Horizon Vs. Shutter

Hi all,

I was looking into yo-yo’s in the $50 dollar range. My top two choices were the Shutter and the Horizon. Of course the Shutter is very well established and the Horizon is new. Which do you think is better? Also, is there a video tutorial on how to do finger spins?

Thanks, Alfredo

My vote shutter but tell us what type of yoyos you like. Do you like really solid, large, or somethint thats very middle road in all respects?

I like metal, organic, cheap yo yo’s. Any good yoyo will be fine.

I like the Shutter more than the Horizon over all but…If you wanna do finger spins then you should probably go with the Horizon.

and here’s a finger spin tutorial… or 2

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Thanks for the videos! I think I’m leaning more towards the Shutter since it has the world championship under it’s belt. You can still do finger spins on the shutter, can’t you? Do you suggest any other under-$50 metal yoyo’s for grinds?

Thanks, Alfredo

Yes you can still do finger spins on a shutter its just a bit harder but with practice you can do it.

horizon for finger spins, but the shutter can do them aswell like others stated. shutter is a more versatile throw while the horizon having a large diameter will not be as good for chopstick style tricks and such. both are amazing value at $50.


I’ve owned both. I like the feel of the Horizon more. it doesn’t really feel all that much bitter than the shutter to me.
I also like the versatility of the horizon more.

I own both. I own 4 shutters, that should say something. Shutter gets my vote.

Wow, seems like a close call. Any other yoyo’s that you reccomend?

If you want something bigger get the Horizon otherwise the shutter is more standard in size.

Would also check out the C3 level 6, yoyofficer lava, and Duncan Torque.

I really like the Lava, what do you think?


All are excellent choices for yoyos. I personally prefer the shutters shape more but they both perform very well so it just comes down to whatever looks best to you.

The shutter is a real nice and very versatile throw. Definitely one of the best throws in its price range. I love my shutter. They also come in some realaawesome colorways too.

I have to agree that the Shutter is definately more middle-of-the-road in terms of play/design. It’s a comfortable shape, sensible size and plays neither too solid nor really light. I think for this reason you’re more likely to get more people enjoying the Shutter. On the flipside, since the Horizon is bigger, narrower and plays rather solidly, it’s a bit more polarising and so if you’re unsure exactly what you like in a yoyo you might be more at risk of not liking it.

If I personally had to choose between the Shutter and the Horizon… I really don’t know if I could. If I had a gun to my head I’d probably go for the Horizon just for the fingerspins and perceived slightly better stability, but it’s really an incredibly close call.

However, the Shutter has the advantage that it comes in a dazzling variety of colours, including those gorgeous new polished rim editions, whereas as the moment, the Horizon colours are somewhat limited. Hopefully as time goes on we might get some new colours for it.

Really, you’re getting a great yoyo whatever one you choose, so you’re best off going with the one you like the look of the most. :slight_smile:

Shutter = Wider, smaller diameter, lighter (that the Horizon) playing

Horizon = Narrower, larger diameter, solid playing

For your time:


Are the Shutters bead-blasted? Are Lava’s bead-blasted?

Some Shutters are bead blasted (Not all)

Not sure about lava’s though.

Lavas are bead-blasted.