Favorite yoyos $15 and under?


I was wondering what your fav yoyos under 15 bucks would be. Here are mine:

  1. Classic- I just got this and I just really love it
  2. WHiP- my fav yoyo from YYF, I don’t just love it for the price, but for what you can do with it.
  3. PSG- a very solid plastic


I never owned a Whip, but out of the other two, I just LOVE the Yoyojam Classic. PSG is a nice yo-yo too though. Classic gets my vote.


it has to be the starbrite, brilliant little throw!

I’d love to try that YYR plastic too, but I’m not sure if it’s under $15


If that YYR plastic you’re talking about is the Diffusion, it’s about $40. YYJ Classic is probably the best plastic under $15.



PSG has been my favorite so far.


1.YYJ classic
2. PSG (even tho these are technically $16)
3. Stackless grind machine
Duncan Pro-Z, freehand, flying squirrel
Yoyojam Prelude, journey, kickside
Yyf whip, yyf one
Shinwoo phantom, techno 2, zennavI


It’s not under $15 ($19), but the new Velocities rock.


Classic is great but for me starbrite edges it out.


I just got that YYR plastic, the Diffusion. It’s $40. Worth it!

Favorite throws under $15?
Gotta be the Classic. The Stackless Grind machine is nice, just not my preferred shape. One and WHIP are too light. ProZ with some extra effort is really nice too. Depending on sale prices, Freekhands!

There’s others, but they break that $15.00 even price barrier but are under $20: Lyn Fury, Kickside, Speed Maker, PSG, Asteroid, Starbright, Pinnacle.

That’s all I can think of.

(Jerrod) #10



Duncan Bee.

(SR) #12

Stackless PGM and YYF One.


The one with a kk bearing in it. If it had more weight to it, it’d be the greatest yoyo evar!




I’m surprised no one mentioned the Tom Kuhn thing.


I love the Whips and so does everyone I give one too (when I have extras). My current favorite under 15 is the Machete. I find it to be super fun and its called MACHETE.


I think the WHIP is great. For me, it’s just too light for my preferences. For new players, it’s great because it’s so low cost, yet it’s still durable, versatile(can do 3A and 5A too), decent spin times, you can swap bearings. But, it’s just so light, which does hinder spin times. It is just a yoyo that you outgrow quickly, but then come back to. Rocking your tricks on metals, come back to the WHIP and see how well you really are on that trick. I suppose if I was a better player I could really bring this yoyo to life. But for now, heavier stuff gives me more tries per throw, and I need all the tries I can get.

I think the WHIP is a must have for most players and collectors. I’m debating on getting one of the new Ann Connelly ones even though I already have the regular WHIP. It’s basically a CenterTrac with a yoyo included at no extra cost.


Stackless grind machine I don’t know why but I just like it


The Proyo is legendary. One of my top five yo-yos, period.


i got my bro a velocity and two weeks after it broke now he uses meh grindmachine but he is horrible a string tricks but seeing that he is good at looping can you reccomed a yoyo under 15$ or 20$ for him thanks :slight_smile: