Budget throw of the year, $50 or less

What throws that cost $50 bucks or less win for being the best bang for your buck? Feel free to include throws that didn’t come out this year, but are still available for purchase.

I figure this may also be helpful for people that got some Christmas cash and are wanting to make their dollar stretch.

And for the throws mentioned not still available, it’ll give you something to shoot for on the BST.

I have three.

The yoyo factory lowerKase. It is a steel undersized throw, they made 200 of them I believe and sold them this past summer for $30 as they had a very minor vibe. Never did I think I’d see a steel of a deal like that.

The next was not made this year, but had a price drop to $19.99 recently, and it is the yoyofactory Skyline. These things were about $120 back when the OG came out. Extremely fast play without the stacks, and so much fun with them.

Duncan Freehand 1 - Speaks for itself. Before the recent rerelease, there is no telling what you’d have paid on the BST.


Top Yo Silenus!


The new Freehands, granted the AL is only 1 cent under, but they can also be found discounted.


Nominating throws from previous years feels a little weird seeing how many great budget releases did release this year. May as well put the spotlight on the awesome stuff that’s doesn’t get discussed as much post release.

C3 put out some really great stuff with the Laevateinn, Windoundary, and Bastet II. There’s something for everybody within this price range. Yoyofactory also did great in a similar way with the Spotlight, Uppercut, Essence, and even managed to get a well regarded bi-metal into the <50 USD budget range with the KO. Duncan’s output this year was also great but much more narrow, the Freehand One AL is my favorite yoyo of the year in this range, but as a highwall organic it’s a lot more of an acquired taste. The plastic Freehand One though feels like an especially good release, with a price point low enough that people can easily recommend it as a very first yoyo. The YoyoPalace Code was also great but feels like it was overshadowed in the west at least by nature of being from a less popular company in a market flooded with great options at this price point.


For me, the YYF KO.


Magicyoyo Stealth
Magicyoyo Aurora
TopYo Colossus VI
YoyoFriends Koi


It is technically over $50 but on yo-yo expert it is on sale for $49.99. The Boost yo-yo is fantastic.


And NOW there’s TWO NEW models in the Colossus series. I’m passing. Colossus VI is awesome. Sometimes I like the V better. Great budget and excellent performer!


Yes! Silenus will always remain my second favorite yoyo. If it cost $110 it’d be spoken of more here. Not many people like to flex a “budget” yoyo.


True, but the deep state (49.99) I believe meets the ability to be budget and flex worthy. Can’t remember what the deeper state retailed at, but I assume something similar and would fit the bill here.

@mable I agree with you on just keeping it to 2021 would have been ideal, but with so many awesome throws from the past being put on deep discount along with many of the newer users here being kids on a limited budget, it would potentially help put some amazing throws in their arsenal.


Speedaholic XX ,OD Intro, and Aitch


yes, the Colos-SUS and the VI Max … I only have the VI and therefore I can only say about that but, knowing TopYo I imagine that they are all fantastic, they and also the previous versions


I agree. I’m sure I’d love them. I just meant financially and trying to desire what I already have more than what I do not.


exact and many customers and also many producers should understand what these objects really are, for quality, materials, colors … and at what prices they are offered.
Here you buy the substance, not the hype or the fairy tales.


Gonna have to plug the Sync again.

It has the quality and playability of a much more expensive throw. Splurge the extra 5 bucks and get one of those sweet fades.


Hands down the OD aitch- I love it and throw it all the time. Still available directly from OD


I am loving how they are putting side effects on throws and selling them for a budget price. They really are something special and I’m glad they are around. I have had many of their throws in the past. Cc urgently only have a deep state and have a deeper state on the way in a trade. I have a little holiday cash and was secretly trying to find a nice way of spending 50 bucks on a throw for myself, lol. You might have just helped me pull the trigger.


My vote goes to the YYF K.O. with the Speedaholic XX being an extremely close second.



Ahh i just double check and it’s 59$
You could probably find a bimetal for cheaper for best bang for buck category. But still a really fun throw


I’ll second the nomination for the C3 Bastet II.