Quality $50 and under Yoyos (Plastic, Hybrid, or Metal)

Want to hear you guys out again. I’ve been throwing for a little over 4 months and I’m still pretty new, especially with the yoyos themselves. I know there are tons of throws out there that are $50 and under but I wanna be sure they’re actually worth the money. Recommendations, please?

I have Duncan Raptor right now and a YYF Shutter that’s about to be ordered. I’m not that good yet so I’m really open. I don’t have much specific preferences yet so I don’t really mind whatever you give as long as you think it’s nice. It’d be nice to list its cons too. Thanks!

I would forget the raptor if I were u and just go with the shutter. U can also consider the Duncan strix and echo 2

HAHAHA. I’m pretty sure you can’t compare the Shutter with the Raptor. Still keeping the Raptor since it is my first yoyo ever. I think I’m gonna love the Shutter more though. XD

Oh yeah! I’ve had my eyes on those too. Have you tried them out already? If so, would you rather have a Strix or a Echo 2 first. I’m actually considering buying both but I wanna see which is worth buying first.

Sorry I misread. I thought u were buying the raptor or the shutter lol

Personally the strix is more appealing to me but I haven’t tried either. I don’t think u could go wrong with either.

Yoyos that I think are great:
Werrd Minute
OneDrop Rally
YYF Shutter
Empire Sun

Yoyos I haven’t tried but want:
C3 Level 6
YoyoOfficer Imp (the other throws look interesting as well)
Shinwoo Prowing 1A
Topyo Cloud

Honorable Mention:
YYF Protostar
YYF Northstar/Shaqlerstar
YYF Onestar
YYJ Trigger
YYJ Surge
YYJ Classic
Duncan Flipside, echo 2, raptor
C3 Alpha Crash
C3 Speedaholic
Adegle PSG
Adegle Asteroid
MagicYoyo D5,D6, N12, Purple Line, Crystal

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good,but my mum doesn’t allow me to buy stuff online.

strix is also over $50

Whoops. Didn’t realize that!

the yoyofficer imp is a good throw. it can go for speed as it is floaty,or slowed down for complicated,long combos, and also good maneuverability.

Lol. I really just bought the Raptor cuz’ it cost me around 22 bucks (2nd hand, zero dings).

My thoughts exactly. Let’s see what happens. HAHA.

Oh yeaaaah! But hey, for 5 dollars away from 50, it might not be that bad. Makes Echo 2 a better choice though.

Eenie meenie miny moe. Lol

I felt that feeling when I saw the Strix. @_@ I was contemplating on whether I should buy that or the Shutter. I do feel that the Shutter is a better option right now.

Yeah I’d go shutter if I were u. And if u don’t like it ill take it :wink:

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The Zeekio Prism is also really good. I don’t know how it compares to the Shutter, but I like it better than the Strix and Raptor. The Strix is pretty close though.

rally. I promise you, you well like it. when I for mine it was smoother than my proton and my theory when they where brake new. and it plays better by far.

Sounds good. Strix might just be the next yoyo I’ll buy. Thanks!

Man. You made my life harder. Lol. It looks awesome!

It’s pretty good but I’d stick with metal if I were u. Plastics r good and fun but if ur looking for a good main throw I’d probably say shutter. But the rally is really smooth and a good player.

I’m no doubt getting the Shutter. That’s coming first. HAHA. Don’t worry.