Best under 80$


I just want to know your favourite throw under 80 bucks.


FHZ, Protostar, Capless, Di-Base, Raptor, northstar, Starbright, Speeder 2, DM2, Vexed, Phenomizm, PSG, the list goes on.


Raptor for sure, Oktave 3, Cafe Racer


If it’s under $80 and I like it, that’s good enough.

Really, most yoyos are gonna be great. At around $80, you shouldn’t have any issues. Plus, you said “best” and as you know, there is no best, it’s all “what turns out to be best for you”. Satisfaction with yoyos is a highly subjective issue.

Why not mention a few models you are interested in buying, along with preferences and anything you’re interested in and people can perhaps guide you to what will hopefully by a good fit.


I couldn’t have said it better. Sniff


Werrd Hour


YYF DV888, YYF Northstar, YYF Protostar, C3 Yeah3, C3 Capless, sOMEThING FirMY, and YYJ Classic are the ones that I own/owned and loved.



My favorite is my YYF Yuuksta.


Honestly, $80 is an odd number. Most yoyo’s I’ve seen run up to about $60, and then they jump to $80+

Anything metal under $80 makes me smile ;D Using my hybrid beater for trying new tricks just doesn’t do yoyo’ing justice for me. I’ve come to understand the better built hybrids from like 40-50 bucks are very good. My brother has been throwing a YYJ Inspire and a friend of mine has been throwing a Dv888. Maybe I’ll just list things I’ve seen around and liked. :wink:

C3 Token
YYJ Inspire
888 (<— 20 bucks more, I mean, why not.)

I’ve been really interested in trying out a delrin yoyo (Halo is under 80 bucks) because the basic plastics I’ve used are just not cutting it in that area.