Recommendations for a first metal ?

Looking for my first metal, using a speeder now. I cant say im good at the yoyo but i can do 1/2 of the advanced tricks on expert \village.

Just looking for a recommendation for a first metal, budget’s below 80 bucks.

well IMO i would recomend the yuuksta
but what are your preferences?

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The YYF Fundametal series will probably be a good choice. I have a Yuuksta and am enjoying it a lot.

Preferences ? I’m okay with anything as long as its smooth on the strings and handles advanced and expert tricks (according to the expertvillage series) well.

Just a note: Any yoyo around under 80 bucks can handle master to harder than master tricks.

Yuuksta. Smooth, great, handles every trick you throw at it. Yes, it can handle up to super master tricks.

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Ahh I see, need more opinions. I don’t want to buy on impulse. ><"

well any high performance metal yoyo can handle advanced tricks. Everyone’s saying the Yuuksta but I’ve never tried one, so I would personally recommend the dv888 for 45 bucks you can’t go wrong. Also RecRev has a few great metal throws for around 55.

Also if you check out the B/S/T there are many yoyo’s that cost more than 80 brand new but are being sold used at discounted prices. Some are even in new condition, so you can always look there.

dv888, yuuksta for sure. like them way more then my 888x playwise. there more stable on the string. right now ive been playing my popstar with kk alot. anything my yuuksta or dv888 can do my popstar can with ease also easier to learn chopsticks ladder escape on. so dv888, yuuksta or popstar with kk bearing. and popstar fits in my pocket with no huge bulge in my side so i can bring to work and throw when im bored thats a plus :wink: warning popstar without kk bearing is kinda unstable on string for longer combos.

Yuuksta. If not Yuuksta, then if you like normal sized, Raptor, if you like undersized, Dv888.
I ordered a Raptor. Also, consult Preinfalk and Acavando for more information about these 2.

i read raptor has a little bit of vibe. havnt tried it myself though. have you played one yet?

DV888 - plays just as well, if not better than $100 throws, for less than half the price.

throw a concave in there you’ll keep it forever.

I just got my raptor. It has NO VIBE. Also, people say it isn’t smooth but I find it DEAD SMOOTH. No seriously, beleive me, it’s dead smooth, no vibe, and finger grinds from 4-6 seconds.

And yes, people claimed that Raptor comapres up to CLYW Peak, MMN etc. So Raptor plays just as well if not better as $100 throws.

i have a yukssta and a raptor and i prefer the Raptor. IMO get the raptor for cheeper and buy a clean/dry bearing to put in it. plus it really give you 2 feels with or without the caps, THEY REALLY DO SHOW A DIFFERENCE.

Never get a responsive metal yoyo, I hurt myself so many times with my Metal Drifter. Dv888 is pretty good


thats why like the Raptor which is semi responsive just buy a dry bearing with it which is worth it because its a cheap metal and when its unresponsive its AMAZING.

I agree with some of the above comments about the Yuuksta. It’s probably the best in it’s class especially regarding it’s price point. BUT it has one minor drawback in that it is kinda hard or tricky to do an IRG because the lip is just too small. (Unless you have small hands and fingers of course.) Tends to just fly off your fingers if not precisely positioned during play thus requiring more effort than necessary.

I also agree with the RecRev recommendation. I have the Sharp and it does everything, hehe well again, except an IRG. But for other grinds has the best bead blast I ever felt.

You may also like the Chaotic, or another fundametal maybe. The chaotic plays fast, spins really long out of the box, offers great stability and balance, has a nice wide gap, grinds awesome and looks cool.

Lastly String Theory has great throws you might be interested in as well. I have the singularity and the quark, both of which are awesome.

Good luck!

This is radically incorrect. You DO NOT need a new bearing for this yoyo to be unresponsive. Even though YYE says you want to puchase a new bearing, you ac can’t clean a abearing.tually only need to clean the bearing.

New bearing: Dry earing, no lube
Cleaning the lubed bearing: Dry bearing, no lube.

The results are the same even if you purchase a new bearing. So if you are getting a Raptor, DO NOT get a new bearing unless you

well who cares if u get another bearing cuz i guees its more convenient to just put the yye bearing in and be ready to go but imo i wouldnt waste 5 bucks for a new bearing cuz with that i can buy like string and silicon pads that everyone is probley very scarce on at some point…

i wouldnt say its radically incorrect, no you dont NEED to buy one but i would suggest it because i dont clean bearing but if you do thats all good and dandy personally i prefer breaking the bearing in but the the raptors bearing is so lubed iv been throwing it for 3 weeks now and its still hasnt become fully unresponsive so i would recommend buying a yye bearing. im not going to get into any yyf duncan whos better thing im just putting in my opinion.