Did anyone else buy a shutter because of Worlds?

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I’ve been holding off on buying any yoyo’s for a while since I feel pretty comfortable with my collection. But after the excitement of the wyyc and the Gentry win I decided to get a shutter to celebrate. Anyone else?


Didn’t get a shutter when it was released, didn’t get one when gentry won Nats, not getting one now that he’s won worlds :smiley:

Of course Id like to try it but there always seems to be throws higher up on my priority list like the benchmarks and Horizon.


Shutter is better than horizon IMO.
IMO=In my opinion.
You can have your own.


The main reason I’m more interested in the horizon then the shutter is because of that cup ;D

I love me some Fingerspins…


Its too large of an area for really good fingerspins.
Also, I unscrewed mine and tried to screw it back in, it was pretty hard to screw back in.
Once i got it screwed back in, it vibed badly and was pretty much unplayable. Now it just sits in my room untouched.
If you’re looking for a good fingerspin yoyo I’d pick up a mo-vitation. I just picked one up from the B/S/T for $50 shipped, roughly the same as a horizon.
Smaller companies usually have better quality control than YYF.
Not hating on YYF, they’re still my fav. yoyo company.


I’m not a fan of YYF either. Horizon is an exception because of the unique cup.

I’ve also had a Movitation before, and a Valor, and an Irony JP. But I’ve heard many people say they can get 15-20+ second Fingerspins on the horizon, which is longer then any of the above mentioned yoyos except Valor if you land in the inner spin ring.

I haven’t really heard any other complaints about the horizon or it’s fingerspin capabilities so I’m still interested in it


Its not bad at fingerspinning, its just the fingerspinning part in the cup is really large and not really concave “enough” to fingerspin on mine. IDK about others though, I’m pretty new to fingerspinning. If you get one, I reccomend NOT unscrewing it.


It looks like a great finger spinner.
Paul messed up on the bind and had enough time to rebind without a problem :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah, like I said. I’m new to fingerspins, I could just be doing something wrong.


Bead blasted shutter is probably the best finger spinning yoyo I’ve played to date. As for the original question, I’ve already got a Shutter but I’d never buy a throw just because it was used to win a competition but I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt the sales.



#Agree. Shutter is so good at fingerspinning. I think its better than my horizon.
Again, not very good at fingerspins. Shutter feels a lot easier to fingerspin on than my horizon did.
I might also try a shu-ta because it might be even better than a blasted shutter at fingerspinning.


You should try the Movitation, Irony JP, or Valor. I know SkyHighYo(I miss that guy, I wonder if anyone still remembers him…) was looking for the best fingerspin yoyo out a while back. He bought a Movitation then decided to buy a blasted shutter then sell the one that was worse for Fingerspins, which ended up being the Shutter.

Irony JP Fingerspins about as long and the a Valor spins longer if you land in the inner grind ring


Anyway though, @op, you (Most likely) won’t be dissapointed with your shutter. One of my top 3 all-time YYF throws.


No, but I bought about 9 Shutters before Worlds. I always liked it. One of the things I liked was that it kept getting so many different looks. Polished, splashed, blasted, limited engraved, 7075 Shu-ta, half and half, and so on. There’s a Shutter for everyone.


Completely agree. Shutter/shu-ta is one of my all-time favorite throws.


Yeah, I did. I’d been thinking of getting one and I couldn’t resist the 20% off sale.


Own an Irony JP and played the Movitation before. Shutter seems to work best for me as far as finger spins go (by the smallest of margins) but the other two feel like more complete packages IMO.


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I think one thing you might be doing wrong is throwing it only somewhat horizontal. When Paul does fingerspins, he gets it completely horizontal. You might be trying to do more of a thumg grind than a fingerspin. Also, I had the same problem with my czechmate. The problem was that it was so tight, I thought I had screwed it in enough, but there was still a bit more screwing in I was supposed to do.


got my Shutter when they came out with the Ann Connolly Special Ed.

simply beautiful…



Eventually, you are going to make an accurate statement. Lol

First of all, the Horizon cup was specifically designed for finger spinning. The problem you are having was/is ‘operator based’(you).

Secondly, there were and are, no known production defects in the Horizon run. So if you messed your threads up; you need to contact Yoyofactory. You may have gotten a ‘rare’ lemon. They will take care of that.

Smaller companies have better quality control? No doubt, some of the smaller makers have excellent quality control. But better than YYF? That is an unsubstantiated statement.

Suggesting others 'not unscrew their yoyos, is useless information. Why would anybody even want a Yoyo they have to fear unscrewing? If you have a good answer for that; you prolly also know where that last Wonka bar is, with the Golden ticket.

Nothing wrong with you having opinions on ‘things’. I just don’t think that your views on yoyos, based on your inexperience; should be converted into conclusions that are not accurate.