metal yoyo around $40

I’ve decided i really hate bimetal yoyos. i recently(around two months ago) got a DM2 i liked it at first but then as i started to get in to more advanced tricks and i used it more the yoyo kinda broke and had a bad vibe i got a popstar about a week ago i now hat my DM2 and i want to buy a metal yoyo for around $40 i dont need another undersized or bimetal(unless you REALLY recommended it) ive been looking at the DV888 and the Raptor. any other recommendations?

the raptor imo is better than the dv888. you could try the zen5 it looks really good.

actually i was looking at that to idk maybe

Raptor over anything all the way. Raptor is smooth, grindable and great in play. Can play as well if not better than 100$ yoyo’s.

all i have ever played with is all metal or all plastic

hmm well the dv888 or raptor are good niether will dissapoint but im in favour of a raptor, extra pads, removable plastic caps, and many colors to choose from.

if you like full size buy the raptor, if you like undersized buy Dv888, they are good metal yoyo

I dont consider Raptor as full sized. PGM or Legacy is full sized. You can barely wrap your fingers around them. Raptor can be thrown and held as an undersized. Comfortable size and shape.

doesn’t have a lot of reviews, but the speed team yoyo is supposed to be a pretty smooth player
and it has stacks.

Preferences . Preferences …
I’d prefer the Raptor over the DV888
But the Dv888 Is ‘Mod-able’ . You can add hubstacks / Matador spikes to it.