Best/Fun Metal Yo-Yo


I want to get my first metal yoyo, but I mostly want one that is fun to throw and easier to do tricks. (AND costs anywhere up to $50ish). So if you guys have any recommendations, that would be great.
Also, is the CZM8 fun to throw?

This is all based on personal opinion, metal and/or plastic.

P.S. Should this be in Help/Recommendations?

EDIT: After getting some good recommendations and suggestions, here is what I have:

LAVA (Centering Bearing)

CZM8 (Centering Bearing)

(Owen) #2

Look at what some people would call “gimmick yoyos.” Those tend to be the most fun to play with.


For a yoyo that’s not a gimmick (though it can be hubstacked, which IS a gimmick!) I would say the Werrd Pacquiao all the way.

But… if it’s your first metal yoyo, you might not want that kind of recommendation. The Pacquiao is stable enough for me but if you’re less experienced it might not give you the crutch that’s handy for progressing through tricks. IMO, you want a straight-up normal metal yoyo that happens to also be fun. :wink:

… and that’s almost all of them! Hooray yoyos!


just buy one you can afford…

you throw differently from the next person.

the DV 888 is an affordable metal that will get you in the door…



When you say gimmick, do you mean appealing to the public but not as good for tricks/handling?

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When I say gimmick I am referring to yoyos like the Mighty Flea and Superwide. Stuff like that.


Werrd minute comes to mind. Those are a lot of fun to throw compared to strictly competition style throws like the level 6 and shutter. Maybe something like the jaeger since the bigger shape adds to a unique feel.


Thanks. Is there some type of way how I can determine between fun/competition yoyos?


If those are gimmicky than so is the Pac.


bonfire or yeti


“Fun to throw”. That means different things to different people. Some people like unique throws with a lot of personality. But honestly, for your first metal you probably want something a little more bland and stable.

I’d probably recommend the Shutter, CZM8, or maybe a OneDrop Benchmark V. All are $40 to $60, very stable, and will get you through tricks. And they’re all quite stable, which will help with the “easier to do tricks” part.



Thanks. Speaking of the CZM8, does anyone have it or any reviews about it? From what I’ve read on this forum, I’ve read that the CZM8 is built for competition. Anyone have any thoughts/opinions on this?

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i admit my bias, and concede that some people would consider wood yo-yo’s “gimmicky”, but to me there’s nothing more fun than a no jive.



Both are fun but, but also unlikely to be sub $50


A yoyo with a counterweight attached.



Fun- Duncan raptor.
Competition- CZM8 or Prism. If its your first metal, I would recommend the CZM8.


One Drop 54 has always had that fun spirit to me.


Hatrick all the way.


I would definitely check out the throws available from yoyofficer like the hatchet, the lava and the musket. I really think the musket would be perfect due to it being sub $50, and a good size and weight. Plus it looks really awesome!

Keep us updated!


It looks good, except that I cannot afford $85 :stuck_out_tongue:

The yoyofficer yoyos look really good- The green colors are like heaven! :o Do you know how good the cheaper ones play (The Kilter/Fit/Aura)?