Yoyofactory Comparison Sheet/Buyers Guide


With so many products out on the market nowadays, it can be intimidating to go out and try and find the best yoyo for yourself or a relative. Yoyofactory has become one of the most prolific yoyo manufacturers of our day. With so many yoyos at great prices available on the market, I was surprised to find that no comparative list for all of them existed.

I hope this list helps you out in deciding which Yoyofactory Yoyo is best for you!

(NOTE: This list will be constantly updated with new releases and information as I gather it.)


Price: $45-$65
Feel: Solid, but not clunky by any means. Fast, contest oriented
Playability: High, fingerspins can be tricky with that little extra hub you have to get your finger in, but once there the work really well. The size is fine for intricacy. Good for both mellow and fast paced speeds. Probably the best “all around” yoyo Yoyofactory has to offer.
PROS: Great value, good all around player, best entry level competitive choice/best for building an array of backups, looks cool. TOP CHOICE FOR ALL AROUND/COMPETITION YOYO
CONS: May feel “hollow” to some, hard to do consistent fingerspins, finishes vary from model to model, some are really shiny, whereas others are matte.
Choice of: Gentry Stein

Price: $65
Feel: Harder hitting than the Shutter, feels more dense, not as initially fast but versatile.
Playability: High, the wider lip for fingerspins makes them more manageable than on the Shutter. Feels a little more relaxed pace wise, better than the Shutter for those who prefer a more “chill” yoyo. It basically is a more solid-feeling Shutter which is great for some.
PROS: Good value, great for all around playing as well as competitive play, fingerspin capability improved greatly from the Shutter, good “training” yoyo, 7075 aluminum feels great + is durable
CONS: May be too clunky/dense for some, matte finish might feel weird for some.
Choice of: Shu Takada

Price: $45-$65
Feel: SOLID. Probably longer spinning than either the Shutter or SHU-TA.
Playability: High, though it is solid I find the TooHOT to be zippy and comfortable. Fingerspins can be difficult but generally won’t be an issue for more experienced players. The wide shape sometimes makes more technical tricks hard, but again this hasn’t really proved to be a massive issue for me. The shape can sometimes hurt your hand if you bind with too much spin, but the TooHOT can handle a ton of tricks in one throw, so this isn’t really an issue. Low wall makes it great for horizontals and 3D tricks.
PROS: Great value, solid player, great for 3D tricks and massive combos, fast for its size, great competitive yoyo, may help with trick consistency on stage due to the wide profile
CONS: Shape may hurt some, possibly too wide for intricate tech, fingerspins may not be the best for inexperienced players,
Choice of: Harold Owens III, Wilson Van Gundy

Price: $45-$52
Feel: Solid, slow, chill feeling for certain. Longest spinner in my experience.
Playability: Fairly high, the size is difficult to work with for technical tricks, but the yoyo is incredibly stable, making it amazing for big body tricks and horizontal. Best yoyo for fingerspins. In general it’s hard for a lot of people to make this yoyo play quickly, but it is definitely possible.
PROS: Great for big tricks/horizontal, incredibly stable, best yoyo on the market for learning/creating new fingerspin tricks, awesome colors.
CONS: Massive shape is difficult for intricacy and technical tricks in general, hard to hold sometimes, way too clunky for some.
Choice of: Paul Kerbel, Shaqler

Price: $45
Feel: Kind of floaty, not as solid as the Shutter but close. Feels very “generic” - no gimmicks
Playability: Fairly High, can handle almost any trick you throw at it. Hub makes fingerspins difficult. Versatile, can basically of whatever speed you want it too. Downsides include a strangely “robotic” feel, the yoyo itself doesn’t have a ton of character in my experience. Doesn’t spin as long as many of the yoyos listed above, and the shape is pretty sharp. Overall a good yoyo, but not a top choice
PROS: Best all around/versatile yoyo, colors are cool, can do basically anything you want it to.
CONS: Lack of character, not a long spinner, sharper shape than many of the other yoyos
(SIDE NOTE: The new Bi-metal VK that will be released soon is said to be very solid and heavy playing, possibly fixing many of the issues I have with the CZM8. Stay tuned…)

Price: $60
Feel: Super floaty/relaxed feel, not as much of a competition oriented yoyo as many of the other offerings, but well worth it.
Playability: High, this yoyo is really fun to play with. the shape is super comfortable, spin times are good, stability is fine as well. Can be quick or relaxed. Super chill feel. Fingerspins are meh, as well as horizontal. Really cool yoyo if you want a super unique feeling and play experience.
PROS: Unique, nothing like YYF’s other offerings, feels really good in hand, super relaxing to use, stable.
CONS: Not really contest-oriented, price may be off for some, may feel too hollow.
Choice of: Yuji Kelly

