the shutter yoyo

k :stuck_out_tongue:

Just get the Shutter!

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Bro frankly speaking im not pro but it varies, there is no such thing as the best yoyo or anything…
my top ones for that budget would be the addiction by something, north star by yyf, too hot, horizon, shutter or you could go with some different brands like yoyofficer or c3design just to try it out :D!!!
Any ways if you are so much in doubt go with which ever you find it more beautiful :3…
if you could say what sort of style you most identify yourself with then it would be easier. But personally speaking the shutter is damn good but a bit overrated.
Good luck all the best

In that price range the shutter is very flexible, does everything you d ever need. you cant really be dissappointed with it

Bro no offence and i dont want nor do i mean to be rude but according to that price range thing, well the horizon also does as well so does the northstar czm8, musket, yeti, addiction, severe champs collection, too hot, regen, rally, protostar, oretty much you got the idea all of the other yoyos can do as much… Dont ge tme wrong man the shutter is a hell of a yoyo but it has WAY TOO MUCH HYpe and its soooooo overrated but wtvr everyone has the right to have an opinion and i respect that.
Sry if i was mean or rude never meant to do so…
All the best pn choosing your yoyos thats that bros

I’m going to have to agree with this they’re many more options of the Yoyo there’s better options for the price.

I don’t think that there are many options that are really better than the shutter. I mean, it won worlds.

True, there are yoyos that are different, but not BETTER.

I agree with you that there is no BETTER, but just because a yoyo won worlds doesn’t mean it’s good.

(Shutter’s are definitely decent though, and great performers.)

I have a Shutter, they’re pretty decent throws and pretty smooth. Though they cost a bit more than the regular Shutters, I do prefer the Alien Galaxy colorway over the normal solid colors or even the splash colors.

I didnt say the Shutter is the golden god of yoyos :stuck_out_tongue: i said it does everything you d want from it :smiley: and btw, the horizon has super weird specs and DOESNT do everything well (complicated tech is real hard with the diameter), regen is plastic, rally is plastic, protostar is (a pretty bad in comparison) plastic, the yeti is more expensive and if you re talking about a throw beeing over hyped its pretty funny you d even mention the yeti xD
I didnt say there is no other option in that price range, but the shutter is a good choice, and half the options you mentioned are worse than the Shutter

yeah they are all plastic so what? they are pretty damn good as well as i told I’m not here to create any disagreement and did you even try the half of my options?And i didn’t say that you said nor implied anything i just said that most ppl put a lot of hype into it… the yeti is hyped but it has a personality and it feels like no other yoyo I’ve ever tried… the horizon spins at least twice the time the shutter, in my style slow and chill, that is good. Protostar, north star, rally and yeti are comparisons i made without knowing your style or likes :stuck_out_tongue: so sry if i went completely wrong. Do plastic have vibe? YES THEY DO . but you can freely play with them… if you wanna go metal go too hot, musket, lava, imp , czm8 or horizon. as i told i just gave my opinion but wtvr

All the best on getting your new yoyo

if you only have 40 bucks you can’t go wrong with the shutter…

People still buy non premium spæash yyf yoyos?

Yah… a yoyo can’t win worlds. Maybe the person throwing it did.