Favorite throw under $50


Just post whatever throw under fifty dollars that is your favorite




Too Hot. But shutter was close second.

BTW, I have never tried a yoyofficer


Duncan Torque. I can’t wait for the response to break in (if I don’t just get tired of waiting and go RTV). This is the nicest inexpensive metal I’ve thrown, right there with a fools gold bought on Black Friday (minus international shipping). My only dislike is the sterile packaging which makes it feel less special. Get one.


I see u haven’t played many yoyos :stuck_out_tongue:


New Diffusion :slight_smile:


Right now it’s between the OD Rally and the MagicYoYo N12 (Shark Honor). I love the Rally, but dollar for dollar the N12 is my best playing yoyo. Nothing comes close to it for $25!


I haven’t played too many under $50 yoyos but it would say the Yeti is my favorite (pretty sure they were $45? Someone correct me if I’m wrong)


$55 actully for the colored ones!

(Ian) #10

It was a tie between the Northstar and Protostar, but now it is the YYrec Diffusion.
Feels solid, steady, and moves the way I want it.


B Grade Superstar


TooH.O.T. ($51.99 close enough maybe), also Shutter, Northstar, and IMP.


YYJ classic honestly that Yoyo is soo much fun.


Rally or Torque currently. Both amazing yoyo’s for their price.

(LordCanti) #15

One Drop Rally. It does what I want, when I want it to.


Shutter and Protostar


I’m gonna go with the Werrd Minute and Too H.O.T.


yyf horizon ;D


Shutter, YYR Diffusion, OD Rally


C3 Token