What's the best yoyo "Value"?

I want to know which yoyos you find to be a great value. ie. if you like your yoyojam classic more than a CLYW Chief, you would say that the classic is a great value. I do not want to hear about your ashberry peak valued at $350 that you picked up for $200. I am speaking performance wise for money only.

Four yoyos spring to mind for me, and yeah I know pick one and all that, well here’s four.
2Sick Gambit,
Inertia in Motion Inverse
both just superb yoyos for the price
A BST bought 7075 Catalyst - just an exceptionally good yoyo that no-one apart from me wants :wink:
A MkII Leo Sniper. While expensive, it’s value stems from the fact that it is stunning. Stunning.

YYF Shutter is a Great metal value.

And the YYJ Surge is a Great plastic value.

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I think that the duncan bumblebee is a great beginner looper if bought at 5 below for 3$ (which i did).

Well, I feel the Classic is one of the best value yoyos. You can take this beginner-oriented yoyo, and then with upgrades that can bring the cost to under $20(wider bearing and response pads), you’ve got a competition grade beast. It’s a bit weak on the finger spin grinds, but other than that, it’s really fantastic. For a beginner, it’s one of the best values you can get. The only downside is that small parts can get lost while waiting for the user to progress to unresponsive play.

The Magic YoYo T5 can be scored for under $10 if you get lucky. That includes shipping. The gamble: The bearing might suck and the pads may fall out. Both issues are easily resolved. Plays on par for me with the Firmy.

Another Magic YoYo, the N12. At $30, it’s just too much performance for the price! It feels like it’s worth $80 or more if you get a good one.

The Shutter, especially the Champions Edition at $45, its by far one of the best values in a metal, easily playing twice it’s price.

RecRev has consistently had value and high performance. The Freq.Wav I think is their best work yet. I feel it’s a touch better than the Chief yet is half the price(if not less). The OG Octave is cleary its own category, despite being an organic. Anything this company does is value priced and performance heavy. Most items play as if they cost twice their selling price. The “@” and sine//saw carry the performance from the Freq.Wav with a new axle system and different sizes. They also offer delrin versions of many of their metals, adding further variety of play.

After this is a mostly grey area where price/performance/value can jump all over the place. You’ll get a great yoyo, but you can easily debate the price/performance ratios.

whats the best valued yoyo? hm……… well I be tthat $200 ricochets pretty good……………LOL

well my favorite yoyo under $20 is the YYJ surge

My favorite yoyo under $50 is the YYF shutter

and my favorite yoyo over a hunderead is a tie betwean my summit and my avalanche

Well, when I got my yyj Classic a while ago i was in love. It plays great for 10-15 dollars.

Personally, however, I feel that the OD Rally is one of the best deals around at $45. It plays just as good if not better than some of my other OD’s, I even like it more than my code 2, and that says something! just my opinion

Dietz/Cascade purchased on the BST, Yeti/Boss/Yuuksta/Yelets/Messiah all purchased “retail” (Yelets with Cyber Monday deal, Messiah marked at 50% off). I paid from $40 to $75 shipped for each of these yoyos. Dollar for dollar they blow the majority of my other purchases out of the water.

It’s near impossible for a yoyo to be objectively better than another yoyo (within reason) but I’d still say the Messiah is the best undersized yoyo I’ve ever thrown and certainly my favorite. Up until that point the Dietz held that crown and I own far more undersized than full/midsized. I put an insane amount of time in (by my standards) on the Cascade and it is both an organic and midsized beast. Drama, arguments, spacers, string cutting propaganda and “it’s a plastic yoyo” aside, I must say the Yeti at $52 (between the exchange rate and free shipping as a result of my other purchases) was a steal and I don’t own a single $100+ full sized yoyo that is “twice as good”

Real world, you simply do not ever need to purchase a $100+ yoyo to have a great yoyoing experience. I own many and will likely own many more (I’ve purchased 2 in the past day). Above that pricepoint you are paying for some combination of fancy anodize/plating, blasting, name brand, slight but clear improvements in performance, 7075/titanium/bimetal construction, and increased costs as a result of being a smaller operation that has to source out its production or that has small but high demand production runs. The yoyo I believe to be objectively my best yoyo (it is not my favorite yoyo!) is the most expensive retail yoyo I own. I will never reach a skill level that outperforms this yoyo. I will also not reach a skill level that outperforms the $40 Yelets I got via the Cyber Monday deal.

The Shutter has got to be the winner in this. Great performer for 40 bucks.

Yep the Messiah at 50% off is probably one of the best values until it goes out of stock.

Classic and Speedaholic

Metal: Shutter
Plastic: Classic

So far none of my plastics have qualified for best “value” in terms of enjoyable playtime per dollar spent. They’re mostly too loud for me, and I don’t use plastics as a “leave the house” carry, I just grab whatever.

Dollar-to-playtime ratio the clear value leader to me are a star-grade SPYY Pro that I grabbed off the BST and an OG Punch Line also bought off the BST. They have both seen so much play from me and provided me so much enjoyment.

My glittery gold butterfly and my Yeti.

The butterfly is CRAZY good for the price I paid (though they aren’t necessarily easy to find), and the yeti is something I play as much as any of my high end metals just because it’s got so much personality. I like yoyos that feel unique.

Speedaholic in terms of plastics

Currently the Minute for me in terms of metals since I prefer undersized but I think the Hatchet will beat it

Any of the 15 dollar MYY

Pretty sure nothing comes close to the performance/cost ratio of the MYY’s

Totally agree about the classic, surge and Magic yoyo
And let s talk about 5A now :wink:

The Diamont Noir Celestial ampoule (a cheaper celestial) is probably the best yoyo for 5a i know and for a mid price (paid it around 70$ with the set of 3 counterweight and the leather pouch), probably the best purchase i ve ever made :slight_smile:

(Of course this yoyo is wonderful for 1A too :slight_smile: )

FG chief. Best 70 dollars spent on a yoyo in my books. I’m kind of over buying yoyos, because hardly anything I buy compares…

Shutter is definetly a favorite of mine … I have a shiny blue one and it easily plays as good as any other high end yoyofactorys. Let alone plays as good as my code 2