Whats the best yoyo under $50?

I just got paid and I’m looking for a good yoyo under $50. Any suggestions?

I have heard good things about the yoyofactory shutter and the one drop rally is also pretty good

If you can do $50 on the nose, Werrd Minute is fantastic. Love that thing. I found it to be improved by replacing the stock pads with flowable silicone. Your mileage may vary if you decide to go for it. :wink:

Take a look at some of YoYoOfficers throws. They look like killer throws for under 50.

The shutter is great. I havent really tried anuthing ekse in the price range though, so yeah. Except i do have a 55$ g funk and the shutter is much better than it. What are your preferences? Grinds?

The Yoyoofficer Brave is one of the best yoyos I have ever used. I tried it side by side with a Chief, and guess what? I liked the Brave more.


Depends what gets you going.

Of what I have, the YoYofficer Aura is $50
The Shutter is $45, and do get the blasted ones unless you have to have a specific color. The performance is the same, but grinds are better on the blasted ones. Also, get a CenterTrac with the Shutter, it makes a bit difference in a positive way.
Rally really is worth the hype surrounding it and is $45. Watch the bearing, as mine went and stayed responsive even after a thorough cleaning, so a new bearing MIGHT be something to consider. I feel I just got a random bad bearing. Hey, stuff happens.
If you’re into a more classic throw and small, the Hitman X is worth considering at $44.
You may also want to consider God Tricks, which makes some good stuff. The Bounty Hunter is $50 and over-sized.

If you don’t mind exceeding budget a bit, the Duncan Strix.

YYF Shutters good YYF protostars good YYF north stars good But If I were you Id go for the shutter because its a full metal

The north star and proto are hybrids


There’s so much good stuff out there for under $50 at this point that it’s getting hard to justify anything more expensive.

It hasn’t been mentioned so I’ll add the XLR8 but you can’t go wrong with the Classic (upgraded), Speedaholic, Protostar, Shutter, Rally, or Yeti (when the production run comes out) either.

I’d choose between the:


I remember when I always asked this question xD
Are you new? If so a dark magic 2 might be nice as it comes with a responsive and unresponsive bearing.
If not, I would pick up a shutter, or rally if ur Into faster play.
Of course, you could get a cheaper throw like a speedaholic or proto(includes a ct bearing I think) and buy some string, pads, flowable, etc.