Space Cowboy
Price: ~$120
Feel: Solid with a little float. In my experience it’s quicker on the string than you may expect from the specs.
Playability: High, really long spinner, versatile speed-wise. Great for fingerspins/horizontal. Top choice of many competitors around the world, and it is easy to see why. Great yoyo for almost everything. Only issue I have with it is that regens are really weird, the yoyo has a sort of kickback feel that I can’t describe any way other than “weird.” Overall a great choice for anyone looking for a yoyo that inspires confidence on stage.
PROS: Amazing competitor, great at almost every trick variety, long spinning, true spins, looks amazing. TOP CHOICE FOR TRICK LEARNING/CREATION AND CASUAL USE
CONS: weird kickback on regions and some throws, price tag is high.
Choice of: Paolo Bueno, Michael Stecz, Betty Gallegos, Konstantin Tujarov, Jonathan Robinson, Ibrahim Rahman

Cyborg 2.0
Price: $65
Feel: Solid, controllable, quick, easy to maneuver, long spins.
Playability: One of my favorites, this yoyo is really easy to maneuver through your tricks. I feel like I can push it to be fast, roll through slow combos, and do basically anything else easily. Can fingerspin easily and handles horizontal fine. Really versatile yoyo too. It’s a little thinner than I would like, but that’s ok because it was designed for a 3a player.
PROS: Easy to use, solid spin, solid feel.
CONS: Maybe a little thin, some people don’t like 7075.
Choice of: Jake Rimmer, Patrick Borgerding

Price: Varies, ~$90-100
Feel: Fast, floaty, definitely fits Luis’ play style.
Playability: Fast, rolls through combos easily. Solid competitive throw with a nice, comfortable shape. Fingerspins and horizontal tricks are totally good. Overall I don’t really have anything wrong with the yoyo, but I don’t think there’s any “special” feel to it.
PROS: Fast, solid, consistent player.
CONS: Nothing really special about it…

Price: ~$45 for general release
Feel: Light on the string, very nimble, easily handles fast tricks.
Playability: REALLY quick. I actually have no idea what the weight on this thing is, but it plays super light which I dig personally. A welcome change from the lackluster CZM8. Sharper shape might hurt your hands but the edges are soft so it’s not really an issue. I won’t be switching from the Shutter any time soon, but this yoyo is an excellent choice for competition/daily use. Easily handles many types of tricks.
PROS: Great all around throw at an awesome price, fast, light feeling.
CONS: Not for those who like a solid, heavy feel; edges are sharp(ish)
Choice of: Vashek Kroutil, Yuji Kelly

Price: $110
Feel: Fast, maneuverable with a bit of power, mad float.
Playability: Fast overall feeling, but I think I would classify this yoyo as a mid speed player. You can push it to fast pace, or you can take it easy and chill. It doesn’t demand much from you as a player, and is really just a good tool for nailing tricks. The shape is really comfortable, and it looks like nothing else when spinning. Fingerspins are insanely good if you can land the center of the yoyo right on your finger. Excellent choice for any play style. I competed with this yoyo at the USA national yoyo contest and managed to place 8th, so it can certainly stand up to the stresses of competitive play. NOTE: The silver versions are raw and will tarnish after lots of use.
PROS: USA Made, floaty feeling, great all arounder, unique play and appearance, comfortable shape.
CONS: Out of price range for some, but the quality of the yoyo and it’s play characteristics make up for it 100%
Choice of: Patrick Canny (Hey, that’s me!)

Price: $300
Feel: Solid, Powerful.
Playability: This thing is a beast. Long spin, cool sound, great weight and feeling on the string. People ask if Ti is worth it and the answer is YES. The yoyo can achieve the most extreme weight distributions possible, resulting in one of the longest spinning, most powerful feeling yoyos out there. The dream is competition oriented, and ready to demolish. Plus, you can spark it!
PROS: Amazing Feel, fast, cool sound, unique play, extreme power, SPARKS!
CONS: Price, Blue finish isn’t great for grinds.

Price: $100
Feel: POWERFUL, stable, competition MONSTER.
Playability: This thing is potentially more powerful than even the Ti Dream. The wraparound ss weight rings create even more stability and spin than typical bimetal yoyos, achieving a heavy feeling despite the light weight of the yoyo. Because this yoyo is so light, it can be pushed to great speeds despite the heavy feeling it provides on the string. It is truly an amazing product at an incredible price. Don’t sleep on it!
PROS: SS Construction, Powerful feeling on the string, light weight provides versatility, unique look, finish is awesome.
CONS: Potentially too heavy feeling for some.
Choice of: Clint Armstrong, Patrick Canny, Cory Hendon

Price: $45
Feel: Solid feeling on the string, really nice weight. Classic shape.
Playability: I don’t know about everyone else on here, but the original Genesis was my favorite yoyo right after it was released. It was ahead of its time, and an instant classic. I was disappointed to see the original Genesis being tweaked with so much, and over the years this popular model fell to obscurity. Fortunately, the new 2015 Genesis brings the yoyo back to that first release. The shape is far more similar to the original, with some modern tweaks (like a slight step right near the gam for better horizontal performance, and a flat hub.) Overall, the new Genesis handles anything well, and really brings Yoyofactory back to the days of the original with this nostalgic product. Buy one asap!
PROS: Nostalgic feel, long spin, comfortable shape, cool colors, amazing price.
CONS: Maybe you don’t like the Genesis?? (this yoyo is amazing)
Choice of: Miguel Correa, Chandler Steele, Patrick Canny, Others


I’m only adding plastics that I feel are relevant to mid-high level yoyoers. ONE is the best choice for beginners by FAR.

