Shutter VS. Horizon


im just getting back into yoyoing after 5+ years of slacking, and my plastic yoyojam yo-yos have rusted bearings and old strings. ive always wanted a metal throw and while watching the worlds ive been turned on to yoyofactory’s budget metals. obviously the Shutter caught my eye given who won, but when i was about to purchase one i saw the Horizon for the same price.

ive searched and couldnt find much of a comparison between the two, other than a picture. im basically wondering what one you guys would choose and why, keeping in mind that im just starting to throw again.

this $50 dollar bill is burning a hole in my pocket, help me out!


If you’re into really large yoyos and fingerspins, the horizon is for you.
If you just want a regular yoyo to play and that does fingerspins pretty well, and can do almost anything get the shutter.
I have both, and personally I’d get another shutter if I had the choice.


In addition to those two options, both of which are good, you could also buy one of the remaining world’s mystery packs. For the same price as the Shutter or the Horizon, you get two metal yoyos.

The first one is the Cypher, a new design, which YYF has said will retail for more than $45 when it releases. It’s comparable in size to the shutter, but has a nice rounded V shape that feels really nice in the hand. It strikes a really nice balance between being stable, fast, and floaty that I’m really enjoying so far.

The second yoyo is the Popstar, which is an undersized pocket yoyo. It has a V shape similar to a miniature version of their north/polar/one star yoyos. It seems a lot of people don’t like it, but I think that’s because they expect every yoyo to be competition-grade. The Popstar isn’t mean to be a competition yoyo, rather, it’s just a fun yoyo that has a size that allows you to take it anywhere. And just because it’s not competition grade doesn’t mean it can’t perform well… It still gets the job done, it is just a bit more challenging with a bit more “character” thrown in.

Besides the great value (essentially getting a discount on the Cypher, and the Popstar for free), you also get a tote bag, some packs of cards, and a yoyo holder/lanyard. And you also get a card with a code that has a chance at the grand prize of a pack of YYF yoyos worth over $700, because nobody had posted saying they’ve won it yet. At the very least, the code will give you 10% off your next purchase.

Personally, I’d say you can’t go wrong with the Shutter, and likely the Horizon as well. But the Cypher is just as good of a budget metal, plus you get all of the other bonuses I mentioned; so I’d recommend the mystery pack while they’re still available.


the Horizon is that big, huh…

Sounds like the Shutter is a more well rounded throw. Thanks!


ahh Fullthrottle i was considering that too… it doesnt qualify for the YYF 20% off but it would be cool to have a 2 for 1. im going to look into the cypher and see what people are saying so far.


Honestly, I wouldn’t buy the pack. Its your option, but mine was really bad. I got a solid colored popstar that came with a lot of damage on it, and my cypher is pretty much ruined. It came with a HORRIBLE bearing, and the bearing doesn’t come out of the bearing seat(It has the tightest bearing seat of any yoyo I’ve ever had.)
The packs are really hit or miss, some people get good ones and some people get messed up ones.


Everyone gets the same thing haha

Excluding the 1:45 grand prize of course.

Popstar and Cypher. And for your complaints the 2 are supposed to be new so i don’t know where you got damage from.

And YYFs are known to have extremely tight bearing seats and subpar “spec” bearings…


after perusing the mystery pack thread i did notice some people unhappy with the finish of either yoyo. i plan on using my throws and scratching them up and stuff, so im not too worried about small imperfections i guess… especially for the price.

i do however like the idea of the YYE model of shutter because it comes with the center trac installed… but that mystery pack is such a smokin deal… theres plenty in stock so i have some time to kill.


Did you get a pack? I dont think you understand…
Half of the people that got packs and posted here got bad packs, half got good. They’re really hit or miss.


Saying the same thing 3 times doesn’t help you any more then if you said it once.

You DO get the same 2 throws, the Popstar and the Cypher. And sure I didn’t get one but WHY would YYF sell a damaged yoyo, in a mystery box no less.

And YYF ARE known to have extremely right bearing seats and have fairly short lasting bearings. Now there’s always a chance you could get a gunk bearing but you’d be in the minority. Plus most of us have extra bearings anyways


No seriously. You don’t understand.
I sat there for an hour trying to get the bearing out of my cypher. I tried putting it in the freezer. I tried putting some lube in the bearing seat.
Its like the yoyo was formed around the bearing…


Just gonna toss out there that the yoyofficer kilter is a pretty cheap and fun metal and you can use that other $20 toward some string and maybe a fun plastic throw like the speedaholic


Just saw you edited your post after I posted my previous one. I didn’t get one so I don’t care to follow the other thread for people who did get one super closely.

But from what I’ve read the ones who aren’t pleased are complaining about the tight bearing seats(which should already be expected with YYF) and because it came with a Popstar.


I do understand. I’ve had YYF before. My metal YYF SEVERE. I put it in the freezer for 15 minutes. Used YYF removal tool. Nothing. Pliers. Nothing. I had to grab it with the removal tool AND grab the removal tool with the pliers and even then it took about 5 minutes to pry out.


Im fine with the popstar. Although the popstars all came B-grade with machining marks. I’m only kinda annoyed about my popstar being solid, they should’ve put 2-tones in every box.
Its just the cypher man. Quality control is shotty at best.
This is the worst, and I mean absolute WORST death grip bearing seat I’ve ever had. YYF’s have death grips in most of their yoyos, which is okay. But I mean seriously man, the bearing will literally just NOT come out of mine, no matter how much I try, and it came with a bearing that came responsive and ruined. I can’t even replace it, so theres no chance I’m able to even play with my cypher.


Dude. Trust me. Get the YYF MYstery Pack.
The Cypher is freakign amazing once you can get the bearing out(Which took 10 min in the freezer and 10 min with a drillbit to take out ._.) and put a center trac in.
The popstar is also a really fun throw, and really portable so you can carry it around;plus you won’t be THAT sad if you lose it.

I personally like Cypher over shutter, But as always, its preferance.
you like Solid and stable? Shutter
You like speed with a bit of float? Cypher
One thing I Like about the shutter is finger spins, But witht he cypher you can grab the things from the side and do a cool bind…

YoCya, Have you tried putting it in the freezer for a while?
Trust me, mine was a pain in the a**, but it will come off eventually.
Remember, You are stronger than the yoyo


Like I said, I had to put my Severe in the freezer for 15 minutes, grab it with the YYF tool, then grab the tool with pliers for extra leverage, and even that took a while to pry out :wink:


YYE is currently sold out of center trac bearings, which makes getting a yoyo with one installed a bit more crucial…


I can’t find one of the BAZILLION freakin YYF Multitools I’ve bought over the years, and I tried a 1/4 drill bit which was reccommended but it didn’t fit…


I love my Cypher… quite alot actually. I’ve been throwing it non stop, its dead smooth. I took out the the yyf spec for a center trac. So good. I just sat down, wiggling my tool and it took 5 mins to take out my bearing.