Its Time for a new one

So basically im looking for a new yoyo and i know i did the same thread for like 4 months ago or something but now im seriusly gonna buy a new yoyo - i didnt buy a yoyo last time kuz school killed nearly all my free time lawl but anyway i can do all the tricks in intermediate and im half way into advanced part 1 but the 201 yoyo that i bought kuz i was new is kinda noisy and such and it uses starbust system and last time i did this i was told to get a some yoyos but the one that wanted to buy from their rekommendations were the Hitman from YoYoJam but i figured since that was like a loooong time ago their should be some new yoyos out there =) so it would be cool if u could help me out and maybe tell me why =) and btw i saw the Hitman Pro is it good and is it something for me??

Thx alot for your time ^^

I would say go all metal…but thats just the kind of guy I am… ;D

Yeah for me, 100% metal yoyos are the best value for money. Generally speaking, they play the best, are the most versitile and the most durable. Perhaps you should look into the Dv888, Yuuksta or Raptor? Personally, i can vouch for both the Dv888 and Yuuksta and say they are excellent throws. Look up some reviews :slight_smile:

I can’t say much about the Raptor however as i’ve never owned one, but from what i’ve heard its also an excellent choice, some find it better than the Dv888. Wait a couple days for skeletonboy to reply in here and he’ll tell you how good it is :wink:

Having said that, throws such as the Northstar and Protostar (both plastic) are by no means out of the question. I have a friend who throws a Northstar and it is an incredibly good yoyo. Again check out some reviews.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I think you better off with full metal, if you want cheap metal you can buy Raptor or DV888, If you want more expensive one you can buy Yuuksta, Genesis or Rockstar 2012 (the new one).

K thx =) the budget is 50 bux or so =) keep on posting

For 50$, I would say a dv888, as it is widely used by many yoyoers and has amazing reviews. Another all metal one is the shinwoo zen 5. My friend has it anf it parts well. Some good plastic ones are the protpstar and the northstar

Yeah this looks to me like youre looking at either Northstar or Protostar, Dv888 or Raptor :slight_smile: Those i think are your top 3 (4). I lump Proto and North star into the same catagory their as they bare many similarities. Do some research and you’ll know what i mean.

The hitman is great, if you want it then get it. The hitman will get you through all of the tricks on YYE if you have a good throw. Northstar, Protostars, you can get them but I really dont think there as great as everyone makes them sound.

$50, Raptor all the way. 40 bucks, has many colors, very smooth, almost vibe free, 2 extra response pads (3 in total), 2 removable caps, nice laser engraving on the side and also nice for grinds. Although it’s missing a ridge for thumb grinds but you can still do it.

Dv888 is also another great choice, but many people claim to say that their Raptor is smoother. In all else ways in difference, Dv888 has a H-Shape. In playability and tricks it can do, they’re the same.

My Raptor is a great play and you can nail any trick on it. Same with Dv888.

But, I prefer Raptor more IMO.

Yo =) so i think im going for the Dv888…im not sure yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Its the one for 44 bux or so right??? xdd i just gotta make sure…

yeah its $44.99 plus shipping

in total 75 bux since the shipping is 30 bux :-\ and now that ill order it tomorrow i think lol i need to ask something =) Any metal yoyo doesnt it hurt when u throw a hard sleeper and pull it up way to fast? i mean the impact when it hits the hand?

IMO u should get one of the stars, dv888, or Hitman W/ shims

my PGM is also great

Well if you shouldn’t be throwing hard and binding right away, so that shouldnt be much of a problem.
Depending on how you catch it, if you catch it wrong it’ll most likely hurt.

well if you bind it right away, it hurts (for me) and I don’t think you should do that unless if it’s a bad throw

Soo I’ve been thinking, ive read some reviews and the Dv888 was kinda small in the begining but it worked out great =) So im gonna buy it today :stuck_out_tongue:

Great choice :slight_smile: You won’t be dissapointed.

As these guys have said, it only really hurts if you catch it wrong. You get used to it anyway. I mean after about 5 months of throwing i have a callus all the way down the inside of my right middle finger :slight_smile: So don’t worry about it.

Well i didnt buy the yoyo yet and i was looking at a rockstar since my father said that he would pay 25% of any yoyo but is it worth to buy the rockstar 2012?

A Rockstar would be a beast of a yoyo. But it depends what’s worth it to you. A 2012 Rockstar costs almost twice a DV888. A Rockstar will probably play better, but it won’t play twice as good as a DV888.

Since you’re willing to break the $50 limit (w/your dad’s help), take another look at the FundaMETAL line from YYF, like a Yuuksta.