recommendation for yoyo for 11 year old

My son started with a yoyo, but we only have a cheap one that is not centered. I want to buy him a quality one, but under $10. He doesn’t have great coordination, so I’m looking for something that will be easy to do beginner tricks, and if he manages it, i’ll buy him a more advanced one. I think it is also important that it will be sturdy, so it won’t stop working after hitting the floor a few times (but I don’t want it to be heavy and chip the floor either…)

I would recommend a yoyofactory one or a yoyojam classic they are both begginer yoyos there both plastic and are pretty responsive which is what you want in a begginner yoyo. good luck with the yoyoing if he sticks with it he will be pretty good in no time.


I saw recommendations about Duncan Speed Beetle or YoyoFactory Oracle (the latter is from yoyotricks, so may be biased). WDYT about them?

About the one, is a butterfly shape good for looping (which I assume will be the first thing he’ll try)?

butterfly shapes arent generally used for looping so i would go for the speed beetle if you want something for looping tricks then i recommend a speed beetle but if he wants to try string tricks it will be very hard to learn using the speed beetle.

don’t touch the speed beetle… it uses response pads which to me aren’t intended for looping… look for something like a yomega raider its a good beginner yoyo…

Get a YoYoFactory One or YoYoJam Classic. I’ve had both before and they work like a charm for a beginner and can be modded to play unresponsive when the player is ready.

About the looping thing, I wouldn’t suggest trying that first, just go through the “Learn” section on this website and learn the tricks in order. It’s a great way to start.



Loop 360 has response pads and I love it

Can you please explain why response pads are less good than the starburst (which is what raider uses) for looping?

Maybe I’m using the wrong terms (not a yoyo player myself), but aren’t around-the-world, breakaway and pop-the-clutch looping tricks?

The tricks you are describing would be considered 1a division tricks, where you are using one yoyo to do conventional tricks. Once you get better you can use the concepts to learn longer and more complex string tricks.

Looping tricks, which falls into the 2a division, is basically where you throw the yoyo out in front of you in a forward pass and bring it back but instead of catching it, throwing it back out, rinse and repeat. This video will help you visualize what looping is:

Yes. Aren’t those easier to learn (for single hand)?

Looping takes a lot of practice, certainly not where I would start. 1a tricks are a good starting point for anyone and the best place to start learning imo. But if your son is really intrigued by looping, then get him a yoyo designed for that. You’ll want to get a yoyo designed for the style of play your son will want to focus on which I think he should start with 1a. There are plenty of good 1a yoyo options for around $10, the yoyojam classic is a good one to start with as others have said above.

Thanks, I think I’ll drop looping then. About the classic, and other yoyos. So most people recommended One or Classic, which I’ve searched in Amazon. The Classic has no reviews, One has 11. Compared to Velocity, which has 55. Is Velocity that much better (the reviews are good), or are Amazon customers not into yoyoing?

most amazon buyers arent into yoyoing… i personally tend to veer away from the velocity just cause it may seem great but i have not been impressed with it when i play with it… the one star isnt a bad yoyo if you puta good bearing in it it can be quite a player… the classic i have yet to play one but the people on the forum have high regards for it play wise and the price is also good.

Velocity has a lot of parts and is small bearing. The advantage of the velocity is that it has an adjustable response to go from responsive to unresponsive.

Personally I find the low walled full size shape of the classic to be the best. The oring response and simple construction makes it a durable and fun yoyo. Unlike yoyos that use pad response the pads in the classic won’t go bad. You can just turn them around every once in a while to improve the grip.

The advantage the One has over the classic is that it’s undersized to it fits smaller hands better. Of course since it’s smaller it also makes hitting tricks harder and it doesn’t offer the low walled shape of the classic.

Thanks, what do you think about the Sage (from yoyotricks)? They recommend it, but haven’t seen anyone else, so just want to know what is the difference to the One / Classic.

its a very cheaply made onestar… never buy anything from that site… they over charge and ( just look at the civility) i think either the onestar or classic are your best choice…

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Thanks, I’ll go with one of these! Do you have recommendations for where to shop?

if you can here… or amazon… there is also another site i cant remember the name of in or near Isreal