Best Bang for the Buck

I am not sure if this is covered already. I was cursing through the “most underreated” thread and there was a discussion about how much press certain yo-yos get and that led people to include/exclude certain yo-yos.

My question to the group is: Which yo-yo gives you the best bang for the buck? In other words, which yo-yo give you the best value?

I have run across a “bank error in my favor” and have a little cash to invest in a new yo-yo (maybe).

Best value under $40? Under $100? Over $100?

Just asking…

40 dollar range: raptor
under 100: Supernova 2012 or Genesis 2012
over 100: Meh not interested.

40 dollar range: T5… Protostar…
under 100: Supernova 2012 or Genesis 2012 …Burnside!
over 100: Code2… Chief… K.L.R…

Under $40
YYJ journey
Duncan FHZ

But if you’ve got a little extra I’d pop for the DM II. Great player.
That Toxic Frog edition looks killer, but sadly out of stock.

Under $20? Gotta say the Starbrite as a top choice.

Under $40? Of what I have, the Protostar and Northstar are really great.

Under $100? Well, I’m still partial to my DM2, but don’t ignore One Drop, RecRev and some others. I’d say the YYF SuperStar, but I’m looking at the US-made one for a bit more. ILYY’s VOID is amazing!

Over $100? My experiences are limited, mostly to CLYW’s, but let me say a few things:
The Square Wheels Royale is a serious player in that range.
The Albatross should NOT be overlooked either.
I do happen to like the YYJ Phenom since we’re up in here.
The SPYY RONIN is having me get some getting used to but it’s pretty good.
The Werrd Irony and the Monkey Finger Evil-Yo are two I want to get soon.
I like the look and shape of the YYF MVP and plan to get one soon. I do well with the V-shapes, so I should like this a lot.

After that, we’re getting into price ranges I don’t want to spend in even though I have stuff like the Speipnir in my “wish list”.

Under 40: I’d have to go for the JK.

Under 60: I’d have to go for one of the YYJs.

100: A OD because you can get so many different feelings with just one yoyo because of the SEs.

Under 40-Chaser,Whip,Northstar,Shenwoo Zen yoyos,
Under 100-Catalyst,2012 Supernova, 2012 Genesis,Burnside
Over 100-Code 2,MarKmont Next, Supernova(Plays better than 2012 IMO)

Under 60: Di Base

It’s a matter of opinion. But I like this one a lot.

It also comes with weight rings. Does it come with a bearing puller? Mine did, but I bought it at CalStates.

I like V-shapes like this. It’s why I bought the Corli Prototype, which I enjoy. But if I compare the two, I end up liking the DiBae better as the weight is distributed better for me.

The RecRev is $55 if you could get it. But, it’s heavy and it’s not for everyone. I like it, I am lucky to have 2 of them. It’s a power-house bruiser of a yoyo!

under $40 dm2

I don’t have anything more expensive than that.

When I bought my Di Base it only came with the rubber weight rings and string. No baring puller for me. Di Base is a very good player but sometimes it feels like dead weight. Maybe I am am starting to prefer lighter yoyos?

Remember, there is no absolute right or wrong. It’s all about preferences.

I haven’t even used the weight rings. I like it fine as-is.

Under 40$ protostar
Under 100$ code2 hands down can’t believe it’s 99.99$
Over 100$ albatross



Not this time. He didn’t post ILYY TRRVTH this time. He must be getting lazy.

under 40, i’d say the YYF CounterAttack, Legacy, or protostar.

Under 100, I like My Spyy Spyder and Dif-e-yo Wide Load.

Above 100, I like the werrd tfl 88, groovy lady edition.

Under $40: Protostar
Under $100: Burnside or Code 2
Over: Code 1, Chief

The last category confuses me. Looking for the best bang for your buck on a yoyo over $100 is weird. I’d like to think at over $100, youre getting your bang either way

I was just trying to set some criteria. I am also wondering if there is a signifcant difference between the <$40 and >$100 catagories. Do you really get what you pay for?

Keep in mind, I am intermediate… So a good overall yo-yo is all I am looking for.

It’s all a matter of preference anyways. If you don’t like a yoyo, it makes little difference if it costs $5 or $200. It feels not quite so bad when you dislike a fairly cheap yoyo as opposed to an expensive yoyo though.