Good Yo-Yo to save for?

The Summit will work best for you. Trust me, you will not be dissapointed with it.

Go unresponsive for sure, idk if theres a high end responsive throw haha, just learn to bind.

and NEVER try to learn to bind with a responsive yoyo! Did that with my dark magic II when I was new and gave myself a black eye hahaha

The Walter is a high-end responsive yoyo. It’s also sold out, so good luck getting one.

After that, YYJ makes plenty of metal/plastics with 2 bearings that can take you down that route.

I’d say if saving up, depending on what you want, anywhere from $50-100 gives way too many choices. Find your preferences, find the yoyo, set goals and plug away.

Honestly, nothing wrong with the Shutter and it’s $45.

I’ve heard the the Shutter is very, very good. I’ve used a Yoyoofficer Brave, and I liked it a lot.

Since you said “give or take some” on the price I would also say the One Drop Format:C.

It has excellent play and the green was is killer looking.

You can never go wrong with saving some money, and that is why I’d like to suggest you get a 2013 USA Champion Edition Shutter. Easily plays better than yoyos thrice it’s price, and with the grind finish on the 2013 USA Champion Edition, you really cant go wrong. The yoyo is very versatile; as it can play 1a, 3a, and 5a to perfection.

Also, finger grinds are a DREAM with the grind finish version.

A OD Chik or Burnside sounds good. They are quite good from what I have heard.
You seem to want to pay top dollar. The yoyofactory shutter has a great looking green and black splash colorway and from what you wrote, you don’t have a lot of experience with top notch throws. I believe the $45 dollar shutter would suit you well. It plays better than some $100 throws I have and the splash sounds like it would fit your description.

Go straight out unresponsive and go with the Chik! Or you could do BST and find yourself a FormatC

If you want aresponsive throw to build off of first the Speeder 2 is a great choice. The DM2 is a classic as well.

I actually preferred the Chik to the format:C, though the latter is a great yoyo, too. I also prefer the Werrd Minute to both! Just goes to show that it’s not top-price that necessarily wins out. :wink:

Werrd Minute

I would also recommend the @ based on your preferences since it feels slightly heavier and it’s stable.

Now, regardless of whether you go with that recommendation or another, you can also get the $7.99 YYF One, because it comes with a slim bearing, which you could put in any compatible yoyo (it’s a very standard size) and make it much more responsive. (Sneaky, huh?) Then when you want to go unresponsive, you can go back to the original bearing.

Playing responsive for awhile will likely improve your technique in the long run, as you can’t get away with sloppiness as easily.

Since you have $100 to spend why not select several inexpensive throws, (i.e. One, Shutter, Dark magic, etc.) and see which style you favor.

U could do that but don’t get the one or dark magic.

Get a few magic yoyos if u r gonna do that like the t5 n12 and such