Price: $35
Feel: FAST, but maneuverable and fun.
Playability: High, this yoyo is a classic and remains an amazing value. It’s quick for sure, but can easily be slowed to handle all types of tricks. Truly a gem from the factory, there’s not a lot I have wrong with it. Don’t overtighten it please, cracks aren’t fun to fix.
PROS: Amazing value, great all around yoyo, super fun, easy to use.
CONS: Can crack, may be too light for some, bearing seat/spacers is/are HELLA tight so don’t mess with it/them too much (lol)
Choice of: John Ando

Price: $35
Feel: A little slower than the Protostar, but a similar feeling.
Playability: Super High, very similar to the Protostar but this is for those who would prefer just a little more heft/spin on their throws. Used to win worlds 2010 so that’s cool. See above for the same warnings.
PROS: Amazing playability, spins longer than Protostar, for those who like a little more heft to their throws this is a great alternative to the classic Protostar.
CONS: See Protostar.
Choice of: Jensen Kimmitt (circa 2010)

Price: $16
Feel: Solid, much moreso than Protostar or Northstar. Spins long, true, and solid.
Playability: Very High, this yoyo is THE BEST VALUE of any yoyo I think I’ve ever used. It’s kinda heavy and has a unique feel to it, but all around it is a true gem. Soft finish is good for fingerspins, and the colors look great. Everyone needs a Replay at some point. It’s truly a unique and fun yoyo that can be pushed to new heights. This yoyo was recently used by Gentry Stein to win the USA National yoyo contest, proving it’s true playing potential!
PROS: Best Value, amazing color, extreme playability, blast finish, CT bearing. TOP CHOICE PLASTIC YOYO
CONS: Too heavy for some, some vibe but fairly smooth (it’s a plastic guys)
Choice of: Eric Koloski, Gentry Stein

Feel free to drop any additional comments/opinions below! I’ll try and update this list as much as I can!!


Great list, great guide. Thanks.

Nice! I like how you gave a summary about each one

This was a great comparison. I’m torn between shu-ta and horizon, I appreciate your perspective on both.

This is indeed a great list and very helpful. With yoyofactory making so many throws it’s is hard to choose. But I have to say ever sense I got my Orbis from YoYo Officer, I don’t know if i can appreciate YYF for there yoyos. They are sub par in my opinion. They just don’t throw or feel that great. The quality of my Orbis is amazing. It feels great of course and plays like nothing I have tried. And it’s the same price as most of these. Point is- There are better yoyos out there for the same price.

But again, great list.

Once you try a 7075 Supernova or Space Cowboy, hopefully it’ll bring you back into appreciation!

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It doesn’t even take that much. If anybody throws a TooHOT and doesn’t feel that it’s equal to the YYO lineup (and depending on preferences, exceeding some of them), I have no faith in your ability to judge yoyos. :wink:

Don’t get me wrong… two of my favourite yoyos right now are the Nifty ($70) and the TooHOT (Galaxy Ed., so $70). They are on par with each other, with the YYF feeling slightly “higher quality” and the YYO feeling more “fun” (owing to light weight!).

YYO is great, but to say that they outclass YYF is a bold overstatement, even if you do prefer them.

Thank you. This is a great review. It looks like a TOO H.O.T. Will be my next yoyo.

As a person who tried all the yoyo listed above. I am surprised you left out the Aviator. I think that the Aviator is the best YYF ever made to date. It is dead smooth, solid and can go extremely fast with the right person.

I will add Aviator in the next update!!!

What about the Cyborg and Cyborg 2.0? Those are both really nice. Could you also do some of the high-end plastics and maybe older models as well? I am really enjoying this so far.

Which would you suggest for a first metal throw?
Did you test them with stock bearings?

I’ve only tried and actually own a Shutter. I bought the Alien Galaxy edition last year, definitely love the matte finish on it, not to mention the colors.

Originally was looking at the Horizon but after reading the review and seeing what it’s oriented for, seems like it’s a little large for what I do and may just stick with my rather stable RecRev No.9.

@morgoroth I’d recommend the Shutter, it’s a great all around yoyo that you can push to do anything. Also check out the new Replay…better than most metals for a ridiculous price.

UPDATED with Aviator and Cyborg 2. I’m only reviewing yoyos currently in production, so the next update will include the Czech Point.

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isnt cyborg2 43mm as well
also my premium splash horizon plays a lot different than the black/red one, so i d guess the same for other yoyos including cypher thot and shutter

Do you already have a CZPoint? Mine’s on the way :slight_smile:

∆∆∆∆ you really bought it? Then its really cool and the yoyofactory cyborg 2.0 looks great.

No, I am not paying for it. Vashek was kind enough to give me one because I came up with/suggested the name CzechPoint for the yoyo! That’s partially why I am so excited about the new yoyo. :slight_smile:

And was there a contest or you just emailed him?

Yet another reason why more people should be joining #teamvashek… The man is a saint! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great call on the name man, really good idea that.

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