lot of them, but for under $10 the YYJ Classic is a lot of yoyo. I have over 35 high end metals, and I still love my classic. Perfect responsive play. It really is a great value for the money, and you can upgrade to unresponsive for less than $10 when you’re ready.


Nope, you want a Yoyojam Classic. Great beginner yoyo.