YoyoFactory Horizon - New Paul Kerbel Signature


So, I heard the Horizon, Paul Kerbel signature, was available at Triple Crown. I also heard this version was in the Shutter price range. Did anyone get their hands on it? It looks fantastic.

This gold looks amazing, and engraving in the catch zone? I like it already. :wink: Photo credit: @yoyofactory Instagram.


(2Sick Joey) #2

To me it looks a lot like a Duncan Metropolis. Just hope this plays better.


Looks pretty cool to me. I like the Triple Crown mascot, too; if I get a Horizon, I hope I get my hands on one of those special editions.


It looks way different to me in the pictures. I just did a Google of the profile. The steps are in totally different proportion. :-\ I guess we’ll wait to hear about the play, but I heard the feedback was great.


Beefed up shutter. Nice


Is it just me or is the cup look a little concaved? Might just be the light, it’s Probably just me but I hope it is


I’m seeing concave as well.


It is concave. It was made to finger spin for a REALLY LONG time. It might just rival the C3 Mo-Vitation in time. I could send you a pm if you want for a few videos of the horizon that were already released by Paul kerbel.


There’s a AP version available online.


YESSSSSS!!! THANK GOD FINALLY. A YOYO WITH A CONCAVE CUP, THAT ISNT POLISHED. Finally… I’ve been waiting for this for so long… I hope its blasted or at least have some blasted editions :o

As for the Mo-vitation, I think the Irony JP is a tad better for fingerspins


Just a note: the best yoyo for easy and long-lasting fingerspins is probably the Eternal Throw Elysium. :wink: If you haven’t taken note of that one, it’s just nutty for fingerspins. So good at them that it almost takes some of the challenge away, which is good or bad depending on your needs (a challenge? or reliable fingerspins?)


I don’t know how I feel about engravings in the catch zone. For some reason they always look cheap to me, just like engravings around the outer side of the rim. I guess I always think of the budget Chinese brands when I see large amounts of engravings. It is a cool looking yoyo. A touch heavy like all YYF releases lately, but i’ll probably grab one when a fun colorway comes out or a particularly nice blast.


I’ll have to take a look at it :slight_smile:


*Elysian, sorry!

I played one at NER and the conical nature of the cup is even “better” than a concave cup. It guides your finger right to the center, where there’s a further “indentation” and through-hole that hugs your fingernail for perfectly centered low-friction spins. It’s just silly!


It has the same step-shape as the C3 H5 did. The similarity in design is striking. The H5 even had a blasted concave cup.


I got to try the Elysian at Ohio states. It makes finger spins stupid easy and much longer lasting. Ten times better than anything else on the market for finger spins. I’m convinced that it’s unique cup design is going to completely change how manufacturers design their yoyos, especially as finger spins become more popular.


Have you guys tried lateral caps? They even have the holes in the dimples.


I see only passing similarities between the Horizon and H5. It’s not “out of left field” to compare them or anything… but there are differences enough to contrast as well. The profile is significantly different, and the H5 isn’t “fully concave”, it has a flat area in the center.

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^ Exactly what I was thinking. H5 and Horizon have some similarities, bust the differences out weigh them. I guess you could say their like third cousins.


I picked up a Horizon at Triple Crown! I will post photos of my haul tomorrow. What kind of close up shots do you guys want?