Competition level throws for around 50 bucks


I am looking for a serious, high-performing throw at the 50 - 60 price point. My skill is still somewhat beginner, I can perform magic drops, get into the simple mounts easily, currently I am working on Superman.

I need something that is better than the norm in terms of keeping spin and stability through technical tricks where the string goes round the bearing and it should power through my learner-level execution.

I really dislike vibe, its unfavorable and even a good design with bad quality control will render a bad throw. If I am dishing out 50+ bucks the yoyo should at least be an 8.

I was eyeing the Cadence but I read somewhere here that it had significantly less spin time than ODs? One can always make an educated guess based on design, gap width, material etc but if the thing dies during actual play or tends to change axis all those specs have no meaning. So I don’t really care if the yoyo is mono, bi, hybrid etc if it has all that I need and good quality I’d love it. I can dish out up to 65 bucks. I would strongly favor an opinion from a skilled player who has actual experience with the throw.

Tldr rim weighted, not only stable but should keep spin through tricks, high quality.



Corruption, Ashigaru, Raiser, Olympiad comes into mind.


I’m a bit curious as to where you heard the Cadence has less spin time than One Drops. When I tried out the Cadence it was one of the most stable and long spinning yoyos I’ve tried. Not sure what someone meant when they said the yoyo has less spin time. As for other yoyos in this price range, pretty much any yoyo out there right now is a very well designed. If you’re worried about vibe, don’t, you’re in a very lucky time where manufacturing has gotten less expensive so higher quality products are put out for a lower price. The Yoyofactory Shutter has a ton of rim weight, is extremely stable and long spinning, and not to mention was used to win Worlds 2014 I think? I personally love the Shutter, the yoyo can handle anything you throw at it and more. Horizontal tricks are a breeze, doesn’t tilt much when losing spin. Honestly, go with what looks good to you. If you like the shape, go for it. Every yoyo right now is pretty much on par with each other with a few exceptions such as the YYR Draupnir, but that’s out of the price range anyway. Just comes down to preference.


UNPRLD corruption and abduction are probably the best at that price point off the top of my head.

I think you’re focusing a little too much on spin time though. Any relevant yoyo nowadays should have more than enough spin time for anything you’re doing now. If you’re having trouble finishing a trick you should look at your technique, not the yoyo you’re using


Yeah, you can say the Cadence is not tilt resistant as others, but you can’t say that it lacks spin time, if it’s good enough for Keiran, it’s definitely good enough for everyone regarding spin time. And the tilt gets better with cleaner tricks. Not to mention the Cadence is probably one of the most used throw at nationals last year.
it is noteworthy that width and other stuff also helps with learner-level execution aside from absolute power. Of course, if looking for very powerful stuff the hybrids like iceberg and refraction are all crazily rim weighted.


He probably meant the absolute spin time test from @zslane of the Cadence and the VTWO in the best monometal thread.


Ah thanks, I just took a look at that thread, from what I can gather, the test seems to be fairly unreliable. It would take multiple tests runs before anything can be concluded, also that seems like too large of a time difference regardless. To the OP, I think you’re looking too much into it. I made the same mistake years ago, I would solely look for a yoyo that was stated to have the longest spin times by description, ignoring everything else, and ended up with some pretty bad all around yoyos haha. Also you should know spin times don’t equate to a more competitive yoyo, on the extreme end, the C3 BTH can spin up to 30 mins, but I bet any regular yoyo could last longer in combo tricks than the BTH. So don’t get too caught up in spin times is the tl;dr version.


I reckon you’re correct, but if zslane was taking about sleep time, then I wouldn’t care much, the yoyo ought feel to have a good spin time and stability through tricks.

Have you tried the iceberg?


True, it does remain that during tricks you will find some yoyos to be more stable and have a better spin time, some designs will lose spin faster. Anyhow, besides the Shutter, which other yoyos you have tried are very competitive? Any thoughts on Shutter vs Horizon?


There are so many on the market, but here is some recommendations:

  • Topyo Silenus - 35$ - they say it plays like 80$ and it’s fantastic
  • YYF Kedge (Ko’olau) - 45$ - this yoyo has some magic to it, and has catchability and rim weight
  • YYF Shutter Wide Angle - 55$ - if you haven’t tried the shutter this would be a good choice all-rounder & wide
  • Topyo Raiser- 55$ - bimetal, zippy and powerful.
  • YYF Marco - 60$ - another bimetal, and if you don’t mind wide big v shapes this yoyo would truly amaze u
  • iYOYO iCEBERG/iPPON - 65$ - plastic and steel for a extreme amount of stability and spin

Hope dis helped


Really it’s better if you look around for what you like personally @T1000 then narrow it down to a few options, post it here … and those who have handled and thrown those specific models can comment on pros and cons of each?


Yes I 've tried it before. It’s a extremely rim weight design since delrin body is even lighter than a AL body and very tilt resistant with it’s comparative slim width and H shape. It moves not on the fast side but nothing sluggish. It also have the typical problem with hybrids, noisy :rofl:(some won’t mind)


What do you mean be noisy, does it vibe too much?


Nah, It’s machined Delrin and very smooth. By noisy … I meant … noisy, plastic amplifies the spinning sound a lot.


Hmm, true now that I think back to the plastics which I’ve tried. I liked the previous colorway more, wonder if they will reintroduce the blue rims version.


Iceberg and Ippon were 2018 best yoyos according to a certain prominent yo-yo tricks website! I can recommend them both highly as well.

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MYY Stealth, Topyo Raiser.


Raiser, Cadence, Corruption

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This guy gets me.


Corruption is the one that immediately came to mind when I read your question. Another one I’m surprised hasn’t been mentioned yet is the SK, though perhaps not as competition oriented as the corruption.