Which metal yoyo should i buy?

hello. i am fairly new to yoyo’ing, but i think its time to step up my style.
so now i am looking into buying an all metal yoyo.

the ones i was looking at were Popstar, Raptor, and DV888.

which ones of these would you recommend and WHY?

also, if you think there is a better yoyo you would recommend - under $50 . Please let me know.


This should be in the help/recommendation section btw. But if you are new I recommend the Raptor as a first all metal. The popstar is way too tiny to start out with in my opinion, and i just can’t really get all that into my DV88, it is a good throw but something just doesn’t feel right with it. Hope this helps! Any more questions?

I would go with the Raptor because it has spare pads and a full and a slim bearing. And also because none of the others are really going to be any better because you’re starting out and don’t have much preference yet. The one I can rule out would be the PopStar. The thing is really under sized so it’s not good to start learning with. So in short I would just go with the Raptor if I were you. No yoyo is better then another (To a point.).

P.S. In the future we have a board for questions you can find it here.


Slim bearing ???

The Raptor is a great start, its even own the EYTC 2011 in the hands of thomas buback.

DV888 is also great if you don’t mind under size, but I agree with the post above about the popstar. Way to small for learning tool.

I thought it came with a half width bearing too. I suppose not then… =/

A lot of people say that a Popstar might be too difficult for a beginner, and that’s my first reaction as well. But then again, I started on a OneDrop Dingo and I thought it was great. So staring with a mini-yoyo isn’t quite as hard as some people would think. And, they’re great pocket throws.

As for the other Raptor and Dv888, I haven’t played with either, but I’ve heard many good things about both.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right? There’s no right way to start. I started with a Reflex and upgraded to a Dark Magic II, but this is a “first metals” discussion. I’m kinda in the same boat, but I’ve made some choices recently and going to make a few more soon and will see what I like and don’t like. Hey, it’s only money, right? And it’s going to YYE, mostly. I am getting a couple through BST.

I hear lots of good things about both the Raptor and the dv888, so both seem good choices. At the same time, we all got to learn to bind at some point to move forward. Does it really matter what we learn to bind with? I don’t see how it’s any easier or harder with a cheap or high end throw.

Regarding recommendations as far as undersized vs. full sized vs. oversized, I won’t. I think though a full sized is better to work with unless you have tiny hands.

I find full size helps me to be more fluid and land more tricks. I think undersized allows you to fly a lot faster and zip through the routines. Like Studio my go to yoyo for practicing and tricks is the Dark Magic 2 and the Protostar, two fantastic yo-yo’s. I tried the DV888 and didn’t like it and traded it for a used 888 and was much much happier. Was my favorite one too. But it is all a preference I am quickly finding. Some people will love the DV888 some won’t. I’m looking forward to trying out a few other brands soon.


You cannot go wrong with it, it’s so smooth ont he string, and it comes with 2 extra sets of SG silicone response pads, also includes 2 removablec caps for different feel, weight, style of play, does every trick on the list, it just goes BAM and does it like it’s a legendary BAOS, plays so good, and it great for performing and learning but also consider the fact that it comes reponsive so you have to clean the bearing or replace the bearing with an unrepsonsive bearing that you don’t use, then it’ll work like a big sparkly shiny charm.

It doesn’t come with a slim bearing, only standard size C steel bearing.

Dv888 is not bad though, but even a lot of people claim that Raptor is smoother than it or more prefered whatsoever. Both rock on grinds, but both also don’t have IRG’s.

Throw Raptor. Sig.

Thanks for the replys guys.

from the looks of it, i might buy a raptor. but there are no more raptors in stock (the color i want).

i’ll just look on ebay or something. i hope it wont dissappoint!

IMO, you’ll be more pleased with the dv888 in the long run. I’d go with that.

What makes you you say that?

That’s where the IMO comes to play. It’s my opinion.

I prefer the way the dv888 plays compared to the Raptor.

Ah, I mis-read the “IMO”.

Try the jk, for $20 you van’t go wrong and it rocks. It can handle anything and it looks amazing all for $20.

I’m sorry, what’s a “jk”? ???

newish metal by yyf.

It really does play great for 20 bucks. I like it better than the dv888.

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oh yeah, I remember looking that over the other day now. I guess I am guilty of thinking it couldn’t be such a great throw being a metal for only $20. That’s pretty high praise saying you prefer it over dv888, a yoyo with twice the price tag. How would you compare it to the Duncan Raptor?

I like my raptor a bit more, because I’m a bigger fan of oversized.
Compared to a dv888 though, the JK is a bit floatier, which I like. They’re both undersized. But today I was playin’ with my JK, and my friend wanted to use it. All he had with him was a dv888. We temporarily traded, and I noticed that the dv888 plays a bit heavier, and a bit slower. Also since it’s only 20 bucks (and I got a b grade one) I’m really not too worried about banging it up a bit.