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A couple days ago I got a Yomega Dash Players Pack that can be found here. BillyBobsBaitNTackle

The tricks I’ve learned so far are Brain Twister, Barrel Rolls, Key Chain, and Mach 5.

I’m trying to decide whether or not to get more string and a KK bearing, or to save up for the DV888.

When doing Barrel Rolls I noticed that after the first roll your in the split bottom mount. Is it best to do the mount this way or do it the regular way?


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Just go straight for a Titanium yo-yo.

No but really. Don’t worry about lube too much. Buy a pack of Kitty String (10 pack). And you’re good. I don’t know too much about Yomega yo-yo’s but the DV888 is a nice intermediate throw.

If I were I would leave the KK bearing alone for right now. But if you really want a Dv888 go for it but what I would recommend is getting a yoyo from the Shinwoo Zen Series but if your hearts set on a dv888 then get it  or  doing this(look below)

First Start off and get a YYJ Classic

Then Get new response pads for it

after that you will need a C bearing I would recommend this one One Drop 10 ball

Then you’ll need some string I would go with standard Poly or Kitty fat:

Fat Kitty:

With this set up it will play completely unresponsive and play up with the the high end plastics and lower end metals while only costing you around $25 shipped.

How long should polyester string last? I was considering getting the 100 pack because it’s about half the price.

My first choice of plastic would be the Protostar.

Depends on the string and depends how long until you replace… With high quality string, if you play until it snaps(I do, but most people just replace when the string becomes a little worn out), 100 strings can last you years, no joke. If you are looking for a plastic yoyo, you’ve made the right choice with a protostar. If you have some more money to spend, I suggest going for a metal on the cheaper side, like the dibase or dibase 2 for $55. You could also try a bimetal, which I would suggest the dark magic for $40. I don’t suggest getting a $100 metal until you get more advanced, but you could look for one on the bst for a little cheaper if you’d like. Why don’t you tell me your budget and I can help you out a little better.

I would probably never spend more than $50 on one yo yo. Since the one I have is still relatively new it might be a month or two till I consider getting another one. The reason I asked about the DV888 vs KK & string was whether it would be best to max out the Dash’s performance or wait and get a better throw.

I just learned Split the Atom and Man on the Flying Trapeze. Based on the tricks I already know what would be some other tricks I could learn that could combo with these?

Would the KK bearing give it a longer spin then the stock bearing, or is it just for centering the string?

I second the Classic suggestion. The protostar/shaqlerstars are great, too. The Proto is lighter and faster, and the shaq is heavier. The dv888 is ok, I thought it felt really heavy and slow. If you want it, get it. The kk isn’t really necessary, but any c sized bearing will work. I’ve never had a bearing die on me. A 25 or 10 pack of string will last you plenty long enough, and you can try other strings when they wear out.

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I think i’ve said something similar in the past but have started considering some stuff i wouldn’t have looked at few months ago.

Scrap the Dash. It’ll just hold you back.

And don’t get a Classic. Go for the Protostar, you’ll be MUCH happier with it.

The bearing it comes with is fine (you’re a beginner so you won’t notice too much differences in bearings just yet), but I do suggest grabbing a 100-pack of Kitty String.

Concave bearings center the string, which aids in longer spins. Since the bearing keeps the string away from the response, there is less friction created to slow the yoyo down.

You’ll change your mind about that once you get better, trust me :wink:
But if you won’t go past $50 now, I suggest getting a dm2 or maybe a god tricks, if you want a plastic, I’m still saying you should get a protostar. Just drop the Dash, it’s not that great once you get more advanced. Geta 25-50 pack of string with that too. If you’re asking for string recommendations too, get some JAMS yoyo string. Check my review over the reviews section to get the link for where to order.

The 100 pack I found wasn’t Kitty string. Here’s a link.
pls. do not link to other stores…it’s impolite. thanks…mgodinez edit.
Will the Kitty String last that much longer?

Will a KK bearing also increase the life of the string?

Thanks for all the advice so far.

You DO know that YYE has a store???

Kitty String is better than your standard bulk polyester string. Though it’s not quite on the level of some of the more boutique strings (YoYo String Lab (my favorite), Toxic Strings, etc.). Yes, they’ll last longer (and in my opinion, perform much better) than cheap poly string.

A concave bearing in theory prolongs string life, but unless you’ve got a yoyo that has a blast near the bearing seat that is very rough, it’ll be a very minute difference.

Just grab these two and you’ll be happy. I’ve never bought (or found the need to use) lube, so I can’t comment on that. And until you progress further, I’d avoid buying any specialty bearings. Perhaps a spare 8-ball in case one dies on you.

Fat string because I like me some thick string :smiley:

I don’t see a reason to upgrade to another yoyo unless you just want a new yoyo in your collection. Putting in a KK will make the Dash play unresponsive and better than before better than the DV888 in my opinion. It’s already a great enough yoyo, one of my main throws. It’s smaller version the Maverick though isn’t as good but still decent. Just buy whatever yoyo you think looks cool once you think you’re ready for it.

I remember when I said this.

I said this too. I cringed a little when I bought a YYJ Fever for $60. Wasn’t long before I got a DM2, Protostar, Supernova, and Genesis in a few weeks span. That’s about when I got some Kitty string, a Crucial, KK, and a Trifecta bearing to see what was all the hubbub.

It sounds like you’re getting curious about more advanced stuff, so I say go for it. There’s a ton of info you can glean off these forums with the Search function and just asking the good people’s around here, so you can be fairly sure you won’t mess up your yoyos or waste hundreds of dollars. Though you will burn through some money just by trying out different stuff.

No, I was not aware of that. Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the advice. Do to lack of funding I’ll hold off on getting a new yoyo for now.

i would say go for the dv888 or a dark magic 2. they are both on this store

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