New yoyo - too responsive

[s]Hey guys, first of all I’d like to apologize for my English. It’s not my native language so please don’t go hard on me :stuck_out_tongue:

First I’ll give some background, just skip this part if you don’t feel like reading it: I’ve been yoyoing for around 2-3 months. I used to love yoyos back when I was a kid and the last yoyo I had was a Fast 201. I just found it some months ago and decided to go ahead and try getting into yoyoing again. I bought myself an Adegle PSG because it was fairly cheap and it seemed like a good choice due to how hard to break it was… Three months later I feel comfortable with a yoyo again and I can do pretty much any basic unresponsive trick and I feel like getting myself a somewhat delayed Christmas present.

So I’ve been looking up a ton of information about different yoyos and all that stuff and, apparently, the YYF Protostar is a really good choice because it’s almost as good as a metal yoyo(which I’ve never used) but still keeps the upsides of a plastic one.

But for pretty much the same price I could also get a Dv888, which looks like a better investment in the long run. But I am scared of messing up while learning my tricks and breaking it. Because all I’ve heard is bad about metal yoyos is that they break way more easily than plastic ones. I don’t go around throwing my yoyo into walls but I’ve had it hit the floor or whatever in these 3 months. Is it a good idea getting a metal yoyo, then?

And a last question: I haven’t tried doing any fancy maintenance or modding or whatever to my yoyo. I’ve heard I should lube the bearing and change the pads and… other stuff… So… Am I supposed to start doing that with my new yoyo in case I get one?

Thanks for the help in advance :smiley: And sorry for the wall of text.[/s]

So I’m done with choosing the yoyo. I got myself a Dv888. The only problem I currently have is that it seems to be incredibly responsive while trying any slack tricks… I am not sure whether it’s related to the bearing or the pads but my hand hurts now :smiley:

Metal yoyos don’t break easily. They do get dings and scuffs fairly easily, though. There’s nothing wrong with a beat up yoyo. It’s a toy. It’s meant to be played with. Dings and scuffs are just marks of love :slight_smile:

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Well, to be honest I don’t know how bad those dings look on a yoyo… or how it getting hit affect the way it plays(out of balance?).

I’ve been yoyoing for about 4 months and I use the One Drop Burnside. It’s really good. It comes with a good bearing and the response pads last a long time.

As far as lubing the bearing goes, I just lube it every once in a while(once or twice a month) because I’ve heard it makes the bearing life last longer.

I’d buy that yoyo if i was you or get a medal/plastic yoyo like the YYJ Dark magic 2. I’ve never used the dm2 but i’ve only heard good things about it and it’s a bit cheeper.

Plastic yoyos break WAY easier than metal yoyos. Yes, you should get one, and don’t worry about “modding” it, it’s not necessary.

By the way, the Dv888 is a great first metal.

I will say that yes, a good metal will be durable, but no, the dv888 is not my budget metal of choice. I would (if you can) try to get a slightly more expensive di base, or a one drop cafe racer.

Dings don’t look bad on yoyo’s, I’d say my code 2 has dings that makes it looks nicer, shows that I actually use my yoyo’s and not just have them sit on a shelf :slight_smile:

You may also like to look at the Duncan budget metals they are nice also but a are cheaper

Duncans are okay… I have a Metal Drifter which was good to start out with, but I soon out grew it. I’m also not a fan of the friction sticker response pads.

Nothing beats the One Drop Burnside for the price.

these don’t use the friction stickers they have sg stickers which are so much better

Burnside’s definitely on my list, and I have not tried one in order to compare. “Beats” is relative, however, and I can say that my $65 C3 Capless lives up to the hype and compares very favourably to my $100+ yoyos including my Wrath.

$20 isn’t a lot, but if you’re already stretching your budget, there’s a significant enough difference between a Capless and a Burnside, price-wise.

Hey guys, thanks for your advice.

I can’t really afford buying a Burnside… and since everyone seems to agree I should try a metal one I guess I’ll be getting the Dv888(no comments on Protostar?).

So should I buy anything else besides the yoyo like lube, pads or other things?

If you want something strong and durable, a metal is the best game in town! C3 DiBase often comes more highly recommended than dv888 for a similar price… just sayin’. I also want a dv888, so not saying you shouldn’t get one. :slight_smile:

If it’s not really “metal” that you want (after all, you’re considering the Protostar!), but “I want something good to learn and improve my string tricks” you could go with a YYJ Trigger for very little money. Performs a lot like a metal in many regards. I cannot compare to a Protostar.

Welp, I can’t get a C3 DiBase because the only Spanish website where I can buy yoyos doesn’t sell that one. If I were to buy it from YYE the shipping would cost the same as the yoyo itself(not good).

Yes, sorry, you already mentioned that. My mistake! The YYJ Trigger is pretty nice. I don’t think you’re making a mistake with the dv888 either, though!

just get a bucket of magicyoyos, it’s a great experience with different shapes and sizes, gives a sense of how metal yoyos would feel.

and they are dirt-cheap…

Well thanks to you all… My Dv888 should arrive today :smiley:

if you got some slippy feeling when you bind your yoyo then change your the pad

Bearing seldom needs cleaning but you should change it if it reach its limit

Just got it and played with it for 15 min. It’s so small and awesome. I’m really happy.

Just a lil question, the bearing makes some noise while spinning but its way different to the one my PSG makes… Sounds louder and higher pitch… Is something wrong?

DV888!!! Awesome for your level